Christmas Eve stories and music of the season...some silly,  some profound.  I hope you enjoy it.  Merry Christmas

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 Smart Ass,  the board game inventor, Bob Moog says Iowans are over-qualified to play.   Jeff Traviss with Digital TV conversion advice.  Great Stuff!

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Iowa Democrats which to bump the drop-out age for Iowa students to 18 years old.  Good idea?   Some powerful response.   Rich Noyes from the Media Research Center    with this year's Notable Quotable Awards.   

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Playin' a game for Xmas..."Wits and Wagers"... then, Chris Rants sounds the alarm on the impending Iowa budget shortfalls...lotsa stuff.

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Missouri is gonna legalize margarine...big mistake.   Then,  why is the gay lobby blasting Obama?   Yain't gonna buleave ut.    Ponzi?  History.  Delicious.

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 John Lofton  asks a couple of snotty questions.   Where is "it" in the Constitution?   Where is "it" in the Bible?  A new guy is Sec of Education.  What's he like?  Marcus Winters from Manhattan Institute gives us a peaking into Arne Duncan.  Then,  Gov. Tom Vilsack is the new US Ag Secretary.  Good idea?  

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"We Hate the USA"  Paul Shanklin.  Maestro of political snottiness.   Then,  Senator Harkin to the rescue of the auto industry.

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Thomas E. Woods  with "Meltdown",   and "Who Killed the Constitution?"  ...   a fiscal whodunit.    Then,  "Tell Me What to Eat if I Have Diabetes"  by  Elaine Magee.   Then the nanny state hits Iowa snowmobiling.

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Professor Thomas Dilorenzo,  "Hamilton's Curse"... says we've been fighting banking and money hustlers from day one.  Great stuff!   The UAW and US Senate lock horns on a bailout,  the person formerly known as the nearly Psychic Suzy hobbles in.

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George Bush waxes theological,  the auto bail out proceeds,   Dr. Jerome Corsi  ruminates upon Chicago politics and Iowa used to have a bunch of "poor houses"...more in the future?

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 (link fixed)  Joseph Farah from World Net Daily  says our Constitution is broken.  Dr. Orly Taitz  is still challenging Obama's natural born citizenship.   Gay marriage redux.  Dr. Douglas Laycock  with "Same-Sex Marriage and Religious Liberty: Emerging Conflicts"...  can peace be achieved on the issue?

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Let's put accountability back into charity...  then,  smoking activists won't quit...Randy Stanford from Iowans for Equal Rights wants more friendly rules for businesses.   Vigorous.

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One day away from the gay marriage Iowa Supreme Court hearing.   Doug Napier, ADF Senior legal counsel  and Chuck Hurley with insight.  Lew Rockwell  evaluates the bailouts.  Jeff Koser,  "Selling to Zebras" consultant with sound advice for Detroit.

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Homeless advocates David Costello and Brad from (Hope Builders, 1105 Orchard Lane,  50313)  Congressman Steve King,  bailout and economy talk...then, more homeless talk open-line.

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 John McWhorter with "Our Magnificent Bastard Tongue".. (yes we had to sanitize the title on the radio)   then,  bailout talk.  Bail-out fever is expanding everywhere. 

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Dr. Chad Rolfsen  says stress sends him a huge chunk of business.   And he worries about the ill-health effects of vaccines  on kids...  Rev. Festus Brimley says it should be illegal for non-Christians to get discounts at Walmart during pre-Christmas sales...SB $39.95 plus tax...then,  what to do about Iowa's homeless?

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James Ironshell is a Rosebud Sioux...he's married to a Meskwaki woman....that's where the trouble started.... he says he's being discriminated against by fellow Native Americans... so he with his attorney Daryl Meyer is suing.   Amway guru and billionaire Rich DeVos  with insight on business and economy.  Robert Chandler talks about the terror at Mumbai.  "Shadow World".    Then,  will  gay propaganda ever cease?  Not on World AIDS Day.  AIDS "Doesn't Discriminate?"  Bull-hockey!     The rest of the story.

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Buddy Hanson describes "The Christian Prince"...  "Putting 'Civil' Back in the Civil Government" ....  without a doubt one of the best books I've read in a long time.    Dr. Michael Roizen  talks about "You Being Beautiful" and how my mom busted me for smoking....  sigh.     Hey,  the new Webster's Dictionary is in...great spelling,  very poor plot line.   Mike Agnus  says "overshare" is the new word of the year. 

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