The tragedy of the commons and national health care.  The same thing?  (Here's a link to a great free book which will make you an expert on the "tragedy of the commons")

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Billy Bob Salier sits in for with the possible court martial of soldiers who did their duty...too well?


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Mike Whelan and Susanne Lee sit in for Jan Mickelson and have a mini-job fair and ask all the right questions about what's holding us back.

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Iowa taxpayers are still bailing out Postville...again.   Chris Rants and Jonathan Narcisse mix it up on some Iowa issues.  Open line Friday

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Gitmo prisoners headed to a prison on the edge of Iowa.  Good idea?   "Who Turned Out the Lights?"  Jean Johnson with guided tour of our energy future.   Congressman Tom Latham has a law to prevent the incarceration of Gitmo terrorists in the Midwest.

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Timothy Egan recalls "The Big Burn"...the largest forest fire in history.   How Markets Fail...John Cassidy.    How Iowa can pay its bills...Ed Failor from Iowans for Tax Relief with practical solutions.  Banning Everclear? 

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Jeri Corsi talks about the dollar, about the economy and "America For Sale".   Joe Volk is a Quaker peace organizer...give peace a chance.   Then,  if I had a hammer...will I soon need a license? 

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Steve Kirby is the Iowa Chapter President of ACT...warns of the influence of radical Islam in Iowa.  Earl Taylor and Jim Carley with Save Our American upcoming "Making of America" seminar on the Constitution.   or 515-423-4131. Congressman Steve King defends a controversial assessment of an Obama insider "Chicago Mafia"... Lewis Sorely  thinks our Vietnam history could be repeating in Afghanistan. "A Better War". 

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Emily Klinefelter is an up and coming MMA fighter...big fight night!  Will Tracey with The Onion's anthology celebration.  More PC nonsense.  Kevin Hammond is coming to town to play.   Suzy!

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Scott Paul from Alliance for American Manufacturing says we are still exporting jobs...even with bailout money.   Congressman Ron Paul says the medical reform package is legislative and economic malpractice.  Plus the travail of educators trying to keep the lid on.

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Talking about a nearly fatal drinking episode...  then a money guy says the dollar is dying...good?  Makes room for a new,  kinder and more fair currency....

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Open-line right or privilege?  Then a Ft Hood General says the motivation of the Jihadist murderer wasn't religious.  Huh?

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A new Iowa social media company...Catchfire Media...Katie Miller-Smith with the story...  then more reaction to the Fort Hood Jihadist.  Congressman Steve King with post health vote reaction.

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Shushannah Walshe and Scott Conroy give us a taste of "Sarah From Alaska: The Sudden Rise and Brutal Education of a New Conservative Superstar"...  Reaction to Ft Hood jihad attack.  Robert Merry talks about "A Country of Vast Designs"...a look at the history of President  James K Polk. 

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Brian Peskin with health-line info...the power of essential oils. (327-0200 Healthy for Life)  Ed Vos  raising funds for Toys for Tots.   Fred and  Scott from American Bullion talk about buying gold.  Alice Schroeder tosses "The Snowball" an inside look at Warren Buffett

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Congressman Tom Latham with post election analysis and issues.  Cami Walker says giving is healthier than receiving...29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life.   Rep Chris Rants wonders about "giving" cities grant money while chopping the education budgets of the same cities. 

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Michael Maxwell with "The 50 Greatest Plays in Iowa Hawkeyes Football History."   Then,  dog bites dog.   Dog's owner shoots dog.  People are upset.

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Michael J Berland says the economic crisis has changed our labels and spending habits.   Iowa Tea Party is planning another event.    Charles Goyette  describes "The Dollar Meltdown"...currency crises described.


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