Thursday May 29 2008



Ed Fallon is running against Congressman Leonard Boswell.   Issues...and some tension.   Then,  maybe  Parkersburg  could rebuild the schools with monolithic domes...tornado proof.   Is McClellan  a hero or a goat?

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Wednesday May 28 2008



Food vs Fuel.   a panel discussion with WHO's Ken RootJulius Schaaf,  Iowa Corn Board...Craig Lang, Iowa Farm Bureau..Bill Couser Iowa Renewable Fuels Associaton...Eldon Meyers, Iowa Petroleum Retailers Association...Bruce Rastetter,  Hawkeye Renewables.     Lotsa calls. 

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Tuesday May 27 2008




Robert Zubrin declares "Energy Victory" is possible and talks about winning the war on terror by breaking free of oil.   Says ethanol critics are very wrong.   Inspirational.   Mark Stein  describes how Iowa's borders were drawn.  "How the States Got Their Shapes"   Then turtles and tornadoes.   Spring in Iowa.

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Friday May 23 2008




Ruth Lycke just back from China  talks about the devastation of the earthquake and gives us a progress report on her mission to aid stroke victims.   Here's that gas price estimator for your next trip.   Then,  the Portland Obama rally  includes the music group the  Decemberists,  a group which usually opens their concerts with the Soviet National Anthem.   

 (editor's note.   There are conflicting reports on whether or not the Decemberists opened the rally with their signature Soviet National Anthem.   I'm still not certain even after more research...although it appears unlikely they did.   It is likely they purged their signature open.)  

Then,   a systems engineer from Rockwell-Colllins gets fired for resisting the company's mandatory diversity training which requires employees to "accept, celebrate and embrace homosexuality".  Tom Meeker  and his attorney, Bill Kurth,  an Iowa-based Rutherford Institute attorney with the rest of the story. 

It's just a matter of time until "Don't ask,  don't tell"  applies to Christians in the work force.

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Thursday May 22 2008



Andy and Johnathan Hilstrand aboard the  "Time Bandit"  crab rustlers on the Bering Sea,  Deadliest Catch.   Congressman Bruce Braley  wants to get tough on Agri-processors. Plus,  pain at the pump.  How bad can it get?

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Wednesday May 21 2008



 Drinking Liberally.   A local drink tank talks the issues.   Enough to drive me to the bottle.   Christian Ucles and Amanda Mittlestadt mix it up on the issues.  Jerry Falwell's  wife and widow, Marcel, writes fondly about her husband.   Then,  what's behind the Harkin-McCain  political tension?   Let's go to the short video Full 17-minute interview here.

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Tuesday May 20 2008



Ira Mehlman from FAIR says the amnesty lobby is using a military appropriation bill to grant amnesty for illegals.   Rockwell-Collins  fires a Christian employee  because he won't embrace homosexuality.    Microsoft wants Yahoo so they can compete with Google.  Randy Skoglund from  ATL says it's a good idea for the consumers.  Pundit Greg Jackson  says,  "No,  the California courts didn't legalize gay marriage....the whole thing is a legal fiction."   Jack Martin audits the costs of illegals to Iowa's taxpayers.   Worse than you think.

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Monday May 19 2008

A formal debate.   "From Darwin to Hitler :  Evolutionary Ethics, Eugenics, and Racism"   author and Discovery Institute  Fellow, Dr. Richard Weikart  debates  ISU professor,  Dr.  Hector Avalos...  premise "Was Darwinism MORE significant than Christian anti-Judaism in explaining Nazi ideology".   Feel free to post your own response to the debate within the comments section.    Then, "Boys Should be Boys"   Meg Meeker with an impassioned plea to adults to be adults.    Craig Nelson from ProjectUSA  says the Postville mess is even worse  than we thought.  What a scam!   Then,  Peter Teahen,  wants 2nd District Congressman Loebsack's  seat.

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Friday May 16 2008



Tony Colosimo CEO from Artistic Waste Services tells us where we can put it.   Nasty dogs and the post office don't mix.  What's to be done?   Then,  Suzy!

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Thursday May 15 2008


"Ignorance is Blitz" so says Professor Anders Henriksson.    Then,  more gas drive offs in Cedar Rapids than Des Moines...  mean less or more honest in Cedar Rapidians?   Barbara Corcoran  give us a test and takes us to "Nextville".      Stephen Bloom  takes us to Postville.   Insight. 

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Wednesday May 14 2008


"Ending the Food Fight"...Dr. David Ludwig  wants at least a truce.   Then the other shoes in the Postville raid continue to fall.    Agri-processing, Inc gets the chutzpah award from the National Labor Relations Board... you ain't gonna believe it.

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Tuesday May 13 2008


Christopher Reed wants to run against Senator HarkinGary Marcus says your brain is a Kluge...a haphazard, clumsy inelegant solution to something.   Rep Christopher Rants  says this immigration bust shouldn't have been necessary.

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Monday May 12 2008


Congressman Steve King with insights from the border states and what the Official English law means in Iowa...again,  for the hearing impaired.   Doris Hamil, NASA scientist,  explains the  "Challenge of Why".   Scott Gray,  head lending broker at ING  talks about "The Liar's Loan"... predicts housing market bounce back.    ICE Raids Agri-Processors in Postville.    Benjamin Wiker  lists the 10 Books That Screwed Up the World"   and tosses in a few more as a bonus.

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Friday May 9 2008


Bill Bishop say the "Big Sort"  is busting up the country.   David Sheff  writes about his addicted son, Beautiful Boy.    Dr. Lyle Rossiter puts "The Liberal Mind" on the coach.  And why aren't we buying Bleaux-Ray movies...yet.

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Thursday May 8 2008

"The Last Lecture" the origin of the speech now watched by millions... the Randy  Pausch  story as told by Jeffrey Zaslow.    Then,  John Lofton  says President Bush doesn't have a least not a Christian one.  Vigorous.     Meskwakies have lowered the gambling age to 18.    Nice thing to do?

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Wednesday May 7 2008
 Steve Rathje is running against Senator Tom Harkin.  Why?   Kevin Kwan  is a Luck expert.   The LiveStrong cycle ride is coming up this weekend.   Dr. Richard Deming (medical director of oncology at Mercy Cancer Center), Khristen Cadman, cancer survivor;  plus,  ride organizer Bridgete Kasik from CityView.    State Auditor David Vaudt, says Iowa is going bust while trying to save moneyNuther pizza delivery guy mugged....sigh
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Tuesday May 6 2008



Richard Vander Mey  Assistant Tama County Attorney gives us a real world look at a bunch o Iowa issues.  Then Bishop Harry Jackson  looks at the theology of Obama and Wright.   Are asparagus eaters stalkers?  Plant rights, baby.

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Monday May 5 2008


Lisa Adams during National Pet Week...myths about dogs and cats.   Roy Beck from NumbersUSA says Congressman Leonard Boswell  is having trouble voting for his own legislation  (HR 4088).  Iowans need to give him a friendly push.   Lotsa openline... an Escalade-driving food stamp recipient?   Then,  Eight Belles is put down?  What happened?

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Friday May 2 2008


Stupid Wars a snotty look at military disasters.   Then,  Iowa political nonsense.  Lots of it.   Then,  Iowans play middle school principal with cross-dresser.   Whew!

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Thursday May 1 2008


Carly Fiorina proxies for Senator McCain on the issues.   Then,  former Governor Vilsack outs himself...on illegal immigration.  Huge response.

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