Thursday November 30  2006


The Music of Hope...western civilization depends upon it.  You'll have to "listen" to understand it.   Some higher sample rate examples of music I used in the program,  Hungarian Rhapsody  Baby Einstein.   Parce mihi dominie  Jan Garbarek  Officium.  The Dream   Michael Johnathon ,  Kiss the Book  (unknown)  Turandot Nessun Dorma  Pavarotti  O Holy Night  David Phelps  Then,  "Unprotected"   a campus psychiatrist reveals how political correctness in her profession endanger every student.  Dr. Miriam Grossman....formerly Anonymous.   Then,  the Iowa education establishment is now  wholly-owned subsidiary of the gay lobby.   Now what? 

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Wednesday November 29 2006 "Knock 'em Dead"   the latest get a job manual.  Martin Yates.   National Meth Day.   Attorney General Roberto Gonzales  with some ideas to control meth....Iowans respond.  Vigorously.
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Tuesday November 28 2006


"The Politically Incorrect Guide to English and American Literature"   Elizabeth Kantor... then if you are a smoker,  you are child abuser.  Really.

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Monday November 27 2006


The Medicom/Sinclair Broadcasting fee wars.  Barry Faber represents Sinclair, Steve Purcell represents Medicom.   Whazzup?   If things do not work out,  no more Fox on Medicom.   Iowa talks TV tech.

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Steve Winzenberg sits in for vacationing Jan Mickelson.  Plays lotas games...on purpose... (he cheats by the way)  :)   Don't let him be the banker in Monopoly...

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Evan Stuart sits in for vacationing Jan Mickelson.  Lotsa friendly talk.

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Bill Salier sits in for vacationing Jan Mickelson.  He talks with his military buddies.  Inspirational.

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Ross Peterson sits in for vacationing Jan Mickelson.   New tech toys.

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Ross Peterson sits in for vacationing Jan Mickelson.   Ethanol Redux

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Friday November 17 2006 Comedian Ed Voss  is raising money for Toys for Tots at Point of Grace Church...let's help him.    Dick Woods from Fathers for Equal Rights, 515-277-8789,  provides help for parents with custody issues.
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Thursday November 16 2006


Ames is hosting an upcoming School of Rock... sounds like fun to me.  Al Biela  is looking for a few good musicians.  515-232-6546   Then ISU  Professor Warren Blumenfeld  says we should remove "Christian Privilege and the Promotion of 'Secular' and Not-So 'Secular' Mainline Christianity in Public Schooling and the Larger Society".   Whew!     "Religion of Peace?  Islam's War Against the World"  Gregory M. Davis thinks Islamic democracy is a self-refuting notion.  The Dutch are taking down traffic lights...and are creating a safer driving environment in the process.   Then,  Overblown.   Politicians are scaring us for power and money.

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Wednesday November 15 2006

Lamar Waldron thinks we finally have the whole picture of the events surrounding the Kennedy assassinations.   "Ultimate Sacrifice"    Then,  Iowa education test scores have slid fast and far.  Iowa is no longer a leader. And has forgotten  how to teach reading.   Now what?   Mike Crawford  Child and Family Policy Center   with ideas.  Former  HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson  with a wellness update.   Then,   the INS is hustling us again.

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Tuesday November 14 2006


The Energy Doctor  makes a house call to save us bucks.   Then,  Rep Wayne Ford  talks about  racial hiring disparity in Iowa.  Huge reaction.

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Monday November 13 2006

Greg Willey and Cory Krug from Crime Stoppers  want your help to nip it in the bud.  515-223-1400   Then,  Rosie says terrorists are moms and dads too,  so don't fear them.   "On the Brink"   Tyler Drumheller  former CIA agent talks about intelligence failures.    Then an epidemic of "magical thinking".

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Friday November 10 2006


Lt. General Robert Gard  calls on Iowans with Sensible Priorities...calls for a step down in Iraq.     Dick Woods from Fathers for Equal Rights. 515-277-8789  Worries that the new transition team for the Culver governorship headed by Bonnie Campbell will be hostile to the equal joint custody requirements of Iowa law.  Medal of Honor  recipient Jack Jacobs  inspires us.    Mandatory national service?  Great discussion, followed by Psychic Suzy.

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Thursday November 9 2006


Senator Byron Dorgan reporting on contract abuses in Iraq.  An Iowan listening in Baghdad  responds.   A deer in the headlights?  How about one that visits a Target store?  Then,  "A Well-Regulated Militia"  Saul Cornell.   Larry Pratt from Gun Owners of America,  workin' the opposite side of the sight.   And locally,  Iowa Carry.

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Wednesday November 8 2006


Post election second, and third guessing of everything.   Great conversation.

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Tuesday November 7 2006


RNC,  Ken Melman with last political licks.   DNC  Suzy Turnbull with hers.   Then,  it's open season for last minute politicking.

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Monday November 6 2006

Waukee,  Iowa marine, Lance Corporal Ken Nickerson talks about his Iraq experience.   Inspirational.  Wayne Kopping with "Obsession"  Radical Islam's War Against the West.   Terrifiying.    Then,  Mickelson's answer to non-voters.  Thoughtful.  Make sure this gets to anyone planning to sit this one out.

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Friday November 3 2006


More on English, citizenship and voting.   Then,  more manure management in the non-political sense.  Lotsa pre-election tension.

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Thursday November 2 2006


Do we really have to turn the other cheek to these Phelps creeps?  The theology of dealing with slime-balls.   Then Dan Bartlett  briefly talks national politics.   Congressman Steve King  says Iowa Democrats are violating the Official English Law by advertising non-English  voting procedures.   CAPO redux.   Aaron Putze...Andy Muff, Carole Balvanz, and Bill Couser and others update the local control issue from the "other" side.

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Wednesday November 1 2006


"The Best I Can Do"   Marvin Pomerantz  with an autobiography.   Then,  CAFO's   (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations)  really annoy some people.  Chris Peterson,  President of the Iowa Farmer's Union and Chris Murphy from the Iowa Network for local Control  near Okoboji are amongst them.

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