Christmas Eve stories and music of the season...some silly,  some profound.  I hope you enjoy it.  Merry Christmas

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 Smart Ass,  the board game inventor, Bob Moog says Iowans are over-qualified to play.   Jeff Traviss with Digital TV conversion advice.  Great Stuff!

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Iowa Democrats which to bump the drop-out age for Iowa students to 18 years old.  Good idea?   Some powerful response.   Rich Noyes from the Media Research Center    with this year's Notable Quotable Awards.   

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Playin' a game for Xmas..."Wits and Wagers"... then, Chris Rants sounds the alarm on the impending Iowa budget shortfalls...lotsa stuff.

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Missouri is gonna legalize margarine...big mistake.   Then,  why is the gay lobby blasting Obama?   Yain't gonna buleave ut.    Ponzi?  History.  Delicious.

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 John Lofton  asks a couple of snotty questions.   Where is "it" in the Constitution?   Where is "it" in the Bible?  A new guy is Sec of Education.  What's he like?  Marcus Winters from Manhattan Institute gives us a peaking into Arne Duncan.  Then,  Gov. Tom Vilsack is the new US Ag Secretary.  Good idea?  

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"We Hate the USA"  Paul Shanklin.  Maestro of political snottiness.   Then,  Senator Harkin to the rescue of the auto industry.

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Thomas E. Woods  with "Meltdown",   and "Who Killed the Constitution?"  ...   a fiscal whodunit.    Then,  "Tell Me What to Eat if I Have Diabetes"  by  Elaine Magee.   Then the nanny state hits Iowa snowmobiling.

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Professor Thomas Dilorenzo,  "Hamilton's Curse"... says we've been fighting banking and money hustlers from day one.  Great stuff!   The UAW and US Senate lock horns on a bailout,  the person formerly known as the nearly Psychic Suzy hobbles in.

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George Bush waxes theological,  the auto bail out proceeds,   Dr. Jerome Corsi  ruminates upon Chicago politics and Iowa used to have a bunch of "poor houses"...more in the future?

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 (link fixed)  Joseph Farah from World Net Daily  says our Constitution is broken.  Dr. Orly Taitz  is still challenging Obama's natural born citizenship.   Gay marriage redux.  Dr. Douglas Laycock  with "Same-Sex Marriage and Religious Liberty: Emerging Conflicts"...  can peace be achieved on the issue?

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Let's put accountability back into charity...  then,  smoking activists won't quit...Randy Stanford from Iowans for Equal Rights wants more friendly rules for businesses.   Vigorous.

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One day away from the gay marriage Iowa Supreme Court hearing.   Doug Napier, ADF Senior legal counsel  and Chuck Hurley with insight.  Lew Rockwell  evaluates the bailouts.  Jeff Koser,  "Selling to Zebras" consultant with sound advice for Detroit.

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Homeless advocates David Costello and Brad from (Hope Builders, 1105 Orchard Lane,  50313)  Congressman Steve King,  bailout and economy talk...then, more homeless talk open-line.

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 John McWhorter with "Our Magnificent Bastard Tongue".. (yes we had to sanitize the title on the radio)   then,  bailout talk.  Bail-out fever is expanding everywhere. 

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Dr. Chad Rolfsen  says stress sends him a huge chunk of business.   And he worries about the ill-health effects of vaccines  on kids...  Rev. Festus Brimley says it should be illegal for non-Christians to get discounts at Walmart during pre-Christmas sales...SB $39.95 plus tax...then,  what to do about Iowa's homeless?

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James Ironshell is a Rosebud Sioux...he's married to a Meskwaki woman....that's where the trouble started.... he says he's being discriminated against by fellow Native Americans... so he with his attorney Daryl Meyer is suing.   Amway guru and billionaire Rich DeVos  with insight on business and economy.  Robert Chandler talks about the terror at Mumbai.  "Shadow World".    Then,  will  gay propaganda ever cease?  Not on World AIDS Day.  AIDS "Doesn't Discriminate?"  Bull-hockey!     The rest of the story.

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Buddy Hanson describes "The Christian Prince"...  "Putting 'Civil' Back in the Civil Government" ....  without a doubt one of the best books I've read in a long time.    Dr. Michael Roizen  talks about "You Being Beautiful" and how my mom busted me for smoking....  sigh.     Hey,  the new Webster's Dictionary is in...great spelling,  very poor plot line.   Mike Agnus  says "overshare" is the new word of the year. 

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Uh-oh... guess who got caught smokin' in state property?  Whoops.  Then,  Iowan's take a civics test.  Purdy good.  The electorate is getting dumber and dumber.   Dr. Rich Brake with the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.   Plus,  the EPA wants to bill farmers for bovine flatulence?      Not a joke.

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Judy Hintz from Educational Resources  brings her expertise to help distressed kids.  Inspirational.   Andrew Snow  and Iowa global warming activist,   and  Tim Fink, director of  Interfaith Power and Obama's global warming policies.   Then,  for no particular reason.   Plus,   take the civics test.

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Another Des Moines School Board dust up about naughty words in an email from school board member Jonathan Narcisse. Sorting it out. Judy Meehan with medical advice form moms with preemies who are at greater risk for RSV.

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Iowan's ponder an auto maker bailout.  Who will bail U.S. out?   Then an inspirational story about overcoming adversity. Patrick Henry Hughes  and Patrick John Hughes tell the story.  "I Am Potential: Eight Lessons on Living, Loving and Reaching Your Dreams"  

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"Stealth Jihad"   Robert Spencer  says we're getting hustled...again...playing catch-up and clean up.   Then,  Mathew Stein describes what we can do "When Technology Fails",  besides curling up into a ball and cryin' for mommy.   Dr.Orly Taitz describes the continuing lawsuits which demand President-elect Obama demonstrate his "natural born"  citizenship credentials.   Tantalizing.

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What if we could invent something which could recover oil from previously depleted oil fields?   Kurt Newbauer thinks he has.   Then,  Walid Shoebat identifies the Anti-Christ.  "God's War on Terror: Islam, Prophecy and the Bible"     Then odds and ends before the week expires.

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If you are an Iowa Meskwakie your culture allows you to commit legal hate crimes.  Christopher Horner is red hot about "Red Hot Lies"   and what nonsense global warming alarmists push off on the rest of us.   Then,  bailout fever continues,  this time, for GM? 

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Bob Vander Platts and Chuck Hurley with some post election talk back.   Guess who's comin' to dinner?   David Ray Griffin  says 9/11 was an inside job.    Stephen Moore describes "The End of Prosperity"  if we are not  really careful.

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 "Unsettled: the Problem of Loving Israel"   Mark Aronson wonders aloud about a bunch of stuff...  great conversation... especially the part about the golden calf.  Then,   teachers politicking the classroom.   Iowan's aren't thrilled with the idea.  Then, Joyce Hutchinson and Laura Holmes talk about Hospice and Palliative Care ...upcoming events.

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Nina Burleigh describes "The Unholy Business"  of religious relic scams.  The credit card industry has been doing the same sub-prime stuff which brought down the mortgage industry.   Only a matter of time til they ask for a bailout...yagottabekiddin'!

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Ed Martin performs an Issues Autopsy on the late election.  Who dunnit?   Then,  The Law....Bastiat....some sound.   Calling someone a bird brain is an insult to birds,  says Irene Pepperberg in "Alex and Me".   Dramatic video and an exploding wind turbine...more internet folklore from Cresco, Iowa? 

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"1000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die"  Tom Moon  with some great tunes.   Senator Wilbur Brimley with  SB 38-DD...the Bovine Mammary Relief Act of 2008...  an inspirational political thinker with another home run.  Election feedback.

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A sexual assault  at a local high school completely deflects attention from post election talk.  Jonathan Narcisse revisits school violence.

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Election Day.   Politicking and Electile Dysfunctions.   Painful fun.  And an powerful letter from an Iowa dad.

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Gordon Fischer  campaigning for Obama.   Congressman  Steve King campaigning for himself.  David Simcox  worries about the non-citizen vote.

Direct download: mickelson-2008-11-03.mp3
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David Macaulay with the "Way We Work"...the body illustrated.  Chuck Hurley  with an update on the Tim Gill effect on Iowa politics...and judicial ratings.   Mariannette Miller-Meeks  running for congress in 2nd district.  Then,   Eric Hanson from KCCI back from an Iowa mission trip to Haiti.  What a story!   Robert Chandler  says with are in the start-up phase of a new cold war.  Shadow World.   Michael Waddell  worries about the 2nd Amendment.

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Jeffrey Meyer, circuit ridin' theologian,  coming to Iowa to speak.   Eric Kohlsdorf  wants to represent the 61st District.  Father Frank Bognanno  goes off on a billboard.

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Is hanging Sarah Palin's effigy a hate crime?  Then,  Stu Iverson,  Party Chair of the Republican Party of Iowa talks issues.  Then,  Iowa's real estate bubble busted.  So will we reassess property values too?   Chair of Iowa's Property Assessment Appeals Board,  Dick Stradley...with the rest of the story.

Direct download: mickelson-2008-10-29.mp3
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Kent Sorenson wants to be the representative from Iowa's 74th district.   Then Harold Holzer  makes comparisons between "Lincoln: President Elect"  and now.   Then,  Harkin sound from the archives.

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"Something for the Pain" Paul Austin...then,   David Horowitz  assess how far left this election is taking us.    More feedback on the Harkin-Chris Reed debate.   Vigorous.

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David Bossie producer of  "Hype:The Obama Effect".     Then, Michael Maloney  with a "Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver" 

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"The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Civil War" ...HW Crocker kills some clichés'.    Then lotsa conversation 'bout everthang.

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Dawn Stefanowicz  tells about the impact of homosexual a survivor. Out From Under   Then,  Jack Cashill says Obama didn't write his own book,  Dreams of My Father. Bill Ayres did.   Kim Schmett  wants to be a congressman.

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Lots talk...Biden's loose lips...Acorn gives nuts a bad name...nuther cherry from Congressman Barney....etc.

Direct download: mickelson-2008-10-21.mp3
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Sergio Bambaren tells the story of a dreamer, "The Dolphin"...he swims with dolphins.  Richard Pearson  from the Illinois Rifle Association  reports on the Obama's 2nd Amendment history.   David Funk  with Sportsman for McCain.

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Friday October 17 2008


Amy and Adams  sing purdy for us....blues-grass.   Iowans get robo calls.  Offended?   Philip Berg  is suing...he wants Obama to prove he's a natural born American.    Ken Blackwell  the Acorn scandal  in Ohio gets worse.  And a new Iowa grassroots organization to restore the Constitution and real money.   Then,  the Campaign for Liberty.  Organizing in Iowa.

And the Fact-Check response.

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Thursday October 16 2008


Lotsa post debate Iowa reaction...should people who qualify for Obama's tax cut be allowed to vote... :)

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Wednesday October 15 2008


Jonathan Fast  describes "Ceremonial Violence:  a psychological explanation of school shootings" ...then, more on Iowa election issues.  Harkin closes the barn door.

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Tuesday October 14 2008


Nick Tasler  gives us insight into "The Impulse Factor"'s in the genes...:)    Ed Begley Jr. wants to bring solar power to third world folks to liberate them from subsistence cooking.   Marientta Miller-Meeks  is running for congress in Iowa's 2nd district.

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Monday October 13 2008



Congressman Tom Latham...another look at the bailout money slide.  Another look at Iowa's smoking regs.   Then,  Dr. David Hartsuch responds to a McCain snub while in Iowa.


Then,  an October Surpise?  A video about Obama's birth certificate.  OMG!

And the Fact-Check response.

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Friday October 10 2008

Stephen Mansfield looks at "The Faith of Barack Obama"   Chuck Norris,  practices some "Black Belt Patriotism"  on the bailout and Washington.   Alan Karmin from RADAR says Senator Joe Biden's Violence Against Woman Act has had some painful and expensive consequences.   Rev. Thomas Euteneuer  takes on Sean Hannity  and Senator Tom Harkin.   Oh.. here's that  Saturday Night Live bit on the Washington-Wallstreet SNAFU.

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Thursday October 9 2008


Robert Zubrin says don't forget energy's role in the Wall Street collapse....Christopher Reed  wants Harkin's job.   Jerry Corsi has to buy his way out of Kenya for investigating after getting "busted" for looking into Obama's history.

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Wednesday October 8 2008

Col Richard Klass and Col William Hauser in town for the Center for Arms Control and Non Proliferation.   Strong conversation.  Sol Stern makes the Bill Ayres-Obama connection  for Manhattan Institute.   What's Bill Ayres  up to now?    Then,   Chris Pirillo  back in Iowa with geek talk...

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Tuesday October 7 2008


John Lofton with pithy observations about the bailout and Palin.   Then,  "Lives Per Gallon"  Terry Tamminen...drives a hydrogen car.  Congressman Steve King  with post bailout conversation.   Jonathan Narcisse...two sets of books on school violence?  Why?  $

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Monday October 6 2008


Danny Carroll  wants his old legislative job back.  Issues.    Congressman Tom Latham  wants to keep his job,  voted against bailout.   Issues.   Rep Chris Rants rolls out the Republican legislative agenda.  Issues.

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Friday October 3 2008



Post Palin-Biden VP debate feedback.  Fact-Check.  Lotsa great comments.

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Thursday October 2 2008


State Senator David Hartsuch  is running for congress against Congressman Bruce Braley.   Issues.    Andrew Snow  is worried about global warming.    Brad O'Leary and "The Audacity of Deceit"  hammers Barack Obama.

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Wednesday October 1 2008


Ken Blackwell worries about voter fraud and Acorn.   Ed Fallon doesn't trust the "bailout" either.    "And American Carole"   is opening this weekend in Iowa.   Bears in Iowa?   Oh, my! 

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Tuesday September 30 2008

Congressman Steve King on the bailout vote.  Why, "No".   Then,   smoker's revenge... Sen Brad Zaun,  Sen Paul McKinleyTom CoatesTodd Shanno and Norman Kjono with a round table on revising Iowa's smoking ban. 

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Monday September 29 2008


More bailout feedback.  Anybody in favor?  Anybody?  No, seriously...anybody?

 Editor note...  file association is messed..  workin' on it..  sorry.

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Sunday September 28 2008

The debate topic was ,  "Should gay rights prevail over Biblical sexual ethics?"    Sunday night,  September 29th, 2008 at ISU.       Hector Avalos,  Professor of Religious Studies at ISU and Jan Mickelson.   Dr. Avalos takes the affirmative.      (Editor's note...  the sound quality is very mixed...Dr. Avalos ended up with a clip mike,   Mickelson with a hand held after his clip mike failed...  the line had a hum,  plus the sound levels were erratic)   

Direct download: Debate_2.mp3
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Friday September 26 2008


The crisis on Wall Street and Washington continues.  Stu Iverson,  Chris Rants,  and Steve King,  check in with comment....lots open line, too.

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Thursday September 25 2008



Brad Erlich,  WHO's traffic reporter,  is now a heroic crime buster!  Who knew?  Then,  feedback on the president's address to the nation on the economy.  Vigorous.

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Wednesday September 24 2008

More economic shoes fall.  More pins and tails.   David Limbaugh  is coming to town.  Persecution.

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Tuesday September 23 2008


To Bail Out,  or Not To Bail Out?     That is the question.   Vigorous.

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Monday September 22 2008


"Dewey"  the Iowa cat,  not the presidential candidate.   Vicki Myron from Spencer, Iowa  with a cat tale.  Then,  the anti-Palin  stuff gets very nasty.  (Language warning)  Pierre Pierce has a job in France.  Why not let him go?

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Friday September 19 2008


Open-line Friday.   Our flag flying at half mast for a what?   President Bush proposing economic fixes.   Where's the beef comin' from?   Will the economy take out Iowa's ethanol industry?   Lotsa great conversation.

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Thursday September 18 2008


 Ron Ritterer  from the National Corn Grower Association defends the ethanol industry.  Ephren Taylor describes the collapse of the financials...  then,  so does Peter Schiff,  hoping you were Crash Proof.    Congressman Steve King  introduces legislation to prevent money mis-managers  from profiting from failure.

Direct download: mickelson-2008-09-18.mp3
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Wednesday September 17 2008


John Fund with an update on "Stealing Elections"  and update on our fraud-friendly system.    Then,   stolen horse tails  provoke a great conversation on up-coming animal rights legislation.

Direct download: mickelson-2008-09-17.mp3
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Tuesday September 16 2008



A shooting on I-235 brings some questions and some interesting stories.   Then,  what about a third party candidate?   Ready for one?

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Monday September 15 2008


Banks fail....why?  DSM School board wants to censor whom?   The Palin-Gibson interview reaction.   Lotsa energy.

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Friday September 12 2008


Dr. Michael McGregor makes a house call to our mouths...  then in search of the perfect smell...then Suzy.

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Thursday September 11 2008


Christopher Fettweis says "Losing Hurts twice as Bad"...describing moving beyond Iraq... combat vets talk about post-tramatic stress issues.   Powerful.   Benjamin Taylor  is performing in Iowa.   Purdy music.

Direct download: mickelson-2008-09-11.mp3
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Wednesday September 10 2008


Paul Lockhart introduces us to the "Drillmaster of Valley Forge"...then election feedback,   plus telemarketing cures.

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Tuesday September 9 2008


"Eat This, Not That"...  Matt Goulding knows.    Kim Schmett  wants Congressman Leonard Boswell's job.   Then,  a foster care parent loses her own child...  why?

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Monday September 8 2008



 Richard Vander Mey,   Assistant County Attorney for Tama County...more ironies from the cheap seats.... and more tax payer dollars going to the Meskwaki tribe.    Dr. Linda Young  tells how to deal with cyber bullying....lessons for parents.   Steve Flood with a get out the vote visit.   School Board Polling Places for Polk County.   Updated list....Then,  The Gay Agenda

Direct download: mickelson-2008-09-08.mp3
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Friday September 5 2008


Incumbent Des Moines School Board members up for re-election.  Dick Murphy, Ginny Strong,  and Jeanette Woods.   Spirited.

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Thursday September 4 2008


Bill Tancer  goes "Click"...  an internet guru with some great marketing insight.   Then,   post-Palin speech reaction.   Iowans evaluate "the speech".

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Wednesday September 3 2008


Congressman Steve King  back from Iraq, Afghanistan and Georgia...a detailed report.   Great insights.   Then,  a blind guys gets his sight back.  What a story.   Robert Kurson with "Crashing Through".   Can trains block traffic?  Iowans want to know.

Direct download: mickelson-2008-09-03.mp3
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Tuesday September 2 2008



 "10 Books That Screwed Up the World"  Benjamin Wiker  with a humdinger.  Then, the smear against Jonathan Narcisse continues...but in the process,  outs itself.    Then, more feedback on the Palin family issues.

Direct download: mickelson-2008-09-02.mp3
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Monday September 1 2008



More Des Moines School Board talk...Jonathan Narcisse.    Then hurricanes, oil, and is Barracuda Palin really a hockey mom?

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Friday August 29 2008


Nuther Des Moines School Board Candidate, Kristine Crisman.  Issues.   Obama's speech,   McCain's VP Pick,   Iowa Central Community College President Paxton handed a $400,000 parachute with a gold-plated rip-cord.  Not enough time.

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Thursday August 28 2008


Edgar Browning says we're "Stealing from Each Other"...  about 25%,  if you're keeping track.   Then,  responding to the heavy-metal grief following the deaths of some Iowa teenagers.   The power of music.  

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Wednesday August 27 2008


 Mary Ellen Geist...Measure of the Heart: A Father's Alzheimer's,  A Daughter's Return.   One of the sweetest stories, ever.    Edward Failor  examines the Obama's connection to a 60's radical,  William Ayers... with a snotty political commercial.   Steve Flood  is running for the Des Moines School Board.  Lotsa talk.

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Tuesday August 26 2008  

Lotsa stuff...Democratic National Convention feedback.   Then,  sex abuse?   Whazzat anyhow? Sex offender? 

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Friday August 15 2008



Is there a link between lyme disease and autism?   Tami Duncan and Brian Rozner  make the case. Mark Stricherz tells "Why the Democrats are Blue".   Jeri Corsi on "Obama Nation"  ...then,  Suzy.

Direct download: mickelson-2008-08-15.mp3
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Thursday August 14 2008


"The Vulture Culture"...  Eric Gerst says the US insurance industry is in for a financial fall.   Congressman Steve King talks about energy.  T-Boone Pickens  does the same.  Senator Sam Brownback talks about presidential politics.

Direct download: mickelson-2008-08-14.mp3
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Wednesday August 13 2008



Christopher Reed wants Senator Tom Harkin's job.  Then,   "What is your Explosive Child Trying to Tell you?"   Then,  Rob Hubler  wants Congressman Steve King's job.

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Tuesday August 12 2008


"The Case Against Barack Obama"  David Freddoso.   Michael Klare  tries to make sense of the Russian invasion of Georgia.  "Rising Powers"...  then,    Doug Wilson  is a classical education activist.   An inspiration.  

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Monday August 11 2008


Mike Pike is running for Des Moines School Board.  Issues.   Joe S. McIlhaney on Hooked:  New Science on How Casual Sex is Affecting Our Children   says,  we are wired for monogamy... sorry.    Then a grade school teacher opens class.

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Friday August 8 2008


 Senator Paul Mckinley  back from Turkey...culture and education.    Iowa novelist Patrick Culhane  with his latest, "Red Sky in Morning".   Lotsa Fair jabber.

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Thursday August 7 2008


Iowa Concrete Association tossed out the traditional opening block of cement at the Fair.   Is power walking  really gay?   Congressman Tom Latham  with issues.   Mathew Padilla with the Chain of Wall Strreet caused the mortgage and credit crisis.   Jim Hawkins recruiting for Professional Educators in Iowa. 

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Wednesday August 6 2008



 Lawrence Solomon talks about "The Deniers" ,  scientists who stood up the global warming hysteria.  Plus, the Whirlpool-Matag economic tragedy continues...pulling the plug on retirees health care.   Then,  a great T-shirt... Bob McCarty with "Bipolar Bear Disorder".    Congressman Steve King on the energy debate.   Then,  'nuther Postville shoe falls. 

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Tuesday August 5 2008



Brain expert,  Dr. Scott Swarzwelder,  talks about what drugs do to your head.  "Buzzed"   Then,  why are we giving schools resource officers cars to drive back and forth to work?   Better question:  "Why are there resource officers at all?"    Then,  it's a conspiracy...  so many of them we need a guide to the "Web of Conspiracy".    James Broderick.

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Monday August 4 1008


Dr. Robert Zubrin with an encore visit on "Energy Victory"... highlighting an upcoming conference, Citizens for Energy Freedom  in Des Moines this September.  (WHOOPS... during this segment,   I report on an inaccurate news story which attributes a critical commentary against Obama's fundraising history to NYT columnist Maureen Dowd.  It was a bogus story... from a  usually reliable source.)    Then,  a vigorous discussion on courts and the rights of juries after a story about a judicial aside from the bench.   Here's the Citizen's Handbook.

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Friday August 1 2008


Sarah James from the Alaska Wilderness Society  is spiritually bonded with the  porcupine caribou and wants to stay that way.   No drilling for oil in her sacred hunting lands.   Lotsa energy talk.

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Thursday July 31 2008


 Kenneth Adelman says Americans oughta be building the new air tanker,  not the French.   You ain't gonna believe what Planned Parenthood  thinks is cute and fun with some of your money and kids..   Then,   red-shirting your kids...good idea?  Great stuff.

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Wednesday July 30 2008


 California earthquakes and Iowa tornados compared.  Richard Louv says our kids have nature deficit disorder.   Plus,  looking way too closely at the words politicians use.  McCain first...then Obama. 

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Tuesday July 29 2008



Larry Disney  wants his old job held by Iowa House Leader Kevin McCarthy.   Then,  the next shoe in the Postville comedy routine  has fallen...couldn't make it up if I tried.   

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Monday July 28 2008


Life Line is offering come community screening to prevent strokes.   Then,  Postville protest reaction.    Mark Kirkorian  with "The New Case Against Immigration"     the best overview yet.  Flag?  Highly recommended.   


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Friday July 25 2008


 The Mecum collectible car auction.    Every wanna sue the government?   Doug Gross did it... suing the education  establishment in Iowa cuz it sucks.

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Thursday July 24 2008


An illegal plows into an Iowa business with her car.  Busted?  The rest of the story.   Mark O'Connell, a Harvard researcher,  describes "The Marriage Benefit".     Susan Tully from FAIR is organizing a counter-rally at Postville this weekend to protest the protestors.  Vigorous.

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