Iowa already has the lowest proficiency standards in the Midwest. Now, we just lowered them more for minorities. Apparently, black lives don't matter in Iowa classrooms. 

Please share this with as many people as possible. 

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Don't allow yourself to be bullied by the Toleration Mafia.

Perhaps the word "toleration" does not mean what they think it means.

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"If a particular power to spend is not on the list of enumerated powers, it does not exist. Most Congressional spending is not on the list. Therefore, most of what Congress does is unconstitutional, and therefore, illegal." 

-Jan Mickelson

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One of my chores as a kid was to "color the butter"

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Is "Fighting Irish" an ethic slur? 

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How you use your time defines how classy you are. 

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Mickelson explains the twin peaks of Alinsky and how and why politicians milk covetousness for political gain. 

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Answering one of Jan's most frequently-asked questions on the 14th amendment and birthright citizenship.


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