Monday April 30 2007


"More Sex is Safer Sex: The Unconventional Wisdom of Economics"   Steven E Landsburg is the Armchair Economist.   Then, a spring nag about cyclist safety.   Then,  if you are a typical Iowan with a large  chunk 'o belly fat,  you are a candidate for the "Diabetes Solution".   CNN  wants to know why Iowans seem to have such a strong case of anti-illegal alien fever.  So, we  tell 'em.

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Friday April 27 2007


Friday open-line.  How a murdered illegal alien continues to bill Iowans,  then presidential candidate Gov Mike Huckabee makes a campaign stop.

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Thursday April 26 2007 Brad Smith  is my bug guru.  The bug season is about to begin so he gives practical tips.   Then,  the Gronstal "F-Bomb" apology, plus how the gay lobby won the big one.
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Wednesday April 25 2007


Senator Trent Lott  proxies for Senator John McCain  who is announcing today for his run for the Whitehouse.  Inside stories.   Then, a snotty flashback to Deteriorata...   Dr. Bethany Marshall  with a "Deal Breaker" ...  a high maintenance interview.   Then,  Iowa Senator Majority Leader,  Mike Gronstal  has an Imus moment  with his political base. 

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Tuesday April 24 2007  

Kathy Kastan writes "From the Heart" a woman's guide to living well with heart disease. A health-line with very useful information.  Another illegal alien commits a murder in Iowa.  The high cost of corporate and government complacency climbs.  Senator Joe Biden, running for president checks in on illegal immigration and the status of the Iraq War.  Glenn Sacks deals with the Alec Baldwin meltdown.   Spirited conversation.

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Monday April 23 2007


The "Hold Their Feet to the Fire" FAIR conference in Washington.   Access to dynamic border control experts including,  Colin Hannah  from We Need a Fence,  Chris Simcox, the Minutemen Civil Defense Corps,   Mac Haddow from the Seniors Coalition working to protect Social Security against totalization,  Robert Rector with a study on education and poverty,   Jessica Echard  from Eagle Forum  and the morality of a guest worker program.   Steve Camarota reports on immigration and illegitimacy.  Then,  Iowa representative Congressman Steve King  and Senator Chuck Grassley.

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Friday April 20 2007

Fathers for Equal Rights with Dick Woods (277-8789)  joined by Steve Baskerville, PhD..."Taken into Custody"    for the upcoming Saturday Equal Parenting Rally Saturday, April 21st at the Civic Center, 3PM.     Then,  the "Shia Revival"   Vali Nasr on How Conflicts within Islam Will Shape the Future.      Mark Taylor, Columbine survivor,  with "I Asked, God Answered"  a 6pm book-signing at Jordan Creek Barnes and Noble.   Then,  Suzy!

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Thursday April 19 2007

Rebecca Wodder from the Iowa River Project encourages Iowans to clean up our act.   Her study puts the Iowa River at the top of the worst list.    Jerry Vanstra from the Pro-life Federation of Michigan  gives the current presidential field grades on  their life votes.   Stephan Halper says it will be nearly impossible to keep Iran from achieving nuclear status.  "The Silence of the Rational Center".  Then, should we arm the security staff at Iowa's universities?

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Wednesday April 18 2007

"Thank God I had a Gun"  Chris Bird  with 2nd Amendment stories of inspiration.    Jim Lewin a historian with great stories of "How to Tell a Secret"...stories of historic sneakiness.    Then,  a religious test from the V-Tech convocation. Guess the guy's religion.... (you'll have to listen)

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Tuesday April 17 2007 Iowans respond to the Virginia Tech massacre.    Now what?
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Monday April 16 2007


Senator Sam Brownback wants to be President.  He's campaigning in Iowa.  Issues.   Then, the morality of our tax code.  WSJ piece.

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Friday April 13 2007


Dr. Mitchell Kalpakgian featured at the 7th Annual Catholic Home Schooling Conference at the Columbus Academy on Saturday. Then, Imus redux.  Plus Kathleen Kennedy Townsend  says churches are mixing religion and politics .. "Failing America's Faithful"

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Thursday April 12 2007


Ebay says fertilized eggs are chicks and tells an Iowa egg herder she can't ship 'em.  Monica Blum tell the story.  Then, presidential candidate Congressman Ron Paul  campaigns in Iowa.

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Wednesday April 11 2007


So,  former Dallas County Sheriff Gilbert  is going to jail for the theft of drug money.   What does it mean?  Time to change our drug laws?

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Tuesday April 10 2007


Iowa activist Ed Fallon is concerned about global warming and is inviting folks to this Saturday afternoon rally (Nollen Plaza, 4PM) during the National Day of Climate Action.    Then, what to make of the Imus moment of shame?

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Monday April 9 2007  

Daniel Sheehy  is "Fighting Immigration Anarchy",  then Osceola parents are justly outraged over a sexual predator  victimizing 23 kids.  Now what?

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Friday April 6 2007

"The N Word: Who Can Say It, Who Shouldn't and Why"  feisty conversation with Jabari Asim.   Open-line in two parts re: the Fair Share Act.     Plus, "Kingdom Coming:  the Rise of Christian Nationalism"   Michelle Goldberg  does her Pauline Revere..."...the Christians are Coming"!

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Thursday April 5 2007


The nice lady from the "Y" inspires the slackers...then, the 2007 "Campus Outrage Awards".. plus Kim Lehman from Iowa Right to Life exposes the next round of sex ed goals being pushed by Planned Parenthood.

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Wednesday April 4 2007


My water pusher guru Boyd Bader explains clean water...then,  lotsa nonsense from the political class...unrelenting nonsense.  Sure makes my job easy.

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Tuesday April 3 2007


Congressman Steve King  with Iowa concerns and issues.  Con Jim Nussle as a Giuliani proxy.  Then Iowans with caucus talk.

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Monday April 2 2007


Congressman Tom Tancredo announces his run for the Whitehouse this morning on the Mickelson program.  Then,  Senator Joe Biden is in Iowa running for the same job. 

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