Tamara Scott hosts. Common Core is the focus.  

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Cliche' Diving for Christmas

I routinely get sent rubbish like this by people who think,  “Ah hah!   This will really sting those hypocritical Christians who will have no response.    This stuff only works on Biblically illiterate people….and that list is long.  Some even have bestselling books and have TV shows on Fox.

Jesus wasn’t radical in any sense of the word.  He followed every tenant of the Law to perfection. His radicalism was that He called out the hierarchy for hypocrisy.   He wasn’t non-violent as He whipped the true hypocrites, the scam artist money changers out of the Temple.   “He wasn’t an American and never spoke English”.     True, and not relevant to any point that I’m aware of.  Jesus is a Jew, who spoke Aramaic in a Hebrew culture under the thumb of conquering Rome.  He was likely literate in three languages.    He wasn’t against the death penalty as He said none of the law would pass away.   He wasn’t against wealth, only the hypocrisy and the self-righteousness of some of the wealthy.  “…harder than a camel to go through the eye of a needle.”  He was against hypocritical public prayer, which  by then had almost achieved ritual status.   He said those people “already have their reward”.     "Gay" wasn’t in His vocabulary in that term is a marketing word invented by our own credulous generation.   He was against the behavior of sodomy in that it was and is still prohibited by the Law which He asserted.   Abortion didn’t need a separate category in that it was already covered by the Law against murder.   “Against birth control?”   Only pagans worry about birth control.   The ancient Hebrews considered children a blessing and their future safety net in old age.    “Never justified torture?”  Why would He?   However He was tortured to death for the salvation of His people.    “Never called the poor lazy?”   “Look to the ant thou sluggard”—and--  “…if a man will not work, neither shall he eat…”     In a pre-welfare state society,  laziness was lethal to itself.   “Never fought for tax cuts for the wealthy?”   He fought for honest tax  policy in a pagan nation…  He kicked the crooked money changers out of the temple for ripping off God’s people and he busted Zachius, a crooked Jewish tax collector who pledged to pay back his victims four fold,  consistent with the Law.  “Never asked a leper for a co-pay?”   That’s for sure.  There is no record of Him billing Lazarus for raising him from the dead, nor for healing the blind guy,  or  the healing dozens of others  he healed as a sign of His divinity.   In his culture the oppressed (poor who couldn’t care for themselves) were given care paid from the tithes (10 percent) of people.   Everyone else paid their own way, just like all decent people do.   Yup as a Jew (Semitic) he was likely brown…so what?  “Long-haired?”  Debatable,  but also an irrelevant non-issue.  “Community organizing?”   Rubbish.    He had trouble hanging on to his own 12 disciples.  And when He actually preached the Gospel,  that human works don’t merit points with  God,  he lost most of the crowd.   They came for the goodies,  the free food and healing,  but most rejected a non-political savior. Pretty much like the guy who is still looking for a “community organizer”.     They wanted to be rescued from the Romans,  not their own sin.   On day one in Jerusalem they gave Him a parade, but by day three, they gave Him a crucifixion.   “Anti-slut shaming?”  More rubbish… the slut who was brought to Him to judge was already shamed before she got there.   And after no evidence was presented against her, He told her to “go and sin no more.”     “Middle Eastern Jew.”    Yup.    Just like the prophecies anticipated.

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Larry Schweikart with a Patriot's History of the Modern World.  Bill O'Reilly commits theology...again.  Organized Crime--Thomas DiLorenzo says mixed in with our founding fathers were some real scumbags.   And what's hood rat?  Ending with the best Christmas song--ever.

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This is the stand alone segment of Thursday's program:  Explaining the tactics and goals of the A&E Duck Dynasty dust-up.  Why the word "deracinated" can explain the collapse of sexual ethics and why the gay lobby had to take out Phil Robertson...and why orthodox Americans have to respond.    What do the Pledge of Allegiance,  South Africa,  and President Lincoln have in common?    

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Dr. Merrill Matthews says increasing the minimum wage will increase the income gap rather than decreasing it.  Explaining the Duck Dynasty story and why this political theatre is important.  SOS Matt Schultz explains why clean elections are worth the money spent to protect it. (He says we are only at half time)  Then,  James Rickards with an update on the "Currency Wars".  

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 Shane Vander Hart has an update on Common Core in Iowa.  Dems push vets under the bus while continuing funding illegals.   Judging the Notable Quotables for 2013.  Tim Graham from the MRC.  Congressman Tom Latham calls it quits.  And Johnson County is pondering re-building county farms for vulnerable Iowans.  Good idea?

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A federal judges says laws against polygamy violate the Constitution.  Waiting for critics of judicial activism to apologize to Bob Vander Platts,  Senator Santorum, etc.  Still waiting.   And truckers now have to account for their eye movements?  And when you visit the hospital be ready for war against super bugs.  

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Iowa DOT is pondering shutting down some rest stops.  A shake down?  Shake up?   Then,  Casey Luskin says the "Freethought Oasis"...isn't free,  has no thought and isn't an oasis.  Just another village atheist group of bullies trying to shut down debate.    Plus an Iowa bus driver gets busted by the kids for texting while driving.

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Eric Borseth says Iowa has one of THOSE--a case where a 6th grader has been disciplined at school for fashioning a paper "gun".  The policy says even "pretend guns" can get you busted.   Sigh.   Busted for an Airsoft gun?    And a great conversation about educating boys.  ADHD?   Is it real?  Inventor says its a fake disorder Maybe.   Does it help?   Experts are divided.   Some Iowa parents are convinced it's real and drugs help.  

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Great music...Tim and Myles Thomson...playing Friday night at Java Joes...guitar and fiddle...blue-grass jazz?   Bob Neese...Missouri farmer remembers his time in South Africa.  And Jonathan Weisiger (J-DUB) is a competitive horse trainer...Nat Geo's Mustang Millionaire.  

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A fake signer invades the fake history at the funeral of Mandela.  Still trying to untangle the mess.  Senator Rand Paul says the budget deal is a mistake and endangers the reserve currency status of the dollar.  And Alex Newman worries that the death of Mandela could unleash a new round of genocide in South Africa.

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A California lawsuit could start to break up the NEA stranglehold.  Terry Pell filed suit. Jim Hawkins has Iowa reaction.   Then,  more Mandela malarkey.  And the closing of the Iowa Juvenile Home gets some blow-back.

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Lincoln's Marxists Walter Kennedy fills in some amazing history. John  G West remembers C.S. Lewis--"The Magicians Twin"   Peter Hammond--remembers Mandela.   Ilana Mercer put us "Into the Cannibal's Pot".  The same pot that boiled civilization in South Africa is now kindled and fired in the USA. 

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Opportunities Unlimited deny the Rev. Cary Gordon the opportunity to buy their Jumpy Monkey coffee. Huh?  Steve Deace chat's about the political season.  Steve Goreham says it's time for the climate change zealots to admit they're full of it.

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Was Robin Hood a good guy or bad guy?  Do cats care?  How can people of modest means be living so well?   And we invent a new word.   Gamester.  

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Is Iowa ready to manage scarcity?  A judge says Detroit can nuke their pension obligations.  The canary in the coal mine for Iowa's pension distress.  Senator Brad Zaun issues a pension warning.  Much great discussion.

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 "Why America Needs a Left: a Historical Argument"...  Eli Zaretsky.  So I give him one.   Bill Stowe says science says "Yes" to the continued use of fluoride in our water.   Alex Fitzsimmons says Iowans are "takers"  and "rent-seekers" on wind energy.  He has the numbers to prove it.  

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Lamar Waldron delves into the Hidden History of the JFK Assassination.  Conspiracy.   Gretchen Tegeler says Iowa's public pension system is a wreck and  is getting worse.  

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Evan Stewart and Steve Gibbons…Thanksgiving stuff.

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Dave Price chats with Bob Vander Platts and about Iowa issues.

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Gary Barrett…  more issues.  Along with Craig Robinson.

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Gary Barrett… issues.

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Iowans remember the Kennedy assassination.  David Barton ponders history...Black Robe Regiment.   Issues.

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 Wendy Melillo describes How McGruff and the Crying Indian Changed America.  Most Americans want to yank the plug on Sotero-Care.  Mark Rushdoony talks about The American Indian.  Are we all at risk for "reservation fever?"   And,  coyote worshipers?

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 Thomas DiLorenzo says the Gettysburg Address was a fraud.   Judy Hintz brings more inspirational stories from Educational Resources.  And Bob Vander Platts from the Family Leader talks about David Barton's Iowa visit for Saturday's fundraiser...issues.

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 Jim Owen created the Center for Cowboy Ethics and Leadership...The Try.  Allen Zasadny builds and tunes professional quality air rifles. (319-334-7261)   Remember the Lewis and Clark Girandoni air rifle conversation?    Dennis Haislip and the Blue Collar Opry has a new song.  A Hero's Welcome Home. Matt Philbin, managing editor for the Culture and Media Institute say MSM compares limiting government to the Constitution to the old Confederacy...as a tactic.  Gretchen Tegeler heads the Taxpayers Association of Central Iowa.  How taxpayers can defend themselves.  An upcoming training seminar for taxpayers.

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Carl Christiansen and Rebecca Aske...Beauty Amidst the Ashes...one of the most inspirational stories of love, sacrifice and adoption...ever.   (Speaking at the New Hope E Free church in Adel on Sunday, November 24)  Then, Scott Bestul from Field and Stream is the Total Deer Hunter Manual...then,   Colin Flaherty explains what the Knockout Game is all about.

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Is MMA safe?  Needs to be reformed for the health of the athletes?  Dave Ferguson worries.   Steve Flood says Obama-care will cost average Iowans an extra dollar an hour beginning January 1.   Wayne Allyn Root says the wheels came off and won't be found until  2017 at the earliest.  Deep Shinola...   plus is being healthy the new "white privilege"?  

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It's fix Obama-care day.   The massive failure of the roll-out causes Iowans to look for alternatives.  Best conversation around...plus Obama pitches a fix.   Sale?  No-Sale?

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Monte Shaw responds to an AP hit piece on Ethanol.  Betsy McCaughey blasts the latest Obama-care spin.   And workman's comp for these people?   Three puzzling cases.

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 Mark Messina says most of the anti-soy health claims are malarkey.  Ethanol is under attack too.  How to figure out stuff in an info-overload era? 

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Bonnie Campbell says our gun laws are hurting women.  Michael Ware says that would be awful if it were true.  Then,  why do some people hate Sarah Palin?  She equates debt with servitude.  Explaining the history.  If you can grasp this, you'll never be scammed again.  Then, a dues paying union guy declared independence after reading the drivel served up by his union president.

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President’s Report:  Dennis Stewart, the UAW Local 893 President—Marshalltown.

 Now, that was a close one!  I don’t know about you, but I feel very fortunate to have dodged the most recent terrorist attack on my beloved country. This attack was staged against our sitting President, his ideals, and a democratically elected governing body. This wasn't brought on by Al Queda, the Taliban, or any other foreign entity. It was, in fact, perpetrated by a group of ultra-right wing nut bags here in our own country called Tea Partiers.

 I am fully aware that these embiciles (btw the correct spelling is imbeciles…ironic)  are duly elected officials. I doubt, however, if most of their constituents sent them to Washington to shut down the government and put the worlds' economy at risk. And, like any decent terrorist, they have their followers who would trail behind like lemmings no matter how disastrous the end would be.

 The really scary part is there are 144 of these goofballs in the House and 18 in the Senate who are so myopically focused on destroying President Obama and the Affordable Care Act that no cost is too great for them. They would knowingly and willingly orchestrate a scheme that could result in total economic collapse. As I see it, putting our jobs, our retirement, our children's future, and even their, own party in danger is far closer to terrorism than it is to responsible leadership. Every one of these half- wits should have their faces plastered on America's Most Wanted posters I would have them brought up on charges of sabotage, extortion bribery, treason, and stupidity! Oh, wait a minute, that last one is riot illegal. Furthermore, while tar and feathering seems a bit barbaric, it is mild compared to other thoughts I'm having regarding appropriate punishment. I would offer some Sort of public humility but they've

 I accepted, a very long time ago, that like the common cold there is no cure for "common stupidity". I also realize that  in every facet of life they do indeed walk among us.

 I am thankful for leadership that refuses to succumb to being held hostage. The United States should not negotiate with any terrorist, foreign or domestic. I hope now everyone goes beak to, as we like to do in the UAW, good faith bargaining. 


Editor’s Note:   another irony… a bunch of unions have asked for waivers and exemptions from Obamacare.  Including the UAW.


Hi, I am Todd Schiebel and I have been a UAW member for 18 years. I am writing this letter because it seems to me that there has been a loss of perspective in our local union. It seems that many get caught up in the emotion of the rhetoric of those who are politically charged. My family, most of my close friends, many I know at Church and I have pretty much the same values and beliefs that I do. I'm a Bible College graduate. I teach and serve at New Hope Christian Church here in town. I am an honest and hard-working individual who lives a conservative life. Why am I telling you this you are probably asking yourself? (I would be). Here's the problem I have and it's a BIG one. I have never been a Democrat and I rarely agree with the political issues that the UAW stands on. What I have always done is pay my union dues and have been a no problem employee. Oh yeah, and most of the time I've kept my mouth shut and tried not to rock the boat. But that's all 'oing to change now and here's why.

Dennis Stewart, the UAW Local 893 president, made some outrageous statements in the most recent Rank-N-File paper (Volume 43 Number 9) in the President's Report. I see that I am a terrorist who has attacked our country. I guess that I am an "ultra rightwing nut bag".  It seems that at least Dennis Stewart believes that people like me, well, here's what he said," Every one of those halfwits should have their faces plastered on America's most wanted posters. I would have them brought up on charges of sabotage, extortion, bribery, treason, and stupidity!" He continued with other inflammatory statements. Wow, I never would've guessed when I look in the mirror that I was all those things. The Tea Party stands for three core issues. They are fiscal responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government and free market economics. Of course those ideas draw a lot of conservative minded people who also believe in right to life and the freedom to worship God without persecution. Does that sound like terrorism to you? Sounds to me like the kind of ideas that has made America great.

It appears that Dennis thinks he has the right to slander anyone that doesn't believe what he does. It's funny, not ha ha funny but ironic, how someone in the role of leadership can get away with promoting their extreme hate filled ideas. It seems that tolerance is one-sided. Some say that I just need to be tolerant of the rhetoric that is in the report. But tolerance used to go both ways and those who know me know that by me being a union member all these years that I have been more than tolerant.

I am not a member of the Tea Party, yet. But my views do lineup with theirs. So for 18 years I have kept my mouth shut (for the most part). I have done my job to the best of my abilities, and will continue to do so. I am hired by Fisher Controls to do a job. My paycheck does not say UAW on it. My paycheck comes from Fisher Controls. Today is Saturday, October 26 and today I am getting out of the boat (even though I can't swim). I AM DONE! I will no longer be a UAW member. I have tolerated, ignored, and put up with all of the conservative bashing and extremist rhetoric that I'm going to take. The Union does not remotely represent what I believe! So if that makes me intolerant, then so be it.

There are a lot of people here at Fisher Controls and my guess is that there are more people like me who are tired of this kind of talk and the ideas that are being promoted by this union.

Well that's it for now! Maybe the pen is mightier than the sword. (I just cut myself). I am not a scab (well I do have one on my arm) but I am an American that has made a choice in a still free country. At least we don't have a monarchy yet.

Sincerely in the spirit of American Freedom,

Todd A. Schiebel


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It's November 8th.   So what?  Some history.  The Ames shooting was justified?  Chuck Hurley says the judge was wrong...again.   AG wants to ban and tax E-cigarettes...and other solutions to non-existent problems.  Plus,  the non-apology apology.  Sorry.

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Dr. William Andrews is "The Man Who Would Stop Time".  A remarkable man who is dealing with the genetics of aging.   Sue Horton is a local pharmacist who sponsored his visit (515-252-7688)   KrisAnne Hall is a constitutionalist who wants you to be as well.   And then Senator Harkin says Obamacare represents the "new value system."  

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More thinking on the Ames shooting at ISU.  Congressman King talks about the political wars in Iowa and  national election results. (And "Cuccinnelli" is now a political verb)  Plus,  a blast from the past-- the 1967 first Reagan dinner.

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On election day,  Polk County has a referendum to fix the courthouse and expand office space.  David Johnson says "No".   Mary Cramer says, "Yes".   EJ Giovannetti  vs AJ Spiker on election day.  The Iowa Republican "wars" continue.

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Joe Meintz from St Gregory's Retreat Center reminds us how many ways humans can self destruct and how they can be put back together.  Prof Roger McEowen assesses Senator Jack Hatch's tax proposal.  The mayor and council of Oskaloosa advances the cause of a regional airport.  Chris Diebel is running for Des Moines city council explaining the Register endorsement withdrawal.

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The Osky-Pella airport issue has boiled to the point where nay-sayers want to replace the majority on city council.  Then gotcha cams are contagious...and rust prone.  Plus, what are the odds?

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Skip Moore wants to be re-elected to Des Moines City Council.  So does Cal Woods.  More Obama-scam feedback.  And what would work?

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Our LED Source,  one of our latest sponsors, tells us about the latest wrinkes in technology.  Mark Schroder and  Dean Ernst.  Then the aftermath of a gun violence shut-down at a local middle school.   Plus,  the Obamacare roll-out snafus are a scam.

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Dr. Peter Vincent Pry is Executive Director of the Task Force on the  National and Homeland Security....he is worried about (EMP) electromagnetic pulse.  He thinks you should be too.  Michael Bash thinks G-d is the Evolving God and so are people.  He thinks we won't get it together for a long time.  Plus, Americans are awake now...thanks to Obamacare.  Too late?

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Ed Vos  (Director of the Dallas County Veterans Affairs Commission) has help for vets and veteran's benefits.  Open House and Veterans Fair November 1, 2013...10am-6pm  And a closer look at Obama-care.  

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The Iowa Republican Party is in open war over personnel and principle.   RPI Chairman A.J. Spiker and Co-Chair Dave Fisher respond to a media report which says the Old Guard Republicans are going to try purge Evangelicals, Tea Partiers, and Libertarians from party leadership.   BOOM!   Then Des Moines loses a lawsuit, must borrow money to pay back their victims and the suing attorneys get $7 million dollars.  Plus Iowa pension mischief .

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Rick Clark, Des Moines City Manager,  and Mark Godwin, Dept City Attorney...how will Des Moines pay back the ratepayers for the wrongfully collected franchise fees?   Sam Clovis wants to be a senator.   And other stuff.

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Should Des Moines taxpayers cut the city some slack on the franchise fiasco?   Nope...most want pound of flesh.  Then, Obamanomics continue to crash into reality.   And are Iowans adjusting to the wind turbine noise?  Yes, if they're getting paid.  :)    Oh,  cool series.   And I'd love to do this...once.  Lots of stories.   And more.

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Why will Obamacare cause a "death spiral" for the insurance industry and itself?   Then Tracey Wilen talks about seasonal employment tips.  She listed a bunch of job websites:  Monster, Indeed, Snagajob, Simplyhired, and Flexjobs.  Plus hiring an EMT with a criminal history?   Iowans may be willing to give the guy a second chance. Maybe.

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Dan Kish say US is less dependent on OPEC now.   Energy boom.  Obama is still selling Obamacare...live speech.  And Dave Ramsey says it's all about the math.

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Vishal Mangalwadi in Iowa, speaking Saturday (19th) 7:30 pm Sondheim Center for Performing Arts, 200 N. Main St., Fairfield, Iowa.  The inside story of a Boy Named Sue.  Congressman Steve King, post debt ceiling politics.  And why is rural, empty Iowa being wired for high speed internet?  

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Post Deadlock--day one.   Now what?  Obama does the velvet gloat,   "I told ya so",  then says his next goal is immigration reform.  Jim Tobin reports on the damage caused by gotcha cams--and says the real scandal is the public employee salary and retirement plans they fund.

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Ann Coulter says Never Trust a Liberal Over 3--Espcially a Republican.   Is Congressman Steve King too nice?  And a pedophile lives right next door.  Now what?

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 Senator Rand Paul says Washington is in a state of confusion.  "No" to business as usual.  And why can't Republicans get their message out?  What is it?  Dunno?  Me either.   

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Dr. Alan Koslow with a World Food Prize preview.  Then, the music of Iowa.  Has Iowa become filled with trailer trash?  And more shutdown talk.

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Shutdown continues.   Dipping into the archives to review the history of how we got here.  A wall-to-wall audio history of "who-dunnit".  Spirited.   Feel free to steal the sound for your own use.

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Snake chasin' Iowans?   When does tolerance enable dysfunction?  Towel snappin' Braley. And a bunch of  University of Iowa professors say it's wrong to point out Darwin's Doubt Stephen Meyer..

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 Gary Dickey is an attorney who deals with traffic cases...rights of Iowans.  Betsy McCaughey has an update on Obamacare and the shutdown.  Professor Roger McEowen says Obamacare isn't about healthcare, but income re-distribution.

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Diane West,  American Betrayal...The Secret Assault on Our Nation's Character.  What a story.    Grace Un-Plugged...Brad Silverman,  Producer.   Sec of State Matt Schultz reporting on another conviction of voter fraud.  And did Governor Branstad step in it when he says RPI shouldn't be giving legal advice?

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Is the Iowa Republican Party really divided on illegal police searches?  Not so much.  Then "The Book of Matt" dismantles the martyr status of Matthew Shepard.  Stephen Jimenez.   Then does SCOTUS use Declaration principles to decide cases?

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Post game partum depression...Shut down...Congressman Steve King...non-essential department shut down numbers and Iowa traffic "safety" check points.

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Iowans respond to the continuing government shut-down and President Obama's morning campaign speech.   We hear from a bunch of Iowans, including taxpayers and furloughed federal workers.  Spirited.

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Bernadette Egger, from St. Mary's Family Center,  runs the food pantry.  She says all of  DMARC's food pantry's need extra help now.    Senator Bertrand Brimley gets serious.   And Iowan's evaluate "the right to healthcare",  from FDR, Harkin, and now Obama.  Spirited.

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 Ellery Schempp is one of the atheists responsible for getting prayer and Bible reading removed from government schools.  Iowa atheists brought him to Des Moines to celebrate the anniversary of the court ruling.   A.J. Spiker and David Fischer, Chair and Co-Chair of the Iowa Republican Party, talk about political issues and party management issues.   Steve Flood describes the train wreck which is Obamacare.

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Adil Khan executive director of  Liberty Iowa...talks about the future of the Iowa Republican Party. Then,  Iowans think about the potential shut-down of the Federal Government.

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A review of the sounds of the week...Cruz, Durbin, Harkin, and the Broken Window Fallacy.And a bunch of Iowans agree with Harkin on the mood of Americans.

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 Joel Feldman is the founder of End Distracted Driving.  Touring the country to raise awareness of the danger.  Bruce Friedrich is senior director of advocacy of Farm Sanctuary...says Congressman Steve King is violating state's rights with his amendment to the Farm Bill.  

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 Newt Gingrich, new co-host of CNN's Crossfire talks about Obamacare.  So does  Betsy McCaughey...so do Iowans.  Iowans wonder about the Senator Ted Cruz filibuster.  Vigorous

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After my dad passed, I found his old Iowa Liquor Permit in his effects.  After Prohibition was voted out of existence by a public sick of the war on booze, Iowa couldn’t bring itself to completely release its nanny grip on alcohol.  Iowa said, “While we can’t make alcohol illegal--we tried--we failed.  We can still make some rules.  Drinking isn’t a right; it’s a privilege we can regulate.”   So Iowa began its long experiment with State Liquor Stores selling booze only to those holding a valid “permit”—a booklet recording every purchase. On the back page of the booklet was a list of rules:

      “No liquor may be consumed where purchased, nor during transportation, nor upon any street or highway, nor in any public place.  This permit may be revoked if you are guilty of:

1.        Drunkenness.

2.        Pretending to be intoxicated.

3.        Failure to support family or dependents.

4.        Desertion of family or dependents.

5.        Commission of any crime in which liquor contributes.

6         Allowing any person other than yourself to use this permit, for it is personal to you and not transferable.

                   Be Temperate and Obey the Law.

 As an aside, there were no liquor purchases in my dad’s permit book.  Instead he used it as a diary while he was in Burma during the war. 1944-1945

 In 18th Amendment was repealed in 1933, but it took until 1987 for Iowa to release its grip, closing the State Stores and opening liquor sales to the private sector.  (It still controls supply at the wholesale level.)

 A couple of these rules are intriguing though.  Iowans were so bent on preventing the destructive power of alcohol that even if you “pretended” to be drunk, you’d lose your permit, and if you failed to support your family or deserted your dependents, then no booze for you.

My inner nanny loves those notions.  But my inner free American citizen (not subject) is revolted by them.  That generation grudgingly learned its lesson:  If the power of government is strong enough to extract virtue, it is strong enough to compel anything, including the removal your freedom.  While Iowa nannies (Methodists) did give up on liquor prohibition, Iowa didn’t give up on the revenue derived from liquor sales.  And she tightened her grip on a long list of other controlled substances…lesson pending.  The nanny gene isn’t recessive.  It’s dominant.  It may skip a generation or two, but it often comes roaring back.

I love Alaska.  I’ll watch almost anything on TV about it.  Alaska State Troopers may be one of the best things out there.  It could be a college level course on human nature--Squalor and Beauty 101.   Watch the episode, “Armed and Bootlegging”.  From the National Geographic webpage, “As of 2011, 34 counties in Alaska have voted to ban the possession, sale, importation and manufacturing of alcohol.  In some rural Alaskan communities, the high rate of alcohol abuse has led voters to ban, not just homebrew and alcohol, but the possession of homebrew supplies.  It is a misdemeanor offense in some Alaskan villages to possess yeast and sugar in pound quantities with the intent to make alcohol.”

How is it working?  Just watch Alaska State Troopers.  The highway patrol has been drafted into the liquor enforcement business.  The native “subsistence fisherman” have been converted into bootleggers.  Formerly the jails filled up with alcohol abusers.   Now they are building more jail cells for bootleggers.   As the troopers haul dads and moms away to jail the officers tell the crying children at the door, “We are just trying to help your daddy and mommy...we are helping them.”     BTW, if the highest aspiration of a village or people is “subsistence” then alcoholism is the least of their problems.  

The nanny grip upon native Alaskans shows no signs of loosening as prohibition shows no sign of working any better in Alaska than it did in Iowa, Chicago or Russia.  Plus, Alaska confirms an even older principle:  “We get more of what we subsidize.”    Take it from someone who lives in Iowa.


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Rhonda Philips invites folks to the Iowa Right to Life Final Book Sale...Jordan Park Camp building--2251 Fuller Road, West Des Moines...afternoon at 4.  Shane Vander Hart says a big thistle to the Register's worries about homeschoolers.   Congressman Steve King responds to a Gross attack.

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Senator Chuck Grassley says he will run for re-election.  70% of responders say its a good idea.  Republican insider Doug Gross says Congressman Steve King doesn't represent the Iowa Republican Party.  Samuel Gregg is a  Tea Party Catholic.   Whazzat?

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Hypnosis to help with hot flashes?  Dr. Alan Koslow is convinced it works.  Ray Thompson is a hypnotherapist.   They say science now says hypnosis is effective in dealing with hotflashes.    Then, a follow-up on a caller who was busted for speeding and his gun was confiscated.  The rest of the story.  Then,  the Whizbang chicken-plucker.

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Joshua Academy begins its 5th year and is expanding...the good news.  Rev. Keith Ratcliff and Chris Hurley.  The New York Times says Wall Street is exploiting ethanol credits...Scott Mickelson explains the techie stuff.  Senator Rand Paul tries to figure out what Obama meant when he said raising the debt ceiling doesn't mean more debt.   Then, Iowa Fraud Fighters...Iowa Insurance Commissioner Nick Gerhart... and  a caller says his gun was registered and confiscated at a traffic stop...what the heck?

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Taylor Baldwin Kiland was in the Navy Yard during the attack...she brings "Lessons from the Hanoi Hilton"...why some people thrive, why others collapse.  Clayton Cramer says Deinstitutionalization of the Mentally Ill is still killing innocent bystanders.  Rep Walt Rogers wants to be a Congressman.  And an Iowa pig farmer is making national news.

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The crazy disinformation on the internet...mental illness taken seriously enough?   Ilan Berman says Russian is facing Implosion...The End of Russia and What it Means for America.  And Des Moines rate payers won the battle,  but are about to lose the war...but should we pay the lawyers anyhow?  

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 A theologian, philosopher, and educator, from the last century Rousas Rushdooney wrote, “The messianic character of education has not changed, its mission has expanded exponentially, but its effects have been perverse.”   The messiah’s daddy,  Horace Mann, said, “The Public (Common) School is the greatest discovery ever made by man…other social organizations are curative and remedial…public education is a preventative and antidote…”

 Speaking of the kids, Mann wrote, “…teach him the facts about his body, and youth will be less tempted by gin, swearing and tobacco.”    Add to that list, teenage sexual irresponsibility, illicit drugs and bullying.    Mann promised, “…let the public school be expanded to its capabilities…and nine-tenths of the crimes in the penal code would become obsolete…”


 Read the rest of my  latest column on Lew Rockwell...

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Msgr. Frank Bognanno explains what the Pope meant when he wrote that atheists can go to heaven even if they dis-believe as long as they keep their own conscience.   Then,  Thomas Pyle says Obama should put the Keystone Pipeline back on tract.  

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 Sam Clovis is running for US Senate.   Issues...spirited conversation.   Then,  the bully seminar movement is expanding...so is bullying.   The science observes that bullying increases after schools run the programs.   Then,  "Is the Pope Catholic?"  Talking about some confusing papal statements.

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Trying to fix what's busted in the prison system... Suzanne McComas...uncommon sense.   Emad Shenouda is a Coptic Christian Iowan, explaining the risk Christians in Islamist countries face every day.  And Sheriff Warren Wethington says he's fine with the blind getting permits to carry. 

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 Emily Gets Her Gun...Emily Miller talks about the 2nd Amendment and her dust-up with Piers Morgan on Iowa gun laws allowing the blind to carry guns.  Congressman Steve King on his Egyptian fact finding trip.   Matt Whitaker, Senate candidate--issues.  

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Dr. David Perlmutter busts the "Grain Brain"...says dementia comes by the spoonful.  Ron Packard says K-12 says online schooling already exists and is capable of giving kids a great start right here in Iowa.  And Iowans are still thinking about the blind guy who is packin' heat.

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 Frugal Isn't Cheap...Clare Levinson gives some practical money advice.  J.D. King  reports on "Crying Wolf"...how environmental zealots have almost destroyed the US elk and moose populations.   And giving a gun license to a blind guy?  

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Jamie Johnson... Rev Cary Gordon... waging the culture war...vigorous.

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Scott Raecker from Character Counts...Labor Day conversation.

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Is it Ok to ask judicial candidates worldview and personal questions?  Some say it's dangerous.  Then,  Andrea Alexander-Shandri, Dr. Mandi Hillman and Meagan Day Suhr advocate for the Iowa birth Organization.  "Evidence-Based Care"  Then,  a Democrat prayer thanking God for abortion and and asking Him for more money to do more of them...really.

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John Zmirak talks about the best and worst, most expensive and best bargains which can be found ...Choosing the Right College: the Inside Scoop on Elite Schools and Outstanding Lesser-Know Institutions.   Then an Iowan is busted for not showing his gun permit to a Wal-Mart cop.  Making sense of the law.  Wet Water?   Derrick Wilburn talks about Obama's War on Black Education.

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Franklin Avenue Public Library is on the cutting edge of powering up electric cars.   We lose money on every charge...how do we do it?   Volume, Volume, Volume.   Jonathan Narcisse and Rep Greg Hartsill introducing major education and social reform.   Time to legislate common sense?  

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How to get a good night's sleep when its hot (pillow in the fridge?) ...the history of Iowa's ice harvest... and war fever?   In Iowa? 

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Daniel Flynn says there's a "War on Football".  He says it is physically grueling and sometimes dangerous.  However,  not nearly as risky as the hype suggests.  William Federer is coming to Iowa..."What Every American Needs to Know About the Qur'an". (Tuesday 6:30pm Pipac Center, Cedar Falls...1521 Technology Parkway.)  And pulling the plug on the wind?  And watching out for Molly.

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Joy Pullman from the Heartland Institute says Iowa shouldn't fall for the Common Core education stuff.  Shane Vander Hart Agrees.   Then,  Iowa is losing the Air Guard Wing for good.  A Georgia grade school book keeper saves a bunch of lives.  And a bunch of things to do this weekend.  Whew!

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Eric Holtzclaw from Laddering Works says honesty is better than sneaky.  Then, stuff Iowans are good at and not.  And busted by the Iowa Fire Marshall.   Trying to break a record.

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Weird stuff what don't make sense. (Chinese can't pee straight)  Rocks through windshields...and Iowa City can't even run a ped-mall.  

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Jeff Burkett highlights the upcoming 2nd Amendment Rally.   And thinking about the fate of an escaped convict who tried to break into the wrong house.  And thinking about an Iowa app which turns off a smart phone's texting capacity.

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Celebrating Urbandale's Little League success.  And Iowa City prepares for ALICE in their schools.  Vigorous. And Clive serves up a satisfying "I Told You So Moment"....thanks.

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Sean Faircloth circuit riding atheist...issues.  Parents are wondering why they are being asked to sign a phys-ed contract.  Why?  Then GOP Republican activist Doug Gross talks about Iowa's political future. 

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Senator Mark Chelgren...Iowa issues. Life and Death.   Plus,  is there a Constitutional remedy which is usable to hold criminals accountable?  Yup.   13th Amendment has the key.  

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Peter Lance ...Deal With the Devil...The FBI'S Secret Thirty-Year Relationship With a Mafia Killer...insightful.   Then,  the "Clown Did It"... the rodeo clown gets bucked off.

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 Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson says Obamacare is self-destructing and he'd like to help it along...toward destruction.   Then Dr. Merrill Matthews says even federal employees want out of Obamacare.   Whoops,  the Iowa Department of Safety decides to not release license plate exemption data.

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Dr. Phil Harrington is the laser guy...says a new wrinkle in laser technology can help pain victims heal more quickly.  Then,  the Butter Cow is assaulted, a kid literally prays to Obama,  and a judge says ya can't name your kid,  Messiah... and it's only Monday.

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Congressman Steve King...issues.  Edwina Rogers with the Secular Coalition wants humanism to be our state religion.  Stephen Baldwin and Kevin McCullough are visiting the State Fair before their visit to the Family Leadership Summit on Saturday.    Alaskan Senate candidate Joe Miller visits Iowa too.  Issues.

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Jim Hawkins and Jody Nations  from Professional Educators of Iowa talks about fixin' what ails Iowa's fading ed establishment.  John Cunningham and Steve Mallicoat from the Iowa Ready Mix Concrete Association talks about the advantages of concrete in construction.  Plus, can people use religion as a reason to say no to stuff they don't agree with?

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Walid Shoebat says US is backing the wrong side...again.  And Teresa Hudson is with the National Christian Forensics and Communication Association...teaches homeschoolers how to debate the issues.  Inspirational.,  Representative Sue Wallis is the go to person on renewing horse slaughter laws.  Informative.

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