State Auditor David Vaudt describes the gap between what IPERS collects and what its eventual liabilities will be.  HUGE!    Then,  Iowa Democrats stomp out of the statehouse to protest a debate over 2nd Amendment issues.  Iowans respond.

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Senator Paul McKinley and Senator Brad Zaun want to disband Iowa's Department of Education... serious reform..   Charles Murray says the US is "Coming Apart"..  then, reviewing the appearance of  Iowa Supreme Court Chief Justice Cady on Iowa Press.  

Direct download: mickelson-2012-02-28.mp3
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Josh Dean is a dog lover..."Show Dog"...then,  Dan Simmons says fracking isn't nearly as nasty as the greenies say about getting access to US natural gas.   Then,  from the NRA, Chris Cox,  and  Peter Brownell lobby the Iowa legislature to shake loose some trapped gun legislation.  

Direct download: mickelson-2012-02-27.mp3
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Sean Faircloth with "The Attack of the Theocrats!"  a vigorous polemic in the culture war.  Time to bring troops home from Afghanistan?   Rioting over burned Korans.   Then,  the 911 call which acquitted Jay Rodney Lewis. 

Direct download: mickelson-2012-02-24.mp3
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Dr. Glad Curtis .."Your Pregnancy Week by Week"   baby guru with an update.   Susan Stagner from Iowa Connections Academy with an insight into online learning.  Con Tom Tancredo wants to do away with the electoral   Congressman Tom Latham...issues.

Direct download: mickelson-2012-02-23.mp3
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Elizabeth Price Foley is a law professor who actually takes the Constitution seriously..."The Tea Party: Three Principles".    Then,  a listener asks,  "Hey Mickelson you hate gotcha cams for enforcing the law,  but want immigration laws enforced... whazzup with that?    Then,  law enforcement demonstrates graphically why we need a "stand your ground law".  

Direct download: mickelson-2012-02-22.mp3
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Listeners dismantle a couple of legislative scams... gotcha cams  and online gambling.  Congressman Steve King has issues.... then whatza Lamanite?   And why do they dislike Romney?  

Direct download: mickelson-2012-02-21.mp3
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There is a stalemate at the statehouse over advancing some of the agenda items of the NRA and Iowa Gun Owners... Rep. Clel Baudler and Aaron Dorr highlight the bottleneck.   Then Mike Chapman talks about wrestling...and Lincoln.

Direct download: mickelson-2012-02-20.mp3
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Hey,  walk faster or yer gonna die... setting the pace for marital moseying.  Then, Msgr. Frank Bognanno from Christ the King...targeting Obamacare cuz it targets Catholics.

Direct download: mickelson-2012-02-17.mp3
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Merrill Matthews talks about "Contraceptive Coverage: One More Unconstitutional Mandate"  and Iowa Catholics respond to the intrusion.  Did the Branstad administration make an unforced error in trash talking the Family Leader?  

Direct download: mickelson-2012-02-16.mp3
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Mark Cooper doesn't think a nuclear power plant in Iowa makes economic sense.  Dean Crist  from MidAmerican thinks it does.  Vigorous discussion ensues.

Direct download: mickelson-2012-02-15.mp3
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Steve King with a great C-Pac rant...a truckers magazine is warning truckers about defective gotcha cams in Ft Dodge...getting to the bottom of the story... the wonderfulness of some of the Grammy music... and getting into the pigness of hogs...really.

Direct download: mickelson-2012-02-14_.mp3
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Rep Jason Schultz wants to change Iowa law to make it legal for farmers to make private sales of unpasteurized raw milk.   Spirited.    Then, James Huntington  says the economy won't recover...this is the new the government should off a guaranteed national income to compensate.  Huh?  Then,  Betty R. De Boef worries about the perception of unequal treatment before the law in charges being dropped against a local sheriff.

Direct download: mickelson-2012-02-13.mp3
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Pastor Michael Demastus puts "Gay is Not Good"  on his church's sign.   BOOM! Now the gay lobby is attacking him and his church.  Iowans respond.    Then,  contemporary Iowans can't figure out what to do with our excessive geese population.  Ideas?

Direct download: mickelson-2012-02-10_.mp3
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An Iowa HS history teacher brought a vintage WW2 Japanese-American to tell the students about her experience as an internee.   America is labeled "racist"  for the war measures.    Iowans respond... "The Dispossession"  by Dwight D. Murphey...  and "In Defense of Internment"  by Michelle the rest of the story.  As a balance against the PC history of the Japanese front in WW2,  give Glen McDole a listen...a powerful story of overcoming evil.

Direct download: mickelson-2012-02-09.mp3
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Amy Contrada talks about the "Mitt Romney's Deception" Mitt advances the gay agenda as Massachusetts's governor.     Ann Rittgers defends 2nd Amendment rights against liberal mayors.  Michael Ware and Rick Largess talk about firearms selection and training for new shooters.  Eric Hanson from KCCI back from South Africa...stories of inspiration with Dr. Jim Blessman

Direct download: mickelson-2012-02-08.mp3
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Secretary of State Matt Schultz want voter ID's in Iowa.   Most Iowans agree.   Bob Vander Platts  and Chuck Hurley from The Family Leader encourage Governor Branstad to remove his name from a gay agenda event.   

Direct download: mickelson-2012-02-07.mp3
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Rep Walt Rogers want to outlaw "Gotcha Cams"... Iowans respond.   Lotsa openline.

Direct download: mickelson-2012-02-06.mp3
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"Titanic"  Stephen Hines commits history.  Obama commits theology.   Rep Erik Helland commits politics.   Bill Salier should be committed.  He's gonna do a fundraiser for a political newbie,  Greg Heartsill.    And the Iowa Supreme Court finds the religious  right to metal tractor tires somewhere within the 1st Amendment.  Oh, good.

Direct download: mickelson-2012-02-03.mp3
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Steven Gillon describes "The Pact"...Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich, and the Rivalry that Defined a Generation.   Then,  out of the pages of history,  a letter from a former slave addressed to his former owner....delicious.   Then,   ISU bans Christian ethics from its business classes.   Oh,  good.

Direct download: mickelson-2012-02-02.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:11pm CDT of the best movie spectacles of all time....Omaha film historian Bruce Crawford...bringing the new Hi-Def restored edition...Thursday,  the Cinemark XD theatre.   Then,  February 28th is Home School Day at the Capitol.   Then,  whatsa Florida "cracker"?    

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