Monday December 31 2007



Weekend talking head redux.   Senator Fred Thompson.    Drinking Liberally with Christian and Amanda.   Bill Salier wants Judge Hanson to be impeached.  Here's the petition to take to the Iowa Caucus.

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Friday December 28 2007



From FAIR's  Radio Row on immigration.   Senator Chuck Grassley.   Jerry Patterson a Fred Thompson  proxy, second amendment advocate.  Peter Gadiel,  9-11 Families for a Secure America,  keeping track of damage caused by illegals.    Jerome Corsi, "The Late Great USA"  columnist for World Net Daily.   Talk host Roger Hedgecock and local activist,  Christian Ucles.    Governor Mike Huckabee on immigration.

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Thursday December 27 2007



FAIR's Iowa Radio Row.   Buncha heavy hitters.  First,  an Iowa horror story with some brave Iowans.  Meet the Kilborns.  Then,   Senator John McCainSenator Fred Thompson on the Bhutto murder and on immigrationBorder, the Movie.  Chris Burgard is the producer.  Then,  Ambassador Keyes,  Congressman Ron Paul.   Lotsa immigration talk.

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Friday December 21 2007


John Hofmeister, President of Shell Oil Company,   in Iowa to assess our energy future  and call upon politicians to permit US to develop our own resources.  Articulate.    Dan Stein  from FAIR  is bringing a Radio Row of  talk hosts from around the country to focus upon illegal immigration.    Roy Beck from Numbers USA assesses the immigration records of the presidential candidates.    Bill Sammon    invites us to "Meet the Next President" .. .what you don't know about the candidates.

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Thursday December 20 2007


Lisa McClowry..    "Before the Tree Comes Down"  a great new song for the troops.   Then,  extended conversation about Mitt Romney's Couric moment talking about "secret cameras" on the Mickelson show.    

And for the record.   What is the official LDS position on abortion?

"In today's society, abortion has become a common practice, defended by deceptive arguments. Latter-day prophets have denounced abortion, referring to the Lord's declaration, "Thou shalt not . . . kill, nor do anything like unto it" (D&C 59:6). Their counsel on the matter is clear: Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints must not submit to, perform, encourage, pay for, or arrange for an abortion. Church members who encourage an abortion in any way may be subject to Church discipline.?

 That the church does not hold its members to its standard with consistency isn’t a measure of the standard, but of the church’s consistency.    Mickelson


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Wednesday December 19 2007


Iowa political talk.  Why can't politicians talk about Christmas?  Lots stuff.   Then,  whoops,   Governor Romney decides to re-write history at Mickelson's expense in a response to a Katie Couric question.   BULLHOCKEY!    The video.

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Tuesday December 18 2007

Congressman Ron PaulOn funding his campaign?   Is Mike Huckabee a facist?    What is Just War Theory?   On rebuilding the Constitution    On Iran's nuclear aspriations.   Then, Jeff Traviss  with TV Tech Talk.    Senator Fred Thompson trying to get a second wind in Iowa.

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Monday December 17 2007


Dr. Robert Bender and Susan Heun from The Johnny & Romie Orr Center for Healthy Aging & Memory Loss.  Alzheimer prevention and repair.   Suzette JensenJoe Henry and Mary Brubaker with  Save and Support Our Schools.  Upcoming  school board meeting  will consider buying the Wallace-Homestead building.  Input.    Congressman Steve King  endorses Senator Fred Thompson.  Stunned?  Not the Only One.  And a Danish journalist, Martin Krasnik,  is trying to figure out Iowa politics.   He joins the club.

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Friday December 14 2007


Anna Post updates us on the latest social graces...  Wedding Parties.   'Nuther Republican debate for Iowa?  IOWA DEMOCRATS SAY THEY WANNA CONTROL ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION...  HELL FREEZES OVER!!!!..   Then,  Suzy.

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Thursday December 13 2007


Arkansas Republicans debate the Huckaboom.    Then,  Dr.Gary Cass says Mormon theology defames Christianity.

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Wednesday December 12 2007



Libby McDonald  looks at "The Toxic Sandbox: The Truth About Environmental Toxins and Our Children's Health".   She wants Iowans to get the lead out.    Mary Matilin  supports Senator Fred Thompson.    Rich Lowery from the National Review endorses Mitt Romney.   And did Governor Huckabee   make a error in  questioning Mormon theology? 

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Tuesday December 11 2007



So what rights to carry weapons do Iowans have anyway?   Roger Burdette from Iowa Carry, Inc  explains.     Then,  an  Iowa victim of illegal behavior by illegal eloquent think-piece by a Marshalltown mom.  Powerful.

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Monday December 10 2007


Reaction to the Obama-Oprah Iowa event.  Josh Arnest is the Iowa proxy for Obama..  Issues.    Then,   a truly heroic figure needs to be honored.   A volunteer security guard a church in Colorado saves lives.

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Friday December 7 2007


Bishop H Jackson  evaluates the Romney Mormon speech.   Iowans think about the Omaha massacre.   Guns, Drugs, Divorce...etc?  All of the above?   Jay Seculow  supports the Romney speech and cause.


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Thursday December 6 2007


Lisa Guernsey takes us "Into the Minds of Babes".    Senator Fred Thompson  wants to be president.   Judy Hintz from Educational Resources  fixes kids and inspires us all.

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Wednesday December 5 2007


Congressman Tom Tancredo  with Iowa presidential politics.   Then, openline...lotsa conversation.

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Tuesday December 4 2007


Greg Jackson and Paul Dinger are Boston political pundits.  They say Gov Mitt Romney is the most liberal candidate of either party.   Vigorous conversation.    Gary DeMar says we oughta be careful of mixing eschatology and politics.   Then,  did that "gay general" ask a good question or not?

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Monday December 3 2007


Governor Mike Huckabee takes the likely caucus vote lead in Iowa and talks with WHO listeners.   Wow...along with the entire known press corps.    Then Casey Luskin from Discovery Institute  is trying to help Professor Guillermo Gonzalez  achieve tenure.    Lotsa talk

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