Are we suffering from the Ferris Beuller effect?  Guess who's blasting the Pope...Dan Gainor from MRC thinks the media bias is disgusting.   Stuff.

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David Vaudt Iowa Auditor says we are still playing fast and loose with accounting principles.  Dr. Alan Walker says he can get you a good deal on a college education at Upper Iowa University.  Mitch Henry continues to uncover the gambling industry scam in Iowa.

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Roy Beck from NumbersUSA got the whistle...not in the good way.  State Senator Steve Kettering explains the concept of "not withstanding".   I still don't understand it.   Jeri Corsi explains "Birth Tourism" ain't gonna believe it.

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Lotsa open-line Friday...Iowa responds to the Obama visit and to the prospects of a repeal of Obamacare.

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Mark Reese wants to be 3rd District Congressman running against Leonard Boswell.   Congressman Steve King with the inside story of the Obamacare dust-up.   Clean coal technology.. Steve Gates.   Eric O'Keefe from the Sam Adams Alliance explains why congressman are forever.

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Trudy Schuett says almost every cliché served up by the feminist lobby about domestic abuse is malarkey.  She calls it, "Abusegate: a Generation Deceived".    Matt Strawn from the Iowa Republican Party invites folks to a Freedom Rally.   Richard Vande Kieft defends the Iowa Association of School Boards.  

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Dr. Glade Curtis can predict when a baby will make his first raspberry...Your Baby's First Week.   Brenna Findley says if she were Attorney General,   Iowa would be suing over Obamacare.  A follow-up on the Project Lead the some Iowans are making a path towards our technological future.  Todd and Hanna Blanton, Lesa Kingman, Clint Downey and David Rethwich tell the Story.  Michael Whalen talks from the deep end of the think-tank about "The Under-Taxed Rich".

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 Don Teague Saved by Her American journalist "rescues" an Iraqi from terror.   Inspirational.   Iowans respond to the passage of Obamacare.

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Should Iowa use the 10th Amendment to protect us against Obamacare?   Bob Vander Platts  says if he's the governor he will use it.   Iowans,  including Congessman Tom Latham blast Obamacare.   Vigorous conversation.

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 Tom Coates, Mitch Henry, and Steve Raimey worry about expanding gambling in Iowa and the gambling lobby buying politicians.  Bruce Chapman says it's too bad but sometimes "science" goes to the highest bidder.   Congresswoman Michelle Bachman is protesting Obamacare.  Brad Smith won't let the bed-bugs byte...a professional bug assassin.   OH...  and a great summary of the current health care negotiations.

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So, can a cop flash a badge and take your car if he needs it?  "Interposition",  a great word.   Wesley Smith worries about the human cost of animal rights.   "A Rat is a Pig is a Dog is a Boy"Congressman Steve King with an Obamacare update.  Jerry Corsi with some theories on the Shroud of Turin... "The Shroud Codex".

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Rod Roberts wants to be governor.  Christopher Reed wants to be a congressman.  Who is more guilty...the buyer or seller...of stuff.mic

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The wheels are coming off the education racket...time for RICCO?   Phat stuff. Monday, Etc.

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Jari Love tells us how we can "Get Ripped" without any illegal substances...Congressman Steve King with a quick health care bill assessment.   Then,  bunch of Friday open-line... lotsa fun.

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TheYugo...a light-hearted look at the Rise and Fall of the Worst Car in History...Jason Vuic... Sheena Iyengar describes the "Art of Choosing"... then,  a couple of guys blast the census...then,  Iowa Board of Education is deciding the fate of a 14 year old pot pusher. 

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Maury Lane defends Fed-Ex against the UPS boys.   Senator Rick Santorum talks about law and health care.   Stephen Baskerville says the family court system violates the Bill of Rights.   Taken into Custody.


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 What's Project Lead the Way?   And how is it workin'?  Looking for a few good engineers.  Dr. Ken Maguire...Dr. Rob Denson...DMACC..Lori Schaefer from Agri-Industrial Plastics and Karen Wilken from the Kern Family Foundation.   Ed Slott on IPTV on how to "Stay Rich for Life."    Stuff

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More conversation about the huge Des Moines teacher purgeCongressman Tom Latham with a legislative update. 

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Gov Culver wants to expand gambling even more.  Iowans respond... Friday open-line... spirited

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Let's slap an atheist for Jesus?  WWPD?  (What would Peter do?)   Iowans evaluate the nonsense served up by a couple of Iowa politicians...who says MSAs have Failed?  Sprited.  The governor of Indiana raves about MSAs...

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Mariannette Miller-Meeks running for congress in the 2nd District.  An introduction and issues.  What could be the grounds of an appeal in the Becker case?  How about a fully informed jury?   The 1828 dictionary jury definition.  Kate White, editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan says "Hush".

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Barb and Gary Rosberg are into Strengthening Military Marriages & Families in Iowa...upcoming seminar for outgoing Iowa troops.   Sen David Hartsuch says before we take away 2nd Amendment rights...even for a good cause...without some checks and balances.   Then the Guthrie Center shop teacher gets suspended without pay.  We talk with Dale Halferty.

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Monday open-line...300 Des Moines teachers will get the axe.  Who won't?   Follow-up on the Wiccan idol being built in shop class...the teacher gets suspended.  Sigh.  Candidate for State Treasurer Dave Jamison wants the job.  Why?   The judge in the Becker case gets snotty with the jury...zat ok?

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