Skip Moore wants to be re-elected to Des Moines City Council.  So does Cal Woods.  More Obama-scam feedback.  And what would work?

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Our LED Source,  one of our latest sponsors, tells us about the latest wrinkes in technology.  Mark Schroder and  Dean Ernst.  Then the aftermath of a gun violence shut-down at a local middle school.   Plus,  the Obamacare roll-out snafus are a scam.

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Dr. Peter Vincent Pry is Executive Director of the Task Force on the  National and Homeland Security....he is worried about (EMP) electromagnetic pulse.  He thinks you should be too.  Michael Bash thinks G-d is the Evolving God and so are people.  He thinks we won't get it together for a long time.  Plus, Americans are awake now...thanks to Obamacare.  Too late?

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Ed Vos  (Director of the Dallas County Veterans Affairs Commission) has help for vets and veteran's benefits.  Open House and Veterans Fair November 1, 2013...10am-6pm  And a closer look at Obama-care.  

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The Iowa Republican Party is in open war over personnel and principle.   RPI Chairman A.J. Spiker and Co-Chair Dave Fisher respond to a media report which says the Old Guard Republicans are going to try purge Evangelicals, Tea Partiers, and Libertarians from party leadership.   BOOM!   Then Des Moines loses a lawsuit, must borrow money to pay back their victims and the suing attorneys get $7 million dollars.  Plus Iowa pension mischief .

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Rick Clark, Des Moines City Manager,  and Mark Godwin, Dept City will Des Moines pay back the ratepayers for the wrongfully collected franchise fees?   Sam Clovis wants to be a senator.   And other stuff.

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Should Des Moines taxpayers cut the city some slack on the franchise fiasco?   Nope...most want pound of flesh.  Then, Obamanomics continue to crash into reality.   And are Iowans adjusting to the wind turbine noise?  Yes, if they're getting paid.  :)    Oh,  cool series.   And I'd love to do this...once.  Lots of stories.   And more.

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Why will Obamacare cause a "death spiral" for the insurance industry and itself?   Then Tracey Wilen talks about seasonal employment tips.  She listed a bunch of job websites:  Monster, Indeed, Snagajob, Simplyhired, and Flexjobs.  Plus hiring an EMT with a criminal history?   Iowans may be willing to give the guy a second chance. Maybe.

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Dan Kish say US is less dependent on OPEC now.   Energy boom.  Obama is still selling speech.  And Dave Ramsey says it's all about the math.

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Vishal Mangalwadi in Iowa, speaking Saturday (19th) 7:30 pm Sondheim Center for Performing Arts, 200 N. Main St., Fairfield, Iowa.  The inside story of a Boy Named Sue.  Congressman Steve King, post debt ceiling politics.  And why is rural, empty Iowa being wired for high speed internet?  

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Post Deadlock--day one.   Now what?  Obama does the velvet gloat,   "I told ya so",  then says his next goal is immigration reform.  Jim Tobin reports on the damage caused by gotcha cams--and says the real scandal is the public employee salary and retirement plans they fund.

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Ann Coulter says Never Trust a Liberal Over 3--Espcially a Republican.   Is Congressman Steve King too nice?  And a pedophile lives right next door.  Now what?

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 Senator Rand Paul says Washington is in a state of confusion.  "No" to business as usual.  And why can't Republicans get their message out?  What is it?  Dunno?  Me either.   

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Dr. Alan Koslow with a World Food Prize preview.  Then, the music of Iowa.  Has Iowa become filled with trailer trash?  And more shutdown talk.

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Shutdown continues.   Dipping into the archives to review the history of how we got here.  A wall-to-wall audio history of "who-dunnit".  Spirited.   Feel free to steal the sound for your own use.

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Snake chasin' Iowans?   When does tolerance enable dysfunction?  Towel snappin' Braley. And a bunch of  University of Iowa professors say it's wrong to point out Darwin's Doubt Stephen Meyer..

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 Gary Dickey is an attorney who deals with traffic cases...rights of Iowans.  Betsy McCaughey has an update on Obamacare and the shutdown.  Professor Roger McEowen says Obamacare isn't about healthcare, but income re-distribution.

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Diane West,  American Betrayal...The Secret Assault on Our Nation's Character.  What a story.    Grace Un-Plugged...Brad Silverman,  Producer.   Sec of State Matt Schultz reporting on another conviction of voter fraud.  And did Governor Branstad step in it when he says RPI shouldn't be giving legal advice?

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Is the Iowa Republican Party really divided on illegal police searches?  Not so much.  Then "The Book of Matt" dismantles the martyr status of Matthew Shepard.  Stephen Jimenez.   Then does SCOTUS use Declaration principles to decide cases?

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Post game partum depression...Shut down...Congressman Steve King...non-essential department shut down numbers and Iowa traffic "safety" check points.

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Iowans respond to the continuing government shut-down and President Obama's morning campaign speech.   We hear from a bunch of Iowans, including taxpayers and furloughed federal workers.  Spirited.

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Bernadette Egger, from St. Mary's Family Center,  runs the food pantry.  She says all of  DMARC's food pantry's need extra help now.    Senator Bertrand Brimley gets serious.   And Iowan's evaluate "the right to healthcare",  from FDR, Harkin, and now Obama.  Spirited.

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 Ellery Schempp is one of the atheists responsible for getting prayer and Bible reading removed from government schools.  Iowa atheists brought him to Des Moines to celebrate the anniversary of the court ruling.   A.J. Spiker and David Fischer, Chair and Co-Chair of the Iowa Republican Party, talk about political issues and party management issues.   Steve Flood describes the train wreck which is Obamacare.

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Adil Khan executive director of  Liberty Iowa...talks about the future of the Iowa Republican Party. Then,  Iowans think about the potential shut-down of the Federal Government.

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