Leah Durant, Ex. Dir. of Progressives for Immigration Reform...doesn't want an amnesty either.   Then, Obama and the Gang of Eight are negotiating on US immigration policy.   What would Iowans accept?  We get an earful.

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A snow day in Iowa...and Iowan's sort out a bunch of stuff.   Everything from car-eating rabbits,  to what should Iowans do if the wheels come off.   Purdy good stuff.

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I wanted to say I was incredibly disappointed in your broadcast today.  You were obviously far to uneducated on the subject to make any valid points regarding the dairy industry and migrant/seasonal labor in Iowa.  It quickly became evident that your agenda was to knock congressman Braley, when in reality you were the one that has not educated yourself enough on the topic to adequately contradict anything he stated.  The fact is, and one of the final callers pointed this out, that often times the AMERICAN Farm Bureau organization has very different political objectives than the Iowa chapter of Farm Bureau.  The fact you didn't know there was a difference was quite disappointing. On a national level, migrant/seasonal labor is a much larger issue than right here in Iowa. Congressman Braley was just trying to illustrate how the national organizations goals may apply here in Iowa. The Market to Market show last Sunday on IPTV ran a good story showcasing just how big of an issue it is.  They interviewed several farmers in California who depend on nearly 100% migrant labor to grow and harvest their crop.  Also, by constantly referring to them as "cheap" labor is another instance proving your lack of knowledge on the topic.  It is absolutely fact that a high percentage of migrant workers earn well above the federal minimum wage.
Also, the fact that you couldn't understand why the dairy industry can't produce their product and provide the same level of service as it did decades ago (home delivery) showed me just how out of touch with the agricultural industry you really are (which is quite concerning since you make a living offering opinions on such things in an ag dominated state).  One caller did a pretty good job of pointing out that the rise in retail cost of their product has significantly lagged behind the rise in cost of production.  The sad reality is that, much like yourself, the American people have no idea what it costs to produce a gallon of milk, and have decided they are not willing pay over $3 or $4 per gallon (such is the case with many, many American made products, not just milk).
I certainly don't always agree with your opinions, but you typically prove to have educated yourself enough on the subject to have developed a valid opinion.  Today you showed me that you let partisan politics significantly influence your show, instead of the facts.  Please go back to doing your homework and make this a 1 time fluke of a show.  Just because it’s a Democrat politician making a statement, does not immediately make it false.


 It usually does…   especially Braley…   he’s the guy who knowing violates the Constitution by using blackmail to accomplish an issue for which there is no federal jurisdiction…  he’s now pushing school based radon testing…..another non-issue at the federal level…Kadyn’s Law.      Braley has a pattern of expanding federal authority and spending on issues which should be done at the state level.   Now he wants an amnesty for people who have busted the border.    You just demonstrated that the whole agri-business political mix is so convoluted and rife with cost shifting the public is clueless about how many ways they are being shafted.     Conversations like these are very useful in demonstrating the corruption of the system.    Importing people whose productivity doesn’t off-set the costs of their presence is stupid….worse is destructive to our culture.     If the US can’t produce milk at a profit to the farmers without vast subsidies and imported labor,  then milk may be a commodity which shouldn’t be on the shelves.  If demand has fallen to the point where profit isn’t possible,  or supply exceeds demand,  then politics isn’t the solution.    I’d use the same principle for any commodity.     By the way,   I’m still waiting for the Iowa Farm Bureau to issue a press release  repudiating the American Farm Bureau position.    When it does,  you may have a valid point.    And California is a real piece of work.   Several years ago,  California taxpayers ponied up millions of dollars to buy out California dairy farmers in order to reduce supply and cut subsidies.      California dairy farmers used the money to buy more real estate, build fancy houses in the middle of feed lots,  and wait out the moratorium.   Then they went right back in business with bigger units and a better house….right back on the public teat.   

 Yah,  this is a big issue with many  inter-related issues.   But it isn’t that mysterious.     As long as everyone is willing to live at the expense of others we’ll have a problem.    BTW…  it is cheap labor….  Iowa is a cheap labor state.    As I’ve often reported,   my dad and I both worked in the processing industry in the late 60’s…..  we made twice what these workers are getting now.    Now the industry passes on the real production costs to the tax payers.     Our welfare state mentality has almost destroyed us….whether we’re talking about making babies or growing milk.     Government has distorted the market for both.



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Where is ObaMerica?   Who lives there?   How did they vote.   What's the murder rate in ObaMerica?    Daniel Greenfield has an excellent think piece.    Then,  Tim Case wonders about "Lawless or Armed Citizens."   Useful.  Then,  why do dysfunctional politicians treat the rest of us as if WE are dysfunctional too?

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Heather MacDonald thinks women in unit level combat is worrisome.  Senator Mark  Chelgren makes some Iowa political predictions about the Harkin retirement announcement.  Congressman Bruce Braley calls for gun legislation and immigration reform.  Iowans respond.

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Ann Korin says US is messing up its energy future...a Petropoly.   Flex-fuel cars will fix it.   Senator Kent Sorenson introduces a capital justice bill effecting the perpetrators of  murdering, kidnapping and sexual abuse of minors.  Families of victims demand justice.  Heather and Drew Collin, Adonis Hill, Tome and Jan Nichols, Noreen Gosch...powerful stories.  Then Senator Brad Zaun intros legislation to require the revenue raised by Gotcha Cams can only be used to fund an uninsured motorist fund.

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Terry Jeffrey evaluates Hillary Clinton's Benghazi testimony.   Then,  Iowans respond to Obama's expansion of women in  military combat roles. Vigorous.

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The kids from Joshua Christian Academy ... the kids are great .  Rev Keith Ratliff.   Then,  a great story about a dolphin which asked a human for help...really.  Plus,  Senator Rand Paul with an issues stop in Iowa.

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Mark Doland is running for Mahaska County Supervisor...he and several local farmers don't want a regional airport, nor the use of imminent domain takings of local farmland which it would require.   Then,  Piers Morgan asks if the 2nd Amendment allows for private ownership of tanks.  The historical answer.  Spirited.

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Juda Meyer has a remarkable story affirming life.  She is the result of rape.  On an abridged, pre-inaugural day, she is worthy of a listen.

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An education horror story....with a positive ending.  Judy Hintz has a message for parents of school kids in distress...with a dad who finally got help for his son.   Then,   looking at the propaganda mill in action.  

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Chip Duncan has produced a three part documentary The Reagan Presidency, for IPTV beginning 1/21.    Ray Comfort produced Genius, a peek at John Lennon, and the moral collapse of almost everybody.   President Obama delivers his 2nd Amendment  Executive Order Manifesto.  

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"Beating Obamacare" Betsy McCaughey talks about how to minimize the damage. She advises that seniors to develop health issues before the law kicks in.  Seriously.  Gov Branstad with the State of the State Address.  Then,  an Iowa veteran,  Oath Keeper,  Gabe Lanz,  tries to explain the 2nd Amendment to the Des Moines City Council.  Crickets.   Applause from the rest of us.

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Senator Mark Chelgren with a pre-session preview.  Issues.  Nan Stillians remembers Joan Bunke with great fondness.   Plus a Johnston math teacher shows the class a preview of a "Texas Chainsaw" movie.   Huh?

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A panel deals with Iowa's educational collapse.  Iowalive.net,    Judy Hintz,   and former Superintendent Al Meyer...how to pick up the pieces.  Currency guru Jim Richards with some serious predictions.   Then,  should Obama swear off swearing in?  

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Alexis Luscombe is a Valley HS student.   She is training in a hospice... her story.  And her mentor, Jen Eppert from the Career Opportunity in Health Care program at  Central Campus.   Inspirational.  Can pets cure narcissism?  Then an Iowan David Wilson,  goes to Turkey...as a missionary.  Stories.   Plus progressives declare war on the 2nd Amendment. 

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An Iowa legislator  makes national news by recommending the government outlawing and confiscation of AR-15s.  Iowans respond.  Trying to make sense of the 2nd Amendment culture war.

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Bruce Thatcher deals with "Immigration: How to Avoid it's Perils and Make it Work"....we're hosed.   Then,  MLK day bumped by snow days.  Negotiate?   Then,   Congressman Steve King wants to fix our "anchor baby" loophole.    Untangling the knots in the media shinola.   

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 Bob Morrison says it's time to get ready for another round of Honor Flights for WW2 vets.  563-388-3271    Jeff Patch with another installment of Harkin Redux.  Monte Shaw defends ethanol against a Fox News story.  

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Former Congressman Bob McEwen give us a cultural pep talk.   Then, Iowa Secretary of State, Matt Schultz,  explains how he's trying to qualify Iowa voters while answering some activists' objections.

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In search of the perfect potato salad... then,  Iowans think "we're hosed"....  and it's only Thursday.

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