Dr. Donald Palmisano wants to protect patient's rights.   The Bishop of the Des Moines Diocese wants universal health care for everyone, including illegals.  Then another bike death.

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Another case of "Byting Miss Reka"...   Then,  Iowalive, says Lutherans should get a vote on gay issues in the church,  not just a cherry-picked group of activists. 

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Jonathan Leaf  serves up "The Politically Incorrect Guide to The Sixties"... almost everything we remember is spin.... Then,  Congressman Steve King says he will stay in congress and not run for Governor of Iowa.   An atheist sing- a-long...plus another Walther Mitty moment.


Then,  was this really holy wind?

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Gary Pomerantz relives a famous court trial over "The Devil's Tickets"...the most famous bridge game in history.   Then,  a marine levels his aim at a liberal congressman at a townhall meeting.  Awesome.    Senator McCain muffs a question at his townhall meeting.   Vigorous.  Then some really great questions.

Terry Branstad isn't even in the race and he's already taking fire.

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 Jim Frogue says "Stop Paying the Crooks"...how Medicare waste and fraud is wrecking it for everyone. 

James R. Frogue, Author of Stop Paying the Crooks

Senator Jerry Behn announces for governor.  Issues. 

Senator Behn is also a critic of Iowa's new Core CurriculumExample?

State Sen. Jerry Behn (R-Boone) announces bid for Governor on Mickelson

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Judge Jim Gray from LEAP says we are wasting lives and money fighting the war on drugs.   Jerome Corsi tells "Why Israel Can't Wait: the Coming War Between Israel and Iran."  Then,  aren't some Christians fighting the wrong war?

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Last day of the Fair openline... healthcare nonsense...gold...more gambling in Polk County...  bunch of issues...food!

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Medical Marijuana?  Two advocates.  Bob vander Platts running for governor of Iowa.   Issues

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Congressman Tom Latham with issues.  State Senator Paul McKinley with issues.  And a DART driver suspended for refusing to drive an atheist bus.

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Dave Funk wants Congressman Leonard Boswell's job.  Along with Doug Mitchell,  founder of Operation Red State with political techie expertise.   Issues.   Congressman Steve King on the potential loss for Iowa of a congressional district resulting from the 2010 Census.  Health care issues...

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Jonathan Narcisse  has a plan to fix what ails Iowa... Dan Cesar wonders why the French language died,  and decides to run for office.   Why is school starting so early anyhow?   Then,  Congressman Kevin McCarthy and Congressman Lynn Westmoreland are in Iowa to make trouble for Democrats. 

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The 2010 Census folks think Iowans count and want to make sure they all get counted.  Rich Gerdies describes the upcoming Iowa count.  Roy Beck says more people than citizens are being counted...and will get congressman,  while Iowa will lose one.  Christian Fong is running for governor of Iowa...  issues.   Then the gold boys from American Bullion talk about all that glitters.

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The guys from the Iowa Concrete Association getting us started at the Fair.   Then,  Jim Hawkins from Professional Educators in Iowa describes the alternative to the ISEA.    Dean Kuipers,  an expert on animal rights extremism offers "Operation Bite Back",   then more health care reform townhall feedback.

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 Dr. Mark Sloan helps celebrate your "Birth Day" ...the wonder of child birth.   Steve Camarota says a big factor in the runaway cost of health care is the presence of millions of illegal aliens.    And the guy with the gun at the Obama rally ...is he a nut-ball?  Listen.

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Mick Ukleja issues "The Ethics Challenge"...wants to do integrity strengthening in a greedy world.    Chris Rants says Gov Culver is radically overstating the numbers of green jobs being created in Iowa....  does Ingersoll need bike lanes?    Then, politicians continue to get pummeled at townhall meetings.  Good thing?

What's up with that guy who wore a gun to the Obama rally?

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Roya Stanley from the Iowa Office of Energy Independence was to update us on the state of Iowa's energy development.  Then,  Iowans talk (the audio of the townhall meeting)  about the dust ups over the weekend at Iowa town meetings.  Guess who gets counted in the 2010 Census?  Then will Des Moines have "fair and balanced" bus signs?

Then,  is this a good political commercial?''


Peter Schiff is taking on Senator Chris Dodd... watch this...  if you think townhall confrontations are rude...

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John Lofton lambastes everything in his considerable path...  then,  waste, fraud and scams?   Far worse than we ever thought. 


A flash from the cartoon past...  "Make Mine Freedom"


The text of the Health Reform Bill.

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Andrew Pessin deflects "The God Question"...(he's the smart guy on Letterman)   Local atheists  wanna pay DART  to tell you what they don't believe.   Ron Grenier describes how Health Savings Accounts can solve the phony health care reform debate.  And Cash for Clunkers should be means tested?   Senator Harkin wants to make it a welfare program.


This will Cure what ails ya.    

Plus,   Senator Grassley gets tugged by the Daily Show.

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Dr. Miriam Grossman says the sex education industry never lies to the kids,   unless their lips are moving.   "You're Teaching My Child What?"    A Rush caller gets desperate.   Don Feder says we ain't reproducin' enough...  The Demographic Bomb.  Is the cash for clunker program a clunker?  

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Dr. Cal Beisner says people of faith have a real responsibility to the environment...for reasons unexpected. Then when did adults lose control of their kids, their phones and their pants? 

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John M Barry talks about The Great Influenza of  1918...and what it could mean for us.   Then,  has Iowa converted our rights into privileges?    Does getting a piece of plastic for your billfold really mean you give up your Constitutional rights?

Then loafer's rights.

Then a great video cartoon...a 50 year old attack on "isms"

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