Wednesday July 23 2008



Feedback from our judicial tyranny debate....  then,  Dr. Jim  promotes an upcoming Iowa premiere of a new Dr. Phil creation,  "The Doctors".     Then,   the dynamics of tipping.    I missed another memo.

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Tuesday July 22 2008



Chris Korzen with Catholics United stirs up a hornets nest with his "A Nation for All"  manifesto:  How the Catholic Vision of the Common Good Can Save America from the Politics of Division"    Lotsa talk.   Time to reset adult responsibility at Iowa's colleges?

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Monday July 21 2008


Iowa gets more weather related hostility....reports.    Herbert Romerstein,  looks at the communist who helped mentor Obama...  "The Venona Papers".      Des Moines Register says its time for outrage over Iowa's education slide...really.

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Friday July 18 2008


 John Nichols from Nation magazine   in town to stoke the fires of progressivism.   Lance Izumi  says bi-lingual education holds kids favor of total English immersion.   Sen. Ron Wieck  predicts little or no genuine immigration reform from the next session.

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Thursday July 17 2008


Walter Williams describes "The Politics of Bad Ideas" says GWB is the worst president in our history.   Senator Chuck Grassley targets some televangelists...Kelly Shackelford  from the Liberty Legal Institute worries about that.    Cliff Kincaid  has turned up another embarrassing Obama radical association.   And Governor Culver is targeting the contract worker scam.

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Wednesday July 16 2008


"Globality"  James Hemerling, with what it will take for US to be competitive world wide.   Jonathan Narcissee  puts his case to print.   The DSM Education Times.   The National Center for Responsible Gaming  is on tour in Iowa...want to teach kids about responsible gaming.

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Tuesday July 15 2008


Obama has bi-lingual troubles....with one word.   "LaRaza"....  and he thinks enforcing the law is terrorism.   And it's only Tuesday.

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Monday July 14 2008

Back from a Peru trek...  lotsa sound and they are thinking about firing up a national 55 mph speed limit again... sigh...what have we learned since the last one?

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Friday June 27 2008



Congressman Steve King  weighs the results of some SCOTUS decisions.   National Taxpayers Union takes a poke at ethanol.   Srdja Trifkovic ponders the "Dream Ticket"  and sees a nightmare.   He examines the Soros-McCain connection.

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Thursday June 26 2008



KJ Dell'Antonia  helps babies "Begin Smart"  with a new reading series.   Curmudgeon, John Lofton,  takes apart the political theology of Obama.  Weather beats us up a while.   Then,  Senator Chuck Grassley  on ethanol mandates.  SCOTUS affirms the 2nd Amendment.

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Wednesday June 25 2008



Ed Vos stays after school to tell of his Afghanistan experience.   Iowa is under a cloud...of mosquitos.    Dr. Patricia Quinlisk describes the health risks associated with our flood bugs.   Then slob bikers are at it again...sigh

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Tuesday June 24 2008

Raging crows,  Jane Fonda nearly makes sense,  Glenn Sacks against the Single Mother by Choice movement.  Did I mention Jane Fonda nearly makes sense?

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Monday June 23 2008


Glen Kertz says he can grow ethanol from algae which can meet our entire thirst for oil... David Barton blows the whistle on judicial activism and same gender marriage.  IPTV techie Bill Hayes talks about the new digital TV standards and what we'll need to comply.  Stephen Halbrook  talks about the "Founders' Second Amendment"  and the upcoming DC decision.

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Friday June 20 2008



Dr. Michael McGregor from Briarwood Dental  cures my morning mouth.   Brian Kennedy from Energy Research Institute deals with off-shore drilling myths and facts.   The bird sounds of Iowa...beautiful..."Smithsonian Field Guide to the Birds of North America"...Ted Floyd  takes us birding.   Dr. Dennis Neder on "Being a Man in a Woman's World"....really... 

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Jan's Briarwood Experience


Warning:   this blog contains more information than anyone really needs plus close-ups of Mickelson's private parts.  :)

Mickelson was nominated for the Nobel prize for his dedication to science.   He donated his body to science,  but science refused delivery.  


My Briarwood Dental experience with Dr. Michael McGregor  has been completed.   His goal  was to correct a lifetime of typical dental issues and a misaligned bite.   The way its used to look...     the way it looks now.    No filings,  no gold or silver crowns,   no mercury fillings,  no chipped teeth...nothing discolored or stained.   Perfect. 

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Thursday June 19 2008 HTML clipboard


Mark Mueller thinks he's got a gadget which can kill flood stink in homes.   AirFantastic Technology.  Then,  guess who's against drilling for oil...good guess.    Christopher Tennant  with guidelines for people with too much money.  "The Official Filthy Rich Handbook".    Then, some Cedar Rapids citizens are still shut out of their homes... and  are annoyed.

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Wednesday June 18 2008



J. Craig Williams,  fair-weather Iowan,  describes "How to Get Sued"  and other high-toned notions.   Then from  Casey Luskin  from Discovery Institute describes how Louisiana passed a law giving  science teachers academic freedom.  Should Iowa?   Then,   Iowa is asking for a waiver from FEMA to relieve us from contributing to disaster relief.   Good idea? 

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Tuesday June 17 2008


 John McWhorter says it's "All About the Beat",   why hip-hop can't save Black America.   Vendo wars...I win.   Bridgette Gabriel  say radical Islam is bringing hate to a town near you...teaching violence and intolerance to the next generation.   Jamilah Frasor from FEMA with instructions on how to apply for assistance.  800-621-FEMA (3362)

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Monday June 16 2008



Lotsa openline time....flood talk...police powers in Cedar Rapids. ...flood safety...Russert, Obama and Iowa.  

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Friday June 13 2008



Brooks Hansen tells his family's story dealing with infertility and international adoption. The Brotherhood of Joseph.   Iowa House Minority Leader, Chris Rants' blog is bilingual despite Iowa's Official English law.  Citizen's arrest.  Flood and weather coverage. Global warming?  The Accuweather guy  says, "Nope."    We meet Ray Lewis the singer of the world's snottiest song.    Then,  Suzi. 

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Thursday June 12 2008


Dave Rosenak says our grandkids will those of us who have been "Running Amok"    Amity Shlaes says we should remember "The Fogotten Man"  and not let the next political class return us to previous failed remedies.   Then Max Schultz clears up a bunch of energy myths.   And global warming activists blame the Iowa boy scout tornado tragedy on man-made climate change.   

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Wednesday June 11 2008



The only way to make the floods of 2008 more bearable?  Talk about "Legendary Motorcycles"...Basem Wasef.   Lotsa fun.   Then,  amidst flood coverage,   Daniel Flynn with "A Conservative History of the American Left"...  who dunnit?   and why?   More flood safety talk.

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Tuesday  June 10 2008




"A World of Wealth"...Thomas Donlan talks about the world of money and politics.  We fix everything that's busted.   Plus,  grease wars  and a touch of Lincoln bashing.

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Monday June 9 2008



Flood water everywhere...stories, remedies and lotsa talk. Water has taken out an Iowa landmark...the suspension bridge in Charles City.  Dang.    Then, Richard Louv is coming to speak in Iowa... ""Last Child in the Woods"...  is on a mission to re-acquaint the next generation with the out-doors.

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Friday June 6 2008  


Robert Scheer  with "The Pornography of Power" without pictures....darn.   Post tornado warning ponderings.  "Marriage: the Dream that Refuses to Die"  no matter how hard we try... Shelia Ambrose-O'Connor.   Plus,  the world's snottiest song.   Then,  fuel rustlers are out there.

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Thursday June 5 2008

Lotsa openline... what is too young to allow kids to use a BB gun?  A family feud.  The,  former Iraqi,  now Iowan, Julliet Cunnigham and Iowa Marine Ben Hayden, founder of Vets for Freedom,  support our Iraq mission.    Then,  why does Obama's rhetoric resonate with his follower?.   The answer.

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Wednesday June 4 2008


The Des Moines School Board clipped Jonathan Narcisse's  term.  Big surprise, huh?   Steve Winzenburg hits a home-run with "Employers, meet 'entitlement' Grads."    Are drivers slowing down to save gas?   Peggy Post with "A Wedding Like No Other".    Then, a  case of delayed trophy syndrome at Dowling. 

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Tuesday June 3 2008


 Michaelene Fredenburg, founder of Abortion Changes You Outreach, explains her personal story in "Changed".     Fox News commentator Greta Van Susteren with a political update...says Democratic Party Hillary supporters are livid about how Hillary was treated.   Iowan, Dr. Caroline Crocker, cellular biologist,  was also "expelled" by radical Darwinists.   She tells the story.    Plus,  last minute politics on primary day.

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Monday June 2 2008




Got a quarter in your pocket?  Then you have a "Pocketful of History"   Jim Noles.    George Eichorn wants to run against Senator Tom Harkin.   Then,  Judy Hintz  has a team of successful students and parents.  Wow!  What an inspiration!

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Thursday May 29 2008



Ed Fallon is running against Congressman Leonard Boswell.   Issues...and some tension.   Then,  maybe  Parkersburg  could rebuild the schools with monolithic domes...tornado proof.   Is McClellan  a hero or a goat?

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Wednesday May 28 2008



Food vs Fuel.   a panel discussion with WHO's Ken RootJulius Schaaf,  Iowa Corn Board...Craig Lang, Iowa Farm Bureau..Bill Couser Iowa Renewable Fuels Associaton...Eldon Meyers, Iowa Petroleum Retailers Association...Bruce Rastetter,  Hawkeye Renewables.     Lotsa calls. 

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Tuesday May 27 2008




Robert Zubrin declares "Energy Victory" is possible and talks about winning the war on terror by breaking free of oil.   Says ethanol critics are very wrong.   Inspirational.   Mark Stein  describes how Iowa's borders were drawn.  "How the States Got Their Shapes"   Then turtles and tornadoes.   Spring in Iowa.

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Friday May 23 2008




Ruth Lycke just back from China  talks about the devastation of the earthquake and gives us a progress report on her mission to aid stroke victims.   Here's that gas price estimator for your next trip.   Then,  the Portland Obama rally  includes the music group the  Decemberists,  a group which usually opens their concerts with the Soviet National Anthem.   

 (editor's note.   There are conflicting reports on whether or not the Decemberists opened the rally with their signature Soviet National Anthem.   I'm still not certain even after more research...although it appears unlikely they did.   It is likely they purged their signature open.)  

Then,   a systems engineer from Rockwell-Colllins gets fired for resisting the company's mandatory diversity training which requires employees to "accept, celebrate and embrace homosexuality".  Tom Meeker  and his attorney, Bill Kurth,  an Iowa-based Rutherford Institute attorney with the rest of the story. 

It's just a matter of time until "Don't ask,  don't tell"  applies to Christians in the work force.

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Thursday May 22 2008



Andy and Johnathan Hilstrand aboard the  "Time Bandit"  crab rustlers on the Bering Sea,  Deadliest Catch.   Congressman Bruce Braley  wants to get tough on Agri-processors. Plus,  pain at the pump.  How bad can it get?

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Wednesday May 21 2008



 Drinking Liberally.   A local drink tank talks the issues.   Enough to drive me to the bottle.   Christian Ucles and Amanda Mittlestadt mix it up on the issues.  Jerry Falwell's  wife and widow, Marcel, writes fondly about her husband.   Then,  what's behind the Harkin-McCain  political tension?   Let's go to the short video Full 17-minute interview here.

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Tuesday May 20 2008



Ira Mehlman from FAIR says the amnesty lobby is using a military appropriation bill to grant amnesty for illegals.   Rockwell-Collins  fires a Christian employee  because he won't embrace homosexuality.    Microsoft wants Yahoo so they can compete with Google.  Randy Skoglund from  ATL says it's a good idea for the consumers.  Pundit Greg Jackson  says,  "No,  the California courts didn't legalize gay marriage....the whole thing is a legal fiction."   Jack Martin audits the costs of illegals to Iowa's taxpayers.   Worse than you think.

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Monday May 19 2008

A formal debate.   "From Darwin to Hitler :  Evolutionary Ethics, Eugenics, and Racism"   author and Discovery Institute  Fellow, Dr. Richard Weikart  debates  ISU professor,  Dr.  Hector Avalos...  premise "Was Darwinism MORE significant than Christian anti-Judaism in explaining Nazi ideology".   Feel free to post your own response to the debate within the comments section.    Then, "Boys Should be Boys"   Meg Meeker with an impassioned plea to adults to be adults.    Craig Nelson from ProjectUSA  says the Postville mess is even worse  than we thought.  What a scam!   Then,  Peter Teahen,  wants 2nd District Congressman Loebsack's  seat.

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Friday May 16 2008



Tony Colosimo CEO from Artistic Waste Services tells us where we can put it.   Nasty dogs and the post office don't mix.  What's to be done?   Then,  Suzy!

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Thursday May 15 2008


"Ignorance is Blitz" so says Professor Anders Henriksson.    Then,  more gas drive offs in Cedar Rapids than Des Moines...  mean less or more honest in Cedar Rapidians?   Barbara Corcoran  give us a test and takes us to "Nextville".      Stephen Bloom  takes us to Postville.   Insight. 

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Wednesday May 14 2008


"Ending the Food Fight"...Dr. David Ludwig  wants at least a truce.   Then the other shoes in the Postville raid continue to fall.    Agri-processing, Inc gets the chutzpah award from the National Labor Relations Board... you ain't gonna believe it.

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Tuesday May 13 2008


Christopher Reed wants to run against Senator HarkinGary Marcus says your brain is a Kluge...a haphazard, clumsy inelegant solution to something.   Rep Christopher Rants  says this immigration bust shouldn't have been necessary.

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Monday May 12 2008


Congressman Steve King with insights from the border states and what the Official English law means in Iowa...again,  for the hearing impaired.   Doris Hamil, NASA scientist,  explains the  "Challenge of Why".   Scott Gray,  head lending broker at ING  talks about "The Liar's Loan"... predicts housing market bounce back.    ICE Raids Agri-Processors in Postville.    Benjamin Wiker  lists the 10 Books That Screwed Up the World"   and tosses in a few more as a bonus.

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Friday May 9 2008


Bill Bishop say the "Big Sort"  is busting up the country.   David Sheff  writes about his addicted son, Beautiful Boy.    Dr. Lyle Rossiter puts "The Liberal Mind" on the coach.  And why aren't we buying Bleaux-Ray movies...yet.

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Thursday May 8 2008

"The Last Lecture" the origin of the speech now watched by millions... the Randy  Pausch  story as told by Jeffrey Zaslow.    Then,  John Lofton  says President Bush doesn't have a least not a Christian one.  Vigorous.     Meskwakies have lowered the gambling age to 18.    Nice thing to do?

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Wednesday May 7 2008
 Steve Rathje is running against Senator Tom Harkin.  Why?   Kevin Kwan  is a Luck expert.   The LiveStrong cycle ride is coming up this weekend.   Dr. Richard Deming (medical director of oncology at Mercy Cancer Center), Khristen Cadman, cancer survivor;  plus,  ride organizer Bridgete Kasik from CityView.    State Auditor David Vaudt, says Iowa is going bust while trying to save moneyNuther pizza delivery guy mugged....sigh
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Tuesday May 6 2008



Richard Vander Mey  Assistant Tama County Attorney gives us a real world look at a bunch o Iowa issues.  Then Bishop Harry Jackson  looks at the theology of Obama and Wright.   Are asparagus eaters stalkers?  Plant rights, baby.

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Monday May 5 2008


Lisa Adams during National Pet Week...myths about dogs and cats.   Roy Beck from NumbersUSA says Congressman Leonard Boswell  is having trouble voting for his own legislation  (HR 4088).  Iowans need to give him a friendly push.   Lotsa openline... an Escalade-driving food stamp recipient?   Then,  Eight Belles is put down?  What happened?

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Friday May 2 2008


Stupid Wars a snotty look at military disasters.   Then,  Iowa political nonsense.  Lots of it.   Then,  Iowans play middle school principal with cross-dresser.   Whew!

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Thursday May 1 2008


Carly Fiorina proxies for Senator McCain on the issues.   Then,  former Governor Vilsack outs himself...on illegal immigration.  Huge response.

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Wednesday April 30 2008


"Safe School Ambassadors"  guru Rick Phillips inspires us to think about student power unleashed to deal with school bullies.  Rep Chris Rants  evaluates the recent legislative session plus lots spirited conversation.

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Tuesday April 29 2008

More high mileage talk...President Bush with a press conference.   And Iowa law officers note the importation of Chicago refugees to Iowa are complicating law enforcement.   The rest of the story.

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Monday April 28 2008



A new Polk County court house?  Eric Turner and Guy Cook  are for it.  George Davey is against it.  Discussion.

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Friday April 25 2008


Food prices, gas prices,  rice prices...traffic stops and what to do about scoff-laws.   Lotsa openline.

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Thursday April 24 2008


Irene Spencer is the survivor of a culture of polygamy.  What a story.  Shattered Dreams.   Lotsa openline.  High mileage race results.   Then the Day of Silence nonsense again.

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Thursday April 17 2008



Senator Paul Mckinley with a core curriculum update. A story and a video from the Waterloo Currier.   Then,  a great look at the cost of illegals on our saftey net and educaiton system. 

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Wednesday April 16 2008




Tony Nashiff  is bringing a "Preventing Abuse Conference"  to Iowa dealing with ways to end human trafficking in Iowa and US.   Found lotsa oil in South Dakota?   And the Pope builds a rest stop for illegals on their way to the US. 

(Editor's note)...   I messed up the files associations with today's and yesterday's podcast...   They had to be re-built...    that means the comment postings were nuked....sorry.    No censorship is intended....the comment section always open for any comment as long as the language is temperate and absent libel...sorry for the inconvenience.

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Tuesday April 15 2008



Brad Smith  chases pests for a livin'.... I may never stay at a motel again....ever.     Expelled is in the theatres.  Professor Gonzalez  is out at ISU.   ISU wins the 2008 Campus Outrage Award for classroom bias.  Bitter 'bout Obama?

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Monday April 14 2008


Bill Dix  doesn't think we oughta expand the LOST tax state-wide....forever.   Then,  immigration attorney James Benzoni explains the gospel of open-borders.

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Friday April 11 2008



Tony Wilson producer of "The Final Season",  an Iowa-made baseball inspirational movie.  Coming out on DVD this month.  "Kitchen Literacy"  Ann Vileisis,  hates margarine as much as I do.  The CIETEC comedy hour continues...then SUZY!

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Thursday April 10 2008



Nancy Redd describes the first act of "Body Drama" a body manual for females...then, local ramblings...Gordon Livingston says  "Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart ...Thirty True Things You Need to Know.. Now"   then,  more ramblin's... let's invent a composite PC cliche victim... let's say a gay, illegal alien guy who is a victim of domestic abuse who decides to open an illegal taco stand....ya can't make up this stuff.

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Wednesday April 9 2008


Jacob Weisberg describes "The Bush Tragedy" for better or worse.  Then the rights of tobacco users go up in smoke.   Lotsa snotty reaction to our new nanny state...and a positive response to the new law.

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Tuesday April 8 2008



Stephen Leeb  says  $100 is bad...$200 dollar oil will be worse.  "The Coming Economic Collapse"... Paul Chesser says Iowa has signed onto an agreement with the Center for Climate Strategies which is a front group for global warming zealots. 

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Monday April 7 2008


Tommy Thompson tells of the state-wide TV series "Iowa Sports Heroes"  Mary Roach displays her moral cleavage in "Bonk"..Mark Steyn says the west is demographically impaired..."America Alone".    Congressman Steve King explains the positive judicial ruling enforcing Iowa's Official English Law.    Andrea Farrier worries the Iowa Department of Education is about to de-fund Iowa's home school support system.

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Friday April 4 2008



An opps.   Trapped in a stolen car?  Ultimate fighting evil?  Steve King  wins the argument over English voter registration.   Iowa roads are shot...more money?  An Iowa coyote is  rescued and under repair.   Why?  Lotsa openline.

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Thursday April 3 2008


Farm ponds, Iowa fisheries, and other vagabond farms.   Then,   John Godwin  (opps) from the Humane Society  wants to make it a felony to watch a dog fight.  Good idea? 

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Wednesday April 2 2008



A three thousand year old story explains why "good" people do "bad" things.   David Berlinski   "The Devil's Delusion"  and a supporter of Ben Stein's  "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed"...and the upcoming Iowa premier.

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Tuesday April 1 2008


 Lindsey Williams says we are again in the middle of an "Energy Non-Crisis"   Then,  Iowa has a shedding problem...with poachers.   Sometimes  shedders get busted and fined.   Sometimes they get death threats.  The story is amazing.

A follow-up...  the wanted poster has been removed and shedders blog about the story.

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Monday March 31 2008




 Grammy award winning musician Andy Statman coming to Des Moines for a concert.  Jump on it.  515-279-6452Abe Goldstien with the story.    Then,  Bob Edgar with Common Cause.   Then,  a local hero makes my day.   Pizza delivery guy 1...bad guy zero.

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Thursday March 27 2008


How to make money in  Iowa child abuse. Plus, a healthline story on an under-diagnosed form of breast cancer.  Inflammatory Breast Cancer.    Then,   Joel Rosenberg  with  "Dead Heat" novel about middeast tensions... and the collapse of Islam.   Dr. John Ratey  says exercise is the key to the revolutionary science of exercise and brain health,  "Spark".    Then,  local open borders activists pressure the legislature to keep them that way... "...what would Jesus do?"...  

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Wednesday March 26 2008

Robert Draper is "Dead Certain"  about the Presidency of George Bush.  So why would truckers go on strike for a day anyhow?   Deal Hudson says "Onward Christian Soldiers" to the growing power of Catholics and Evangelicals.

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Tuesday March 25 2008


Tom Coates, Dan Kelly  and Cory Stout think expanding gambling to Newton Iowa would be a mistake.  Why?  Vigorous discussion.   Aram Roston says Ahmad Chalabi is the guy "Who Pushed America to War".   So what's a Class 8 oil change anyhow?

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Monday March 24 2008

Des Moines School Board member Jonathan Narcisse calls for an extensive audit of the Des Moines School system.  Why?    Then,  Rep Jeff Kaufman and Rep Jodi Tymeson think Iowa's eminent domain laws need a few more fixes.

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Friday March 21 2008


Dr. Michael McGregor  is a state of the art Iowa dentist.   New technologies make dental inroads. Mickey Edwards says he wants to "Reclaim Conservatism"  from the fakes.   Sue Dinsmore with info on an upcoming "peace" rally.   Stu Iverson and Senator Ron Wieck on the stalemate at the Iowa Senate over changes in Iowa's collective bargaining laws.

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Thursday March 20 2008



Iowa House Minority Leader Chris Rants  raises alarm over an after midnight power and money grab.   Stu Iverson too.   Peter Schiff looks at the economy and tries to "Crash Proof" the rest of us.  Jack DeEnna  says Iowa is way ahead in the development of geothermal  heating and cooling Bishop Harry Jackson explains the Obama factor. Personal Faith Public Policy

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Wednesday March 19 2008  


Congressman Ron's the economy stupid.  Senator Paul education update. Iowa Ag Secretary Bill Northey...Ag Day.   Iowa is kickin' ag butt.   Then,  David Barton blows up some judicial myths.  Great stuff.

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Tuesday March 18 2008


Steven Covey talks about the "Speed of Trust"... applies his insight to recent political scandals.  Presidential counselor Ed Gillespie says the president is right about FISA.   We need it to protect US from terrorism.  Barrack Obama delivers "the speech" on  race.   Iowans react.

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Monday March 17 2008



Lotsa open line stuff...  Irish, Norwegian, and free-floating anti-humanist trash talk...  and it's only Monday.

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Friday March 14 2008


National media finally catching up on the Obama radical issue.  For mature listeners only. Powerful.   Then, Suzy.

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Thursday March 13 2008


A basketball abridged Mickelson in the Morning...  Dr. Kevin Leman with "Have a New Kid by Friday"...quick tips to fix the kid... plus summarizing Iowa's proposed tobacco ban in 17.3 seconds. Spirited.

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Wednesday March 12 2008

Iowa State Auditor David Vaudt says Iowa's credit card is maxed out.   Why?   Dr. Jerome Corsi says global warming is a scam in search of globaloney.   Iowa loses a huge defense contract.  George Landrith cries foul. 

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Tuesday March 11 2008



Ed Fallon is running against Congressman Boswell for the Democratic seat.    Congressman King says some spirited stuff about Obama.    He takes the heat.  Then I find out what kinda gun I am.  


Opps... fixed.    BTW,   the comments weren't made by Obama's pastor,  but by Farahkan's once right-hand man.

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Monday March 10 2008


Senator David Harsuch  is worried that Iowa may be importing Oregon's physician-assisted euthanasia through the back door.   It's called  the POLST Paradigm.   Then, the guy runnin' the college says the main purpose of high school isn't to get kids ready for's main purpose is social.   No, really....and it's only Monday.

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Friday March 7 2008



Talk about everything from chin-ups, ditch weed, hemp and Congressman Steve King's  re-election.  Not necessarily in that order.

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Thursday March 6 2008



Iowa House Minority Leader Chris Rants  gives the Republican minority report during funnel week.   Issues.    Then,  lotsa great openline.      'Nuther Day O Silence comes to Iowa.  Swell

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Wednesday March 5 2008



John Lofton takes a look the life and times of William F Buckley...spirited snotty insights.   And what would Jesus say about the capital gains tax?    No,  really.  

Here's the link to the Cactus Cuties.   WOW!        And the  Piebald Deer.....

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Tuesday March 4 2008


Iowa Democrats again block Iowa voters from deciding same sex marriage issue.

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Monday March 3 2008




"The Long War Ahead and the Short War Upon Us"  John Wohlstetter.   Plus,  lotsa openline. 

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Friday February 29 2008



EA Vander Veer will help you  "Facebook: the Missing Manual"...   Planned Parenthood doesn't flinch while accepting money from racists.    Robert Murphy tells why increasing taxes on oil companies will just bump prices at the pump.   Dr. Chad Rohlfsen wants parents to be informed about vaccines. 

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Thursday February 28 2008


Bunch of nonsense. Why are there no good songs about Corvettes anyhow?  Will the Obama veil o' scales every fall?   Then,   Joseph Piscatella on the "Road to a Healthy Heart". 

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Wednesday February 27 2008


The deadline for Iowans to vote on a marriage amendment is approaching... Chuck HurleyFather Frank Bognano,  Tamara Scott and Dawn Stefanowicz, gay rights about the dangers of judge-made same sex marriage in Iowa.   Lotsa openline follow-up too.   To call Senator Mike Gronstal, 281-3371 or Rep Pat Murphy 281-3221  to encourage them to Let Iowans Vote  on the marriage amendment.

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Tuesday February 26 2008  


Lotsa great openline... I quit as a nanny.   Then,  ranking members of the Des Moines School Board talk about local issues.  Dick Murphy, Connie Boesen, and Ginny Strong.

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Monday February 25 2008


David Reynolds  writes about "Summits: Six Meetings That Shaped the Twentieth Century"...better to talk than shoot.  Chuck Hurley  wants the Iowa legislature to give Iowans the right to vote on the gay marriage issue. Children's Bill of Rights?   Then,   researchers from  Iowalive  give us a state-of-the state of Iowa's education report.  Emergency!



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Friday February 22 2008


Much great talk on the state of Iowa education.   I mean,  Great talk....   The most positive stuff in a long time.  Big smile!

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Thursday February 21 2008


 Senator Brad Zaun says he's trying to take the profit out of divorce.   Lotsa powerful conversation.   Then,   Davenport wants to hold parents accountable for children's misbehavior.   So the ACLU is suing them.    SIGH....


Check out Iowa's New Math Standards...  :)

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Wednesday February 20 2008

First,  Representative Lance Horbach with a smoking ban update.  Scary and Hilarious.    Senator Paul McKinley  with a progress report on SF 3097...he concludes this isn't about raising the standards of Iowa's education system,  but a power grab by educrats to kill off local control.    Worse,   the core of the core curriculum  is rotten (constructivist).  


And for something really different...  last week I had a chance to visit the Jacobson Academy at George Washington Carver Elementary school in Des Moines.   It is a co-operative effort amongst the school,  the Boys and Girls Club of Central Iowa  and Judy Hintz from Educational Resources.   It is a pilot program designed as an afternoon after school remedial program for academically distress kids.    I was invited to a roundtable discussion of the evaluation of phase one....about 4 months into the program.   Plus a sample of the actual classroom demonstration.   Very cool.    (Please excuse the poor camera work...  I'm a radio guy, ok?  with an el cheapo flip cam)

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Tuesday February 19 2008



Former Congressman Billy Tauzin is now the President and CEO of Pharma USA,  promoting the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease.   Then,  a couple of federal probation officers want to clear the path for former felons to get work.  Mike Elbert and Burt Maroney are launching the I-80 Re-entry Job Fair Expo.

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Monday February 18 2008


More Iowa  anti-smoking nannyism.    Lutherans lead us not unto temptation.... ok,  so we had trouble focusing.   It's Monday,  OK? 

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Friday February 15 2008


Blessman Medical Ministries is  looking for Iowans who would like to take a mission trip to South Africa.    Then,  a report on a great literacy project at George Washington Carver Elementary school.  Alfred Regnery  takes us "Upstream"  with a look at recent American conservative history.   Then,  should Iowa hide our ethanol stickers  at the gas pump to bump sales? 

Extra!    Some folks have asked for additional information about Iowa's math and literacy slide.   A couple of places with explanations  and solutions.

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Thursday February 14 2008



Stewart Iverson is the new head of the Iowa Republican Party.   He wants to pump you up.   Ed Fallon wants Congressman Leonard Boswell's job.  Q&A.   Jerome Corsi  says Senator John McCain isn't really a political maverick conservative.   Corsi says McCain is just bought and paid GEORGE SOROS?    Huh?    The story.

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Wednesday February 13 2008



Frederick Kaufman cough's  up the short history of the "American Stomach"... his book blows chunks...or was that Cotton Mather?      Jonathan Narcisse with a diversity plan update.  "This Glorious Struggle"...Edward Lengel  reads Washington's mail.   Senator Paul McKinley says just when you thought they couldn't mess up Iowa's educational establishment any more,  it gets worse.   Then,  former Congresswoman Susan Molinari says Iowa's railroads are workin' just fine.   Don't mess with 'em.

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