NYC Mayor Bloomberg wants moms to breast feed...tells hospitals to play keep-away with  baby formula.  Michael Reagan has a new email domain for conservatives.   Then Iowans are pondering on-line sales tax collection laws.

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First,  the sociology of wax paper.  Then, another talk about our national debt...great info on the problem. Gretchen Hamel.   Then,  the Gay Taliban doubles down on Chick-Fil-A.  

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The dudes from Dunkerton with an update on the culture war.  The Junkyard Prophets  Congressman Tom Latham pushes wind energy.  The Concrete Professionals push the hard stuff.  And  Iowa mountain lions are eating Iowa horses.  

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Iowans wonder about the cost effects of the drought on groceries so we ponder ways to save money on anticipated food price hikes.   Iowan's are great at this.

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Chris Chmeilenski says the Obama administration is great at playing the system to provide amnesty to illegals.   They are one step ahead of decency.  We might not be able to catch up. Con Steve King is gonna sue.   Then,  new citizens are required to take an oath agreeing to national service.   When did that happen?   Plus, Grant Petersen says,  "Just Ride"... says  lots of what we think about biking is just plain wrong.  

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The Family Leader is having a big conference in August... Bob Vander Platts tells what's happening.   Joel Rosenberg is coming, and talks about "Implosion".   William Norman Grigg says our "Comforter-In-Chief" is a child-killer.  Not what you think.   Then,  Ice-T lectures the left on the 2nd Amendment.  Who knew?

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Dr. Ivan Sascha Sheehan tells what to do about Iran.   Then, the NCAA pulls part of the plug on Penn State.  Iowans assess the penalties.  Justice?

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Iowans respond to the Aurora, Colorado theater murders.  Intense. 

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"Rich Habits"...Tom Corley says he knows what they are and is willing to share.   Ben Lange is running for Congress.  Then, Mike Vasquez and Dr. Brad Archer from Harbor View Medical talk about pain management.   Then another example of the US refugee program being abused by agri-business to provide cheap labor.  Boom!

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"The Party of 'NO'"!   Then a word that should be on the air...oops.   Then Dick Morris continues to scare people about a treaty and erasing the 2nd Amendment.  The real history.   Then 100 reasons Romney is like Obama. Then real shovel-ready jobs...and how to avoid heat-related health issues.

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Steve Hoffman wants to become Jasper County Sherrif...issues.   Then,  Iowans respond to Obama's " didn't build that"  comment on businesses.  BOOM!

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Robert Zubrin tells the history of "The Merchants of Despair"...a great history of how radical anti-humanist environmentalist have almost destroyed human worth.   Then Michael Ware and Pete Brownell talk about a huge Iowa hobby and sport.  Gun building.  Jeff Burkett from Iowa Firearms Coalition talks about Bobby Jindal coming to an Iowa event in August.  Mark Morano blows the whistle on climate change alarmists.

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"Was Jesus a Muslim?"  Luther College professor of Religion, Robert Shedinger,  says, "Yes".   And explains. James Edwards explains how third world refugees end up in Iowa.   Has something to do with, "...follow the money".   Kim Lehman is enlisting Iowans to "GiveCures"...pioneering medical research.  Then,  is Iowa suitable for irrigation during a drought?

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Lawyer, theologian and a fellow with a Panoramic view,  ruminates about the meaning of stuff.  John Mark Stewart.     Then,  when is life in prison without parole really "cruel and unusual" punishment?  Just ask Kagan.

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Dick Morris says a treaty is about to take away our 2nd Amendment rights.  Is he right?    Can one be compelled to volunteer?  Dunno?  Then,  can an institution which embraces sodomy continue to stigmatize adultery?   Ya gotta hear this.

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 Senator Mike Gravel wants the US to become a direct democracy.  Would you vote for that?  Mike Lucas worries that the farm bill is about 80% food stamps.   Joel Gilbert with an update on Dreams of my Real Father.   Wow.   Then, Bob Quinn describes how the farm bill got attached to food stamps to begin with.  

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David Gelernter describes "America-Lite" how imperial academia dismantled our culture and ushered in the Obamacrats. Fierce.   Senator Chuck Grassley updates us on "Fast and Furious."  Then,  bulb envy.  Mine.

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Some "missionaries" insult a bunch of Muslims at 2012 Arab Festival,  then claim outrage when they incite a riot.   Is this what free speech is all about?   Then should Iowa take a zero tolerance attitude towards drinking and BOATING?   Many Iowans will drink to that.

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Steve Deace wonders where his  proposed Des Moines Register gig went.  Then,  below the radar,   'nuther tussle about security vs. freedom.  This time it's over farm electrical inspections.  Then,  an Iowa cyclist encounters a case of malicious traffic enforcement on the BIKE trails.  Huh?

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 So here’s the rest of the story.   I sometimes tell Van,   “Ya know,  I was just cleaning my mouth and it went off”.     This is one of these cases.  

First some background.   I’ve known Congressman Tom Latham for years.   I have interviewed him dozens of times.   He is by temperament,  a “flaming moderate”.   I am not.    One of my favorite sports in talk radio is to get moderates to say immoderate things.   Latham never falls for it.    When he hits his exasperation wall,  his standard line is,  “Mickelson,  I’m always happy to come on your show”.    This is usually accompanied by a frozen grin along with a healthy dose of stink eye.   Translation:  “Mickelson you are an idiot and I’m not fallin’ for it”.

So,  in this case Congressman Tom Latham was on my program on the 22nd and we covered a bunch of issues.  The interview was fast paced and cheeky.   Discussing the upcoming AG Holder contempt of  Congress vote…Obama’s abuse of executive privilege vote following his executive directive regarding non-enforcement of immigration laws…Nancy Pelosi’s claim that the motive in the Holder contempt vote is really about voter suppression efforts in Florida.   Then, the race-baiting in the Nixon-Kennedy debates (in 1960…nothing new) ,  ICE assuming jurisdiction over dinosaur bones (Latham  was actually informed about it! Who knew?)   Then, the  taxpayers are about to be paying almost 3 billion dollars for phone stamps (free phones for the poor). 

Added to the end of the list  was a story about nuns on a bus headed to Washington to lobby congress for even more welfare money.    

You can listen to the context yourself…  my comment was intentionally non-PC to harass Congressman Tom Latham after dealing with  a long litany of the absurd.    

I asked,  “Do you have any power to pull them over and pistol whip them?”    The laughter was in my voice,  not Latham’s.    I noted that they called Congressman Ryan a fake Catholic on the budget,  saying,  “Liar, Liar, Pants on fire”.

Latham’s response is to say,   “Aw Jeez,  I’m always happy to be on your show”…the frozen grin, the  stink eye…and then he plows forward into discussing  the Ryan budget even as I continue to harass him. 

He didn’t think it was funny,  he didn’t agree and  he most certainly didn’t attack the nuns.   I doubt if he even knew about them all at when  I brought them up.  And for the record,  I didn’t know much about them either except the short AP story about their attack on Ryan.    I planned to ask Iowans what they thought about them later that morning.   I did…  short segment…about 12 minutes…couple of calls.   Nobody, including me, gave it another thought.   Most of the energy that morning was Urbandale’s zero tolerance policy against bottle rockets.   A way more interesting topic, trust me.

Since this is an election year, and since the Latham-Boswell race contains two incumbents vying for the newly created congressional district, leftist bloggers cut part of that exchange out of context,  abridging it to imply this was an attack on the nuns instead of me trying to  harass Congressman Latham.  This was done with malice and cynicism. 

Just like NBC edited the 911 calls in the Treyvon Martin case to fit their template story,  leftist bloggers did the same thing in this case.    They edited out the part where Latham expresses discomfort and brushes off my nonsense.   They falsely charged that this was said because of right-wing outrage over the politics of the nuns.  Rubbish.    This was nothing more than a boneheaded intentionally non-PC  and stupid comment designed to get a rise out of a politician.   The nuns were barely on anybody’s radar screen. 

When I began to get some inquiries about this,  my reaction was,   “Oh crap,  this edited tape makes me sound like I’m advocating harm against a bunch of nuns.!”    If I read this stuff in print or heard it out of context I’d label this guy,  THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD too….I’d give this guy the complete OBERMAN.   So,   I immediately wrote a letter to the nuns with the Network explaining what had happened.  I apologized for my stupid comment and offered them an opportunity to be on my program where their cause could be heard.

So far,  my letter has not been acknowledged.  But, a couple of days later someone sent me link to a video of a left-wing talk show on which the nuns were being interviewed.   A reference to my program was  described as just another right-wing attack against poverty programs and the activists in the social justice movement.

Then, I fully understood what I had expected all along.   I had been Alinskied.       Here were the nuns basking in their imagined and asserted victim-hood.   They were imagining,  “We are victims of brutal threats,  therefore we and our cause must be righteous. Just like Jesus.”    My comment was being used to authenticate their template story.  An explanation or apology would be an inconvenience to their martyrdom and fund-raising.

By the way,  at least three activist websites, including  Move-on dot Org and the Boswell campaign are using that out of context sound-bite as a fund raiser.  Boswell’s is hilarious.

“…the radical Tea Party talk host suggested that nuns…be pulled over and pistol whipped.”  Tom Latham’s response?  “It’s always fun to be on your show.”  Fun?  There’s nothing fun about violence against women.   Contribute $3 dollars today to show Tom Latham’s casual attitude against women won’t stand.”

Three bucks.  Really?  HAH!  That’s a bunch of outrage Leonard!    Perhaps $3 is the right amount for phony contrived outrage.

Most of the response on this has come from outside Iowa from people who didn’t listen to the program.  Most of the response is contrived outrage from leftist social media.   It is so lame and transparent that I’ve ignored it.   For some listeners who are genuinely concerned,  I’ve explained to them what’s going on.  Then they become annoyed that they’ve been played by political operatives.  

Speaking of response,    and the caliber of invective coming from the left,  here is a sample from Congressman Latham’s Facebook page… about his 95 year old grandmother.

“That woman is a servant of the Devil who raised up a liar to serve Satan’s bankers.  She’s nothing but a breeder of this nation’s  enemies…it is my prayer that the True and Living God will send that demoniac old whore into the fires of Hell that she and your blasphemous family deserve.”

There is  one of the important lessons to be learned from this.   For my own part, I’ve learned,  “Don’t give your enemies a club they will use it”.    For the rest of us, we should learn that we shouldn’t  believe everything  you see and read in the media.   I’m IN the media and I am telling you that it has never been worse.  Activist bloggers are one thing,  but now mainstream newspapers and news agencies are doing the same thing.  Fair and Balanced is a myth.   Reagan was right.  “Trust, but Verify”.    

I’m a big boy…I’ve been to this rodeo before.   My listeners know what this is about.  My only concern is that my idiot comment could hurt a pretty decent,  but boring congressman.   That,  I would truly regret.

The next time I reach for something non-PC to say,   it will not involve nuns.  Trust me on that…might be baby seals…or  bald eagles …or something.





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