"...so hungry I could eat a horse"... what does that really mean?   Then,  Gov. Rick Perry calls Social Security a Ponzi scheme...gets blasted.   What's real history?  If you pay into it or get money out of it,  you should listen very carefully.

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Home repair advice from creative Iowans...could set back property values a couple of decades.   Then,  exactly what and who in Iowa did the Obama stimulus package stimulate?    Then why can't we be more like the Japanese? 

Plus,  here's a video from Tarek Fatah....a Pakistani born Muslim who speaking in Canada, blasts multiculturalism's corrosive effect upon sound judgment.  Brilliant!

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'Nuther upcoming T-Party express Iowa stop...Wednesday...5pm at Waterworks Park...Michelle Bachman...then, Dennis Andrew Ball wants to be president.    Then,  is lack of an education license a tragedy?  Nope.

Direct download: mickelson-2011-08-29.mp3
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Remembering MLK...then,  government continues to get in the way...busting wood and milk...

Direct download: mickelson-2011-08-26.mp3
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Some parents pull their kids out a day care center which requires employees have good morals.   Huh?   Then,  Matt Barber studies MAPPERS?... whazzat?  "Minor Attracted Persons"... used to be called pedophiles.   Then congress votes to change Rules of Engagement...  (ROE's)

Direct download: mickelson-2011-08-25.mp3
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A lady at a new day care center says her lifestyle is different than the one the church group owner requires.  She says that's discrimination.  Then,  a follow-up on the general welfare clause.

Direct download: mickelson-2011-08-24.mp3
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Everything from the Lincoln assassination to the General Welfare Clause...openline...  then,  if you are lazy at work,  fine.   But don't think bad thoughts or you're fired.

Direct download: mickelson-2011-08-23.mp3
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Jamie Johnson sits in for Jan Mickelson...several guests, including Ed Meese on the Constitution and Bill Federer on Islam.  Spirited.

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Tom Pauken...former Reaganite and Texan tells about "Bringing America Home"...explains the Bush-Perry tension in Texas.  Then,  why do ethanol advocates have a tough time explaining the basics to the rest of us? 


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 Congressman Steve King...issues...nearly explodes when the food stamp program was described as a jobs program...  Ryan Rhodes is the T-Party guy who asked President Obama questions.  Then,  Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz talks about the Straw Poll Vote. 

Direct download: mickelson-2011-08-16.mp3
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Jim Hawkins from Professional Educators in Iowa with a closer look at the Iowa ed establishment.   Governor Rick Perry in Iowa launching his campaign.  Issues. 

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Congressman Ron Paul...issues...Brian Doherty, editor Reason Magazine,  writing a book about Ron Paul...  Senator Rick Santorum...issues.  

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 The guys from the Iowa Concrete Association...  Senator Grassley...issues.  The Fair Tax...and Matt Strawn talks about the Straw Poll Debate.

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Columnist Michael Barone assesses the  Iowa staw poll.  Congressman Tom Latham deals with economic issues.  Herman Cain wants to be president...issues.

Direct download: mickelson-2011-08-10.mp3
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Tired of the political class spinning yarns about the debt bubble?  Michael Tanner from Cato Institute delivers the unfiltered numbers on "Bankrupt: Entitlements and the Federal Budget".   A great study.  Mark Steyn's "After America"  says the American Dream is over and the real crap hasn't hit the fan yet.  Newt Gingrich talks about rebuilding America.   And what to think about rioting mobs.

Direct download: mickelson-2011-08-09.mp3
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Magaret Hoover on American Individualism... defending the family name.  Then Steve Deace is coming back on the air...issues.  Straw Poll ahead.

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