Obama renames Mt. McKinleyIowa flunks science.   Governor Mike Huckabee  on the issues.   And  Iowa educrats don’t like “Mrs.”—gotta be MS.

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Ann Coulter,  Adios America.   A great expose of the illegal immigration scam.   Then,  more honest scores on Iowa school district proficiency—this time in math.  Grim.  A massive fraud revealed.

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Doug Goff from Knoxville invites Iowans to a rally at Freedom Rock in Young’s Park 12-2pm to support the public display of a cross.   Then the Rev Ryan Eller from Define American talks about the theology of immigration.   Dick and Betty Odgarrd talk about being mugged by the gay lobby and losing the Gortz Haus Gallery.

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Marc Daniels is chairman of The Weed Out Hate Initiative.    Donald Trump is Dubuque…Coulter…and Ramos.  Best and Worst  school districts in Iowa


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James Bovard , libertarian philosopher,  chats about stuff.   Rep Greg Hartsill invites the Iowa AG to find out what happens to broken baby parts at abortion clinics.   And what anchor babies really cost taxpayers.

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Christian Ucles chats about immigration issues from the vantage point of a former illegal.   Then,  responding to Rekha’s hit piece.   And Trump’s lead is expanding.

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"Fight immigration demagoguery with context"

Rekha Basu

Rekha’s comments in quotes,  mine in italics.


“Each campaign season brings another target for demagoguery, accompanied by a menacing new narrative: The “slut” (sexually active single female) who wants her health insurance to cover her birth control.”


30 plus single female at a Catholic University who wants the Catholic University to pay for her birth control…while a single adult female.

“ The destroyers of traditional marriage (same­sex couples) who want to steal the institution from straight people.”

Nope,  the political class has already negated traditional marriage by instituting no-fault divorce… slip knots didn’t steal marriage from straight people,  but they made marriage irrelevant at best,  lethal for people who are married to a spouse that is dishonorable.  Gays scammed their way into an institution for which they are not qualified just to get access to the benefits.


 “The robber, murderer, criminal black man (Willie Horton) who wants to get furloughed to do it again.”


Al Gore served up the Willie Horton issue during a debate with Governor Dukakis.   In 1988.   Digging back a little in the grievance archives aren’t we Rekha?


“This year’s target is the foreigner.”

No,  this DECADE’S target is the swarm of illegals ignoring our borders.  Foreigners are not the problem.  Gate crashers are.  Conflating them is slimy and dishonest rhetoric.

“That's the undocumented Latino immigrant portrayed as sneaking across the border  (they do)   to rape or addict your children (they have) , give birth to American citizens in your hospitals and squander your tax dollars on food stamps.”   (they do and they do) 

“ Usually the rhetoric is aimed at a political rival, and the demographic group (illegals are not a demographic group)  is ammunition for the candidate’s case.  But this year’s chief demagogue is a popular Iowa talk radio host. On his Aug. 17 WHO radio show, Jan Mickelson proposed that Iowa declare undocumented immigrants to be “state property,”

Nope.  As an example of Iowa’s passive aggressive traits,  I recommended we put up signs at the borders giving illegals 60 days to leave Iowa or become property of the state.   Putting up signs.

“…and enslave any who remain here past a deadline. “

Indenturing criminals for community service. 

“They could then be coerced into building a wall along Mexico for free.”

Trump could get his wall built with illegals captured at the border, not captured here in Iowa.   Does any Iowa taxpayer really have a problem with holding criminals accountable for breaking and entering?   What is more just that rounding up illegals at the border to build a wall to prevent just that?    For free?     You mean we should educate the children of illegals “for free”?…treat illegals in our hospitals “for free”?  Give their children born here citizenship “for free”?   You are mighty cavalier Reckha, with other people’s money.


 “What’s wrong with slavery?” Mickelson shot back when challenged, contending that it’s Americans who are enslaved by having to pay for undocumented immigrants. “


That was a rhetorical question to a caller who that making criminals pay restitution sounds like slavery.    When I asked, “What’s wrong with slavery?”  I wasn’t advocating  the chattel slavery outlawed by the 13th Amendment,  but proceeding to a discussion of the indentured servitude permitted by the 13th Amendment for the payment of restitution.  The conversation was cut short, and the thought was never completed.   Media Matters (a hard left George Soros funded Democrat front group)  used that incomplete conversation to assert that I recommended the enslavement of all immigrants.   Rubbish.

“Mickelson’s reprehensible remarks infuriated many, including Des Moines immigrant advocate Matt Hildreth, who filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission.”

(Matt Hildreth is a leftist activist funded by socialist George Soros, Move On dot Org and with America’s Voice,  a socialist open borders organization)  I wonder why Rekha didn’t bother to properly identify the biases of her sources.

“But he says the commission responded by saying it can only fine for obscenity, and Mickelson didn’t use swear words. Now Hildreth has a petition already signed by hundreds, he says, calling on WHO owner, I Heart Radio, to pull Mickelson off the air. Hildreth says the Constitution protects free speech, but that a homeless Mexican immigrant was beaten in Boston last week by attackers, one of whom claimed to be inspired by Donald Trump. “We're entering a new space where people act on this stuff,” he said of such inflammatory rhetoric.”

Rubbish.  So my boss is supposed to fire me for telling the truth and whose only crime is offending paid activists of George Soros front groups?   Media Matters has been putting out their silly petitions against me for years.   They are about as meaningless as the signs I suggested.

“The American Civil Liberties Union is calling for advertisers to boycott the show. In 2012, 45 advertisers pulled their ads from Rush Limbaugh’s slow after he called law student Sandra Fluke a slut over her bid for birth ­control coverage.”

You mean her bid for Catholics being extorted into paying for activity which violates Catholic doctrine?  That bid?  Oh.

The ACLU?  Another hard left organization funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundations group.  

“The right to own another human being may have been abolished 150 years ago, but Mickelson put it back on the table.”

Bullhockey.  I advocated putting up signs.  Leave or be assigned community service.   That’s it.


“When Trump advocates scrapping birthright citizenship, other candidates like Ted Cruz and Scott Walker scramble to claim the idea. But it's not going to happen. They'd have to amend the Constitution to get around the amendment where anyone born on American soil is American — or get the Supreme Court to overturn its ruling on how that's enforced.”

More Rubbish.  The Constitution doesn’t have to be amended to end birthright citizenship.  US Senator Jacob Howard, who wrote the 14th Amendment in Senate debate:

“…All persons born in the United States, and sujct to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United  States and of the States wherein they reside…this will not, of course, include person borne in the United States who are foreigners…”

Plus the Constitution explicitly gives congress the sole authority to “establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization” not the courts.

 “Nor is anyone going to deport every undocumented immigrant here. It’s not practical or ethical, and from meat­packing plants to hotels, it would bring much of the American economy to a standstill.”



Ah,  the other shoe drops.  “Not practical”  or “ethical”.


Hmm.    Without jobs, benefits,  or means of getting government benefits,  no illegals will stay.    “Ethical”?  Demanding the enforcement of the will of the people and the laws of Iowa and the USA is certainly ethical.  If not,  why not?

“ Americans rely on undocumented immigrants to clean our homes, raise our children, and work the plants and factories.”

No they don’t.   Maybe Rekha has somebody to clean her house, or raise her children,  but almost no Iowans do.  And work in plant and factories?  Not if the law is followed they don’t.  And these are jobs that Iowans used to do and were paid well for.  My dad worked at Western Iowa Pork back in the 60s and was paid the equivalent of nearly $60 an hour.  After high school in Harlan, Iowa I did the same thing.  Not pleasant work,  but honorable and desirable if the pay is a living wage.  Iowans will do the work if paid.       

“They repopulate dying cities and schools, taking little from the economy compared with what they give.”

Baloney… Iowans pay almost 200 million a year just to educate the children of parents who are not legally here.   More than 50 million on health care, and more than 5 million incarcerating deportable illegals.



“And their status makes them vulnerable to everything from substandard housing to hazardous working conditions to sexually abusive employers. Complaints over a lack of safety precautions or mandatory overtime can result in to calls to immigration authorities.”

Their status can be corrected.  Go home.

“If Mickelson heard the stories of Agriprocessors workers rounded up in the 2008 immigration raids in Postville, he might have understood the great personal risk at which immigrants come to make a living and feed their families.

Yes, I’ve heard the stories about the criminal operation that a scumbag named Aaron Rubaskin was running.   He picked a remote area of Iowa to over-run and exploit.   First he hired a bunch of illegals to exploit.  Then, when that didn’t work out because of ICE raids, he imported Somalians.   That doesn’t even include charges of animal abuse, meth labs, extortion….etc.  He went to jail.   Agriprocessors remains a blight upon Iowa.  I feel sorry for anybody unfortunate to have been sucked into their scam.




 “Maria Ruiz left Guatemala after becoming orphaned and homeless at 17, when the greenhouse where she and her parents had worked for $100 a month revoked her company­provided housing. So she crossed two borders by foot and hitchhiked to Texas where, broke and hungry, she turned herself in to authorities. They let her go with a paper she thought was a residence permit but turned out to be a court date. In Iowa, she packed beef for $7.25 an hour and no health benefits, often working 19 hours a day. For more context, let's go back to the U.S.­engineered 1954 coup in Guatemala, which toppled a democratically elected president who was responsive to people’s economic needs, replacing him with a series of dictators friendly to U.S. corporate interests. They plundered the wealth, leaving their people impoverished. Now millions of undocumented immigrants are embedded in this nation's fabric. We should talk about how to fix their status, but in a responsible way.”

Life sucks in the Third World.  If we import the Third World to Iowa, life will suck here too.   I agree that our political class has allowed big box agriculture to be irresponsible with our resources, our environment, and our wage scales.  Our first priority should be to advance the well-being of Iowans,  not illegally imported poverty from the Third World.


“This inflammatory rhetoric is a long way from the approach of past GOP leaders like former President George W. Bush and former Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel. Iowa's beloved former Iowa Gov. Bob Ray, who welcomed Southeast Asian war refugees in the 1970s, issued a statement earlier this year supporting Justice for Our Neighbors, which provides free legal services to unaccompanied undocumented minors. “Iowa is a welcoming state!”   Ray declared. At least it was then. I'm hopeful most Iowans will respond to Mickelson's slave ­ownership plan by showing it still is.”



I said nothing inflammatory. Advocating for the enforcement of immigration laws isn’t controversial.   As I have shown, most of what was said about my remarks was mis-reported or twisted by paid leftist activists,  or by a dishonest columnist.  Comparing the importation of Laotians to Iowa following the Vietnam War to the open borders invasion of illegals is silly.   In the first case, we volunteered and extended an invitation.  Now, hoards come without invitation and paid street hustlers shill for more.   Iowans are on to the scam.   Donald Trump’s popularity in Iowa and elsewhere demonstrates they are sick of it.

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Senator Ted Cruz—issues and rally..  Nitpicking.  Giving away the recumbent trike from Connecticut Yankee Pedaller.  And fixing what ails the Constitution.

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Now Fox has joined the MSM in trying to take out Trump—and attacks get truly slimyJohn Otto is suing Disney over importing cheap labor and firing American works.  Iowans wonder about women Rangers.

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Jim Richards talks about The Death of Money… A brilliant look and the way stuff really works.  Iowans remember de-tasseling and defend themselves against claims that Iowans aren’t tough enough do it so Mexicans have to.  And another atheist thug tries to bully Knoxville over a war memorial.

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Naghmeh Abedini has organized a 5k run, Endure for Saeed, to raise money for husband hostage by Iran.  Horrific story.    Kevin Jackson on Race Pimping.  Vigorous.   And more historically illiterate presidential candidate on the 14th Amendment and birthright citizenship.

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Trump releases his immigration paper.   And what is the Iowa Passive Aggressive way to get the wall built by Mexico?  Mexicans.   The,  Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker—issues.

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Carly Fiorina—Issues.  Senator Rick Santorum—Issues.  Jonathan Narcisse is really alarmed over the Nancy Sebring settlement.  And a Japanese political consultant wonders about American-Japanese relations on the 70 anniversary of the end of WW2.

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Congressman Steve King—issues.   Bear eats man—euthanize?  Jim Hawkins and Jodie Nation—Professional Educators of Iowa—issues.  Dr. Ben Carson—fixing the politics of race.

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Dr. Jonathan Sarfati creation scientist says we are not alone and in the dark.  He will speak Sunday 3:30 pm at the Newton Christian Reformed Church.    Senator Ted Cruz’s dad,  Pastor Rafael  is speaking Thursday night at 6:30 pm in Grimes at the Gortz Haus.  Then,  an Iowa judge invites trespassers to examine a farmers property.

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Des Moines taxpayers are unsettled over the Nancy Sebring $350,000 settlement.    And do military officers really need a college degree?

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Iowans sound off on Trump’s Bloodgate.  And some Iowa farmers hate crop dusters.   

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Post presidential debate feedback from Iowans.  Ohioan Ken Blackwell with debate observations.  Sam Clovis talks debate reactions and issues.   

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Life means something.  We just can’t agree on when.   David Holt says the Russians are trying to lay claim to a bunch of the Arctic.   Terry Jarrett says Obama’s EPA executive orders are power grabs too.   Cops have wrong weapons?  Accordions make great crappie traps.   And a guy tries to marry his lawnmower.  

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Congressman Rod Blum supports First Amendment Defense Act and tells how serious congressmen are punished by his own Republican leadership IRS may target churches which refuse the gay lobby. Brian Walsh, founder of Civil Rights Research Center.    Bob Vander Platts pushes on Governor Terry Branstad on defunding Planned Parenthood.  Plus,  defending life.

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Losing shopping cart roulette,  skunk remedy,  Marc  Morano from Climate Depot nukes Obama’s EPA regs,  and Bobby Jindal says politicians responsible for sanctuary cities ought to be prosecuted.

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Actress  Kristen Bell says we need Planned Parenthood cuz her daughters might need birth control behind her back.  Then,  armed for Iowa bike trails?  Need to be?  

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