Thursday July 31 2008


 Kenneth Adelman says Americans oughta be building the new air tanker,  not the French.   You ain't gonna believe what Planned Parenthood  thinks is cute and fun with some of your money and kids..   Then,   red-shirting your kids...good idea?  Great stuff.

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Wednesday July 30 2008


 California earthquakes and Iowa tornados compared.  Richard Louv says our kids have nature deficit disorder.   Plus,  looking way too closely at the words politicians use.  McCain first...then Obama. 

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Tuesday July 29 2008



Larry Disney  wants his old job held by Iowa House Leader Kevin McCarthy.   Then,  the next shoe in the Postville comedy routine  has fallen...couldn't make it up if I tried.   

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Monday July 28 2008


Life Line is offering come community screening to prevent strokes.   Then,  Postville protest reaction.    Mark Kirkorian  with "The New Case Against Immigration"     the best overview yet.  Flag?  Highly recommended.   


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Friday July 25 2008


 The Mecum collectible car auction.    Every wanna sue the government?   Doug Gross did it... suing the education  establishment in Iowa cuz it sucks.

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Thursday July 24 2008


An illegal plows into an Iowa business with her car.  Busted?  The rest of the story.   Mark O'Connell, a Harvard researcher,  describes "The Marriage Benefit".     Susan Tully from FAIR is organizing a counter-rally at Postville this weekend to protest the protestors.  Vigorous.

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Wednesday July 23 2008



Feedback from our judicial tyranny debate....  then,  Dr. Jim  promotes an upcoming Iowa premiere of a new Dr. Phil creation,  "The Doctors".     Then,   the dynamics of tipping.    I missed another memo.

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Tuesday July 22 2008



Chris Korzen with Catholics United stirs up a hornets nest with his "A Nation for All"  manifesto:  How the Catholic Vision of the Common Good Can Save America from the Politics of Division"    Lotsa talk.   Time to reset adult responsibility at Iowa's colleges?

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Monday July 21 2008


Iowa gets more weather related hostility....reports.    Herbert Romerstein,  looks at the communist who helped mentor Obama...  "The Venona Papers".      Des Moines Register says its time for outrage over Iowa's education slide...really.

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Friday July 18 2008


 John Nichols from Nation magazine   in town to stoke the fires of progressivism.   Lance Izumi  says bi-lingual education holds kids favor of total English immersion.   Sen. Ron Wieck  predicts little or no genuine immigration reform from the next session.

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Thursday July 17 2008


Walter Williams describes "The Politics of Bad Ideas" says GWB is the worst president in our history.   Senator Chuck Grassley targets some televangelists...Kelly Shackelford  from the Liberty Legal Institute worries about that.    Cliff Kincaid  has turned up another embarrassing Obama radical association.   And Governor Culver is targeting the contract worker scam.

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Wednesday July 16 2008


"Globality"  James Hemerling, with what it will take for US to be competitive world wide.   Jonathan Narcissee  puts his case to print.   The DSM Education Times.   The National Center for Responsible Gaming  is on tour in Iowa...want to teach kids about responsible gaming.

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Tuesday July 15 2008


Obama has bi-lingual troubles....with one word.   "LaRaza"....  and he thinks enforcing the law is terrorism.   And it's only Tuesday.

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Monday July 14 2008

Back from a Peru trek...  lotsa sound and they are thinking about firing up a national 55 mph speed limit again... sigh...what have we learned since the last one?

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