Tamara Scott hosts. Common Core is the focus.  

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Cliche' Diving for Christmas

I routinely get sent rubbish like this by people who think,  “Ah hah!   This will really sting those hypocritical Christians who will have no response.    This stuff only works on Biblically illiterate people….and that list is long.  Some even have bestselling books and have TV shows on Fox.

Jesus wasn’t radical in any sense of the word.  He followed every tenant of the Law to perfection. His radicalism was that He called out the hierarchy for hypocrisy.   He wasn’t non-violent as He whipped the true hypocrites, the scam artist money changers out of the Temple.   “He wasn’t an American and never spoke English”.     True, and not relevant to any point that I’m aware of.  Jesus is a Jew, who spoke Aramaic in a Hebrew culture under the thumb of conquering Rome.  He was likely literate in three languages.    He wasn’t against the death penalty as He said none of the law would pass away.   He wasn’t against wealth, only the hypocrisy and the self-righteousness of some of the wealthy.  “…harder than a camel to go through the eye of a needle.”  He was against hypocritical public prayer, which  by then had almost achieved ritual status.   He said those people “already have their reward”.     "Gay" wasn’t in His vocabulary in that term is a marketing word invented by our own credulous generation.   He was against the behavior of sodomy in that it was and is still prohibited by the Law which He asserted.   Abortion didn’t need a separate category in that it was already covered by the Law against murder.   “Against birth control?”   Only pagans worry about birth control.   The ancient Hebrews considered children a blessing and their future safety net in old age.    “Never justified torture?”  Why would He?   However He was tortured to death for the salvation of His people.    “Never called the poor lazy?”   “Look to the ant thou sluggard”—and--  “…if a man will not work, neither shall he eat…”     In a pre-welfare state society,  laziness was lethal to itself.   “Never fought for tax cuts for the wealthy?”   He fought for honest tax  policy in a pagan nation…  He kicked the crooked money changers out of the temple for ripping off God’s people and he busted Zachius, a crooked Jewish tax collector who pledged to pay back his victims four fold,  consistent with the Law.  “Never asked a leper for a co-pay?”   That’s for sure.  There is no record of Him billing Lazarus for raising him from the dead, nor for healing the blind guy,  or  the healing dozens of others  he healed as a sign of His divinity.   In his culture the oppressed (poor who couldn’t care for themselves) were given care paid from the tithes (10 percent) of people.   Everyone else paid their own way, just like all decent people do.   Yup as a Jew (Semitic) he was likely brown…so what?  “Long-haired?”  Debatable,  but also an irrelevant non-issue.  “Community organizing?”   Rubbish.    He had trouble hanging on to his own 12 disciples.  And when He actually preached the Gospel,  that human works don’t merit points with  God,  he lost most of the crowd.   They came for the goodies,  the free food and healing,  but most rejected a non-political savior. Pretty much like the guy who is still looking for a “community organizer”.     They wanted to be rescued from the Romans,  not their own sin.   On day one in Jerusalem they gave Him a parade, but by day three, they gave Him a crucifixion.   “Anti-slut shaming?”  More rubbish… the slut who was brought to Him to judge was already shamed before she got there.   And after no evidence was presented against her, He told her to “go and sin no more.”     “Middle Eastern Jew.”    Yup.    Just like the prophecies anticipated.

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Larry Schweikart with a Patriot's History of the Modern World.  Bill O'Reilly commits theology...again.  Organized Crime--Thomas DiLorenzo says mixed in with our founding fathers were some real scumbags.   And what's hood rat?  Ending with the best Christmas song--ever.

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This is the stand alone segment of Thursday's program:  Explaining the tactics and goals of the A&E Duck Dynasty dust-up.  Why the word "deracinated" can explain the collapse of sexual ethics and why the gay lobby had to take out Phil Robertson...and why orthodox Americans have to respond.    What do the Pledge of Allegiance,  South Africa,  and President Lincoln have in common?    

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Dr. Merrill Matthews says increasing the minimum wage will increase the income gap rather than decreasing it.  Explaining the Duck Dynasty story and why this political theatre is important.  SOS Matt Schultz explains why clean elections are worth the money spent to protect it. (He says we are only at half time)  Then,  James Rickards with an update on the "Currency Wars".  

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 Shane Vander Hart has an update on Common Core in Iowa.  Dems push vets under the bus while continuing funding illegals.   Judging the Notable Quotables for 2013.  Tim Graham from the MRC.  Congressman Tom Latham calls it quits.  And Johnson County is pondering re-building county farms for vulnerable Iowans.  Good idea?

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A federal judges says laws against polygamy violate the Constitution.  Waiting for critics of judicial activism to apologize to Bob Vander Platts,  Senator Santorum, etc.  Still waiting.   And truckers now have to account for their eye movements?  And when you visit the hospital be ready for war against super bugs.  

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Iowa DOT is pondering shutting down some rest stops.  A shake down?  Shake up?   Then,  Casey Luskin says the "Freethought Oasis"...isn't free,  has no thought and isn't an oasis.  Just another village atheist group of bullies trying to shut down debate.    Plus an Iowa bus driver gets busted by the kids for texting while driving.

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Eric Borseth says Iowa has one of THOSE--a case where a 6th grader has been disciplined at school for fashioning a paper "gun".  The policy says even "pretend guns" can get you busted.   Sigh.   Busted for an Airsoft gun?    And a great conversation about educating boys.  ADHD?   Is it real?  Inventor says its a fake disorder Maybe.   Does it help?   Experts are divided.   Some Iowa parents are convinced it's real and drugs help.  

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Great music...Tim and Myles Thomson...playing Friday night at Java Joes...guitar and fiddle...blue-grass jazz?   Bob Neese...Missouri farmer remembers his time in South Africa.  And Jonathan Weisiger (J-DUB) is a competitive horse trainer...Nat Geo's Mustang Millionaire.  

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A fake signer invades the fake history at the funeral of Mandela.  Still trying to untangle the mess.  Senator Rand Paul says the budget deal is a mistake and endangers the reserve currency status of the dollar.  And Alex Newman worries that the death of Mandela could unleash a new round of genocide in South Africa.

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A California lawsuit could start to break up the NEA stranglehold.  Terry Pell filed suit. Jim Hawkins has Iowa reaction.   Then,  more Mandela malarkey.  And the closing of the Iowa Juvenile Home gets some blow-back.

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Lincoln's Marxists Walter Kennedy fills in some amazing history. John  G West remembers C.S. Lewis--"The Magicians Twin"   Peter Hammond--remembers Mandela.   Ilana Mercer put us "Into the Cannibal's Pot".  The same pot that boiled civilization in South Africa is now kindled and fired in the USA. 

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Opportunities Unlimited deny the Rev. Cary Gordon the opportunity to buy their Jumpy Monkey coffee. Huh?  Steve Deace chat's about the political season.  Steve Goreham says it's time for the climate change zealots to admit they're full of it.

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Was Robin Hood a good guy or bad guy?  Do cats care?  How can people of modest means be living so well?   And we invent a new word.   Gamester.  

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Is Iowa ready to manage scarcity?  A judge says Detroit can nuke their pension obligations.  The canary in the coal mine for Iowa's pension distress.  Senator Brad Zaun issues a pension warning.  Much great discussion.

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 "Why America Needs a Left: a Historical Argument"...  Eli Zaretsky.  So I give him one.   Bill Stowe says science says "Yes" to the continued use of fluoride in our water.   Alex Fitzsimmons says Iowans are "takers"  and "rent-seekers" on wind energy.  He has the numbers to prove it.  

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Lamar Waldron delves into the Hidden History of the JFK Assassination.  Conspiracy.   Gretchen Tegeler says Iowa's public pension system is a wreck and  is getting worse.  

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