Thursday  August 31 2006


The end times debate continues with a couple of heavy hitters,  Joel Rosenberg  and Gary DeMar.  A spirited discussion of end times prophecy.    Then,  war and peace.   Why do peace protestors picket the military and not terrorist affiliates?   And Christian Polygamy?  Oxymoron or things to come? 

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Wednesday August 30 2006


Congressman Steve King brings an immigration reform  public hearing to Iowa.   Open Borders activists run the Mexican flag up a US flag pool.   Then,  the NEA reveals its continuing hostility towards home schoolers.   An Iowa alternative? 

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Tuesday August 29 2006


Wow.  Brownie is now doin' a great job of nuking his former boss.  Why?    Then,  the government admits that the more than billion dollars spent on anti-drug messages was totally wasted.  Now what? 

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Monday August 28 2006


Katrina, a year later assessment.   What now?   More money of course.  OPM.    Pat Buchanan writes, "State of Emergency:  The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America".     Lookit this.   Then,  "A Force More Powerful"...the game of non-violent strategy.  Hardy Merriman

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Friday August 25 2006


Gene Phillips  is running as an Independent against incumbent Polk County Board of  Supervisor John Mauro Ben Stone, executive director of the ACLU of Iowa  defends the free expression rights of the KKK.  WHY?   David Horowitz  shines light upon the  "Shadow Party"...says George Soros has turned the Democratic Party into a cult.

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Thursday August 24 2006 Steve Slivinski  goes "Buck Wild"  and bashes those non-tax and spend Republicans.   Dana Fedman knows how to help you train your doggie.  Pupstart.   Then,  the best apology  I've ever heard.   So,  how do defend child molesters?   People actually try.   You won't believe it.
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Wednesday August 23 2006


What most folks are missing about the CIETC scandal.   Then,  Jonathan Wells has the "Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design"   Great conversation.

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Tuesday August 22 2006


"Debunking 9/11 Myths:  Why Conspiracy Theories Can't Stand Up To the Facts"  Brad Reagan from Popular Mechanics gives it the old reformed school try.    Then,  the "new normal"... extremely sexually active kids.   Why?   What to do about it?

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Monday August 21 2006

Jim Marrs talks about "The Terror Conspiracy"...Deception, 9/11 and the Loss of Liberty.   Then,  a bunch o stuff 'bout everything... including the color of Muhammad's arm pits. 

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Friday August 18 2006


Lotsa Iowa State Fair conversation,  then Clay Waters from Times Watch  just can't get over the way the NYT  covered Islamic Schools in NYC.   Jerome Corsi  talks about the North American Union,  plus  "Atomic Iran".    New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson  talks about terrorism.   Then,  Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist  talks about leadership and health care.

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Thursday August 17 2006


A popcorn pop-off with the Tiny Tiny Popcorn pusher from K&K Popcorn...  yummy...   Then, older beer drinkers are unhappy with getting carded at Wally World....  perhaps the fair has gone on too long... :)

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Wednesday August 16 2006


Jeff Traviss gives us tech talk about new audio and video gadgets....   then,  Larry Crow is trying to raise funds to re-build an historic Iowa church  (Marrs Hill Church)  which is a victim of vandalism.   Larry Crow, Box  26, Eldon, Iowa  52554 if you wanna. 

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Tuesday August 15 2006 Congressman Steve King  talks about terrorism  and the war.  Then,  Democratic gubernatorial candidate, Chet Culver,  suggests using IPERS money  for start-up money for Iowa businesses.   Good idea?
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Monday August 14 2006

Wanna hear something scary?   "The War for Righteousness"  with Richard Gamble will terrify you.  Wow!  What a great book.   Then,  lotsa open-line conversation...everything from,  "...should DNR officers be armed or be allowed to bust illegals,   to  "...they lost our WHAT?!"

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Friday August 11 2006  

Live from the Iowa State Fair..  first the Energy Doctor  takes our temperature.    Then, the personal formerly known as the former Psychic Suzy.   Congressman Tom Latham  has issues....:)    Then,  Denise O'Brien  wants to be Iowa's Secretary of Agriculture.

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Thursday August 10 2006

The Iowa Concrete Association guru John Hanson talks about the energy saving technology demonstrated at the Fair.    Oliver Stone's World Trade Center  movie.  Melissa Caldwell from Parents Television Council  reviews the movie.  High Marks.   Chris Paine,  movie producer of "Who Killed the Electric Car?"   Great conversation.

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Wednesday August 9 2006

Should the city council seat of Archie Brooks be filled by voters,  by appointment,  or left vacant.  A brief survey says the seat should remain vacant.   Douglas Murray writes,  "Neo-Conservatism:  Why We Need It".   Then,  Chris Anderson from Wired Magazine with "The Long Tail: why the Future of Business is Selling Less of More."

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Tuesday August 8 2006 Robert Allison tells the fascinating history of the first clash the newly independent America had with the Barbary pirates"The Crescent Obscured:  The US and the Moslem World 1760-1815".    It sounds just like today.    Chuck Hurley  and Tamara Scott  have some questions for Iowa judges up for re-election.  Really great ones, too.   Then,  Kevin McGloughlin  talks about Iowa's new discounted tax  law.
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Monday August 7 2006

State Department spokesman Tom Casey describes our stakes in the war in Lebanon.  Henry Edmondson says the ghost of John Dewey still haunts the halls of American schools.   It's time for a ghost-buster.   Yaron Brook from the Ayn Rand Institute  says the West should support the Israeli war against Hezbollah with moral certitude and without restraint.

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Friday August 4 2006 A tragic motorcycle accident...survivor is charged with vehicular homicide.  Why?  Then Gary DeMar  is a skeptic of end times prophecy.  "End Times Madness".   He examines the "Left Behind" series and Joel Rosenberg's prophetic novels.
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Thursday August 3 2006

More silly noise from the culture war.   Then,  Joel Rosenberg  and "The Copper Scroll"... another best selling prophetic novel about the Middle East.    Plus,  listeners re-write a conservative public service announcement they way liberals would.

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Wednesday August 2 2006

Dr. Chad Rohlfsen is looking for a few good bodies for a chiropractic survey,  plus talks about the childhood vaccines. (He's a skeptic)  Chris Prentice from Passages has "The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure"... how to help Mel Gibson.   Dr. Ann Blake Tracy on the Andrea Yates  Not Guilty Verdict...says her "cure" was the "cause". 

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Bill Northey  from the Iowa Energy Alliance  and Republican candidate for Ag Secretary.  Congressman Jim Nussle  wants to be Governor.   And is this the real Mel Gibson?  Is booze a truth serum?
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