Monday December 31 2007



Weekend talking head redux.   Senator Fred Thompson.    Drinking Liberally with Christian and Amanda.   Bill Salier wants Judge Hanson to be impeached.  Here's the petition to take to the Iowa Caucus.

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Friday December 28 2007



From FAIR's  Radio Row on immigration.   Senator Chuck Grassley.   Jerry Patterson a Fred Thompson  proxy, second amendment advocate.  Peter Gadiel,  9-11 Families for a Secure America,  keeping track of damage caused by illegals.    Jerome Corsi, "The Late Great USA"  columnist for World Net Daily.   Talk host Roger Hedgecock and local activist,  Christian Ucles.    Governor Mike Huckabee on immigration.

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Thursday December 27 2007



FAIR's Iowa Radio Row.   Buncha heavy hitters.  First,  an Iowa horror story with some brave Iowans.  Meet the Kilborns.  Then,   Senator John McCainSenator Fred Thompson on the Bhutto murder and on immigrationBorder, the Movie.  Chris Burgard is the producer.  Then,  Ambassador Keyes,  Congressman Ron Paul.   Lotsa immigration talk.

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Friday December 21 2007


John Hofmeister, President of Shell Oil Company,   in Iowa to assess our energy future  and call upon politicians to permit US to develop our own resources.  Articulate.    Dan Stein  from FAIR  is bringing a Radio Row of  talk hosts from around the country to focus upon illegal immigration.    Roy Beck from Numbers USA assesses the immigration records of the presidential candidates.    Bill Sammon    invites us to "Meet the Next President" .. .what you don't know about the candidates.

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Thursday December 20 2007


Lisa McClowry..    "Before the Tree Comes Down"  a great new song for the troops.   Then,  extended conversation about Mitt Romney's Couric moment talking about "secret cameras" on the Mickelson show.    

And for the record.   What is the official LDS position on abortion?

"In today's society, abortion has become a common practice, defended by deceptive arguments. Latter-day prophets have denounced abortion, referring to the Lord's declaration, "Thou shalt not . . . kill, nor do anything like unto it" (D&C 59:6). Their counsel on the matter is clear: Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints must not submit to, perform, encourage, pay for, or arrange for an abortion. Church members who encourage an abortion in any way may be subject to Church discipline.?

 That the church does not hold its members to its standard with consistency isn’t a measure of the standard, but of the church’s consistency.    Mickelson


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Wednesday December 19 2007


Iowa political talk.  Why can't politicians talk about Christmas?  Lots stuff.   Then,  whoops,   Governor Romney decides to re-write history at Mickelson's expense in a response to a Katie Couric question.   BULLHOCKEY!    The video.

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Tuesday December 18 2007

Congressman Ron PaulOn funding his campaign?   Is Mike Huckabee a facist?    What is Just War Theory?   On rebuilding the Constitution    On Iran's nuclear aspriations.   Then, Jeff Traviss  with TV Tech Talk.    Senator Fred Thompson trying to get a second wind in Iowa.

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Monday December 17 2007


Dr. Robert Bender and Susan Heun from The Johnny & Romie Orr Center for Healthy Aging & Memory Loss.  Alzheimer prevention and repair.   Suzette JensenJoe Henry and Mary Brubaker with  Save and Support Our Schools.  Upcoming  school board meeting  will consider buying the Wallace-Homestead building.  Input.    Congressman Steve King  endorses Senator Fred Thompson.  Stunned?  Not the Only One.  And a Danish journalist, Martin Krasnik,  is trying to figure out Iowa politics.   He joins the club.

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Friday December 14 2007


Anna Post updates us on the latest social graces...  Wedding Parties.   'Nuther Republican debate for Iowa?  IOWA DEMOCRATS SAY THEY WANNA CONTROL ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION...  HELL FREEZES OVER!!!!..   Then,  Suzy.

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Thursday December 13 2007


Arkansas Republicans debate the Huckaboom.    Then,  Dr.Gary Cass says Mormon theology defames Christianity.

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Wednesday December 12 2007



Libby McDonald  looks at "The Toxic Sandbox: The Truth About Environmental Toxins and Our Children's Health".   She wants Iowans to get the lead out.    Mary Matilin  supports Senator Fred Thompson.    Rich Lowery from the National Review endorses Mitt Romney.   And did Governor Huckabee   make a error in  questioning Mormon theology? 

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Tuesday December 11 2007



So what rights to carry weapons do Iowans have anyway?   Roger Burdette from Iowa Carry, Inc  explains.     Then,  an  Iowa victim of illegal behavior by illegal eloquent think-piece by a Marshalltown mom.  Powerful.

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Monday December 10 2007


Reaction to the Obama-Oprah Iowa event.  Josh Arnest is the Iowa proxy for Obama..  Issues.    Then,   a truly heroic figure needs to be honored.   A volunteer security guard a church in Colorado saves lives.

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Friday December 7 2007


Bishop H Jackson  evaluates the Romney Mormon speech.   Iowans think about the Omaha massacre.   Guns, Drugs, Divorce...etc?  All of the above?   Jay Seculow  supports the Romney speech and cause.


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Thursday December 6 2007


Lisa Guernsey takes us "Into the Minds of Babes".    Senator Fred Thompson  wants to be president.   Judy Hintz from Educational Resources  fixes kids and inspires us all.

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Wednesday December 5 2007


Congressman Tom Tancredo  with Iowa presidential politics.   Then, openline...lotsa conversation.

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Tuesday December 4 2007


Greg Jackson and Paul Dinger are Boston political pundits.  They say Gov Mitt Romney is the most liberal candidate of either party.   Vigorous conversation.    Gary DeMar says we oughta be careful of mixing eschatology and politics.   Then,  did that "gay general" ask a good question or not?

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Monday December 3 2007


Governor Mike Huckabee takes the likely caucus vote lead in Iowa and talks with WHO listeners.   Wow...along with the entire known press corps.    Then Casey Luskin from Discovery Institute  is trying to help Professor Guillermo Gonzalez  achieve tenure.    Lotsa talk

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Friday November 30 2007


A guy who read all the direction and conducted "The Smartphone Experiment"  Pierre Khawand.  How to pick a phone.  Then, retired General Ed Soyster from Human Rights First says his organization wants to convince future presidents visiting Iowa to reject any forms of torture of enemy combatants. Spirited conversation.


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Thursday November 29 2007


It's C-Span day.  We talk with folks all over the country,  including Dr. John Lott,  "Freedomnomics".   Pat Buchanan,    "Day of Reckoning".   Senator John McCain.   And Des Moines Register  political columnist  David Yepsen.

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Wednesday November 28 2007


"Nearly Human : The Gorilla's Guide to Good Living"   Andrew Y Grant  talks the talk.   Then,  NBC Nightly News wants to know what Iowans really think about the immigration issue.   Joel Gilbert says "Farewell Israel"  is more than a documentary about the history of the middle east,  but the far to certain fate of Israel if we don't stop misunderstanding the nature of the conflict.  Insightful.

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Tuesday November 27 2007

 "Smoozing with Terrorists"   Aaron Klein  evaluates the Annapolis Summit.  Tom Coates  (Consumer Credit of Des Moines 287-6428) says bad debt  is swallowing up Iowa's wealth.  Then,  the cop call from hell.  Whew.

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Monday November 26 2007


Barry Libert says "We Are Smarter Than Me"...  should I be offended?     Then,  West Des Moines wants to fine  parents who allow kids to have beer parties at their house.   Good idea?


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Suzanne Lee  talks with Tom Fleming from the Rockford Institute...editor of Chronicles Magazine.

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Suzanne Lee with lotsa Turkey Day talk.

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Suzanne Lee talking about finding a cure for autism.   And the links between vaccines and autism. 

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Tuesday November 20 2007  

TV 13 political reporter Dave Price with some  insights into the presidential race in Iowa.  "Raceopoly"  a new variation on the Monopoly Games based upon the Knoxville Raceway.  Call 641-842-5431 to order.   Then Congressman Steve King on Sanctuary Iowa.

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Monday November 19 2007  

Hog stink redux.  An Iowa farmer, Jim Hansaker explains how it works.   Then,  Rev Catherine Quehl-Engel and Attorney Lorrie Chesser talk about a  faith-based Iowa immigration policy. 

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Friday November 16 2007


Fox News political reporter Carl Cameron with Iowa political campaign insights.   Then,  Iowa energy talk and what's that smell?

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Thursday November 15 2007



Brent Bozell  trys to clean up the Hillary  "Whitewash"   Presidential candidate Ron Paul  talks about the  dollar's slide.   So does historian Thomas Fleming, the Continental dollar, that is.   "The Perils of  Peace".  Great story teller.   Then why do Iowa sports programs have player behavior problems?

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Wednesday November 14 2007



NOVA does the ID thing.  Casey Luskin is the legal rep for Discovery Institute...says the NOVA program wasn't even close  to objective.  Rebuttal.     Michael Prichett  with "The Melancholy Fate of Captain Lewis".     Senator Grassley says "No endorsement"  to any of his party's presidential far. 

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Tuesday November 13 2007

Nonie Darwish says "Now They Call ME Infidel"  Why I Renounced Jihad for America, Israel and the War on Terror.   Then Mark Mathis, producer of "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed"  a documentary on the ID war in American Universities.   A Grinell college kid says Hillary stacked the questions  at a campaign stop.    Congressman Tom Tancredo  says terrorists are coming across the border too.  Lotsa openline.

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Monday November 12 2007



A Republican activist researcher targets Hillary. Robert Morrow.  He says it's worse that we remember.   Then,  M. Stanton Evans says the untold story of Senator Joe McCarthy was "Blacklisted by History".    More coal for Iowa?  Joe Lucas from Americans for Balanced Energy.

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Friday November 9 2007


Dr. Henry Lodge tells how to be  "Younger Next Year".   (Time machine)  Peter LaBarbera from American's for Truth  exposes stuff which should remain un-exposed. (This site contains graphic iky-ness)   Senator Sam Brownback endorses Senator John McCain.  Then,  Suzy.

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Thursday November 8 2007

 "Co-Ed Combat"the new evidence that women shouldn't fight the nation's wars.  Kinglsey Browne  Then, Captain Jeff Struecker on "The Road to Unafraid"   the inside story of  "Blackhawk Down"...  gonna be speaking at  Grace Church  this weekend to honor vets.   Then,  the silliness ensues.  

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Wednesday November 7 2007


Amity Shlaes  remembers "The Forgotten Man"  how we survived the Great Depression despite the political class.    Then, "Prude" and why that's a GOOD thing.  Carol Platt Liebau.    Pat Robertson endorses Rudy?    Sign of the Apocalypse?  

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Tuesday November 6 2007


Renee Rongen  is an advocate for open adoption in Iowa sponsored by Catholic Charities...what an inspiration.   Jonathan Narcisse updates us from the Des Moines School Board.  Then, is the energy sky is falling?

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Monday November 5 2007


Mr. Pat  says we under-mis-estimate Islam to our detriment.     Then,  Hillary gets an endorsement in Iowa from AFSCME.   What does that mean?

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Friday November 2 20007


David Limbaugh  says the Democratic Party is "Bankrupt".     Business strategist  John Gochenour  says the rest of us are too plus,  our own technology could fix it,  but we are exporting it to China.   Congressman Duncan Hunter  is trying to keep GM from shipping our best new energy efficient car designs to China too.

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Thursday November 1 2007

Dinesh D'Souza  explains "What's so Great About Christianity"... what a smart guy!    At an Iowa traffic stop ,  about 20 illegal aliens  jump out and head for the corn fields.   Now what?   And Gov Culver makes his new racial and gay diversity quotas permanent.  Now what?

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Wednesday October 31 2007

Computer security expert David Perry from Trend Micro  offers a bunch of techie advice.  Very useful.   Then,  flag folding  joins the culture war...unbelievable.   An Iowa kindergarten teacher says a picture of a kid with a dead pheasant promotes violence.  Sends picture home.  Sigh.   And Iowa is putting sales tax on Halloween pumpkins.  Don't worry, if you plan to eat them you can get an exemption form.   If you didn't know that in time,  you can still get a rebate.    And Ron Paul made the Tonight Show.   Paulists loved it.   You may have downed way too much Halloween candy when.....   Big Smile

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Tuesday October 30 2007


 Richard North Patterson, novelist, looks at "The Race"...nasty politics are icky.   Then,  a guys beats the hell out a car thief  and he's the one charged with something.   How much do illegal immigrants  REALLY cost Iowans.   Yup,  there's a study.   David Osterberg and Beth Pearson with the rest of the story.

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Monday October 29 2007


Matt SpiveyPastor Dan Berry Cornerstone Family Church  highlight the African Children's Choir  returning to Des Moines November 11"What's Love Got to Do With It?    a Harvard researcher teaches parents how to talk about "it".   John Chirban.     Then,  the 1st Annual Tribute to Veterans Career Fair.    Iowa Work Force Development.     Then,  is Governor Culver's new diversity mandate  just another affirmative action scam? 

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Friday October 26 2007



Congressman Ron Paul  with presidential issues.   Campaigning in Iowa.    Dr. Chuck Baldwin  says American Christians are gullible.   Dana Starkell is a world-class paddler and classic guitarist.    Plays purdy.     Dr. Jeffrey Zweerink  is a world class star-gazer with a  Reason to Believe. 

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Thursday October 25 2007


Mayor Rudy Giuliani  with presidential politics.   Jan Flora with a report on population explosion of Iowa's pork populations, CAFO's and sustainability.   "Steroid Nation"  ESPN  reporter Shaun Assael  takes a peek at illegal pects.  

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Wednesday October 24 2007


Yup,  Senator Dick Durbin is pushing the Dream Act  to a vote,  granting an incremental, back-door amnesty.   Again.  So,  what should Iowans do?  Call La Raza Harkin?    Paul Mero declares "The Natural Family" Manifesto.   Great for WHO listeners.  888-773-6782   Plus,  lotsa open-line.

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Tuesday October 23 2007


"Twenty-Three Minutes in Hell"... Bill Wiese  says he's been there done that.   Iowa State Senator Paul McKinley with some concerns about ethanol tax credits and Iowa education issues. 

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Monday October 22 2007

Dr. Mark Liponis  gives us a health test to guess our "Ultra-Longevity".   (I'm a'll have to take the test yourself to find out)     Richard Gamble  talks about  "The Great Tradition".. .what does it mean to be educated..   then,  is the cure to single motherhood really marriage?   Nope.

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Friday October 19 2007


Representative Wayne Ford  with some ideas on school and prison reform.  Steve Milloy  takes a shot at ethanol.  Lotsa openline.

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Thursday October 18 2007


John Perkins spills the "The Secret History of the American Empire".    Dr. Mark Moyar  is the guy who wasn't qualified to teach history at the University of Iowa...he's in the wrong party.   Plus,  Senator Harkin earmarks $500,000 for LaRaza.   Oh, good.

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Wednesday October 17 2007


John Ratzenberger  wants to "Keep it Made in America".     Town Hall Meeting Tonight Oct 17th Hy-Vee Hall  730 Third Street... free to public.    Ames Holbrook  is "The Deporter" a former Deportation Officer who blows the whistle on US release of foreign criminals into our country.  Fierce

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Tuesday October 16 2007


Wally World is selling a Chinese-built  talking Jesus action figure.   Swell?   Betty Ahrens from I-CAN says the Bush veto of S-CHIP expansion  needs to be over-ridden.   Bruce Chapman  is another fellow talking about political bias in Iowa's university system. 

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Monday October 15 2007

Attorney Roxanne Conlin  talks about the Microsoft lawsuit settlement.  How can Iowans get bucks.   Then,  some Arkansans are still bugged  with then Governor Huckabee's  pardon of a nasty fellow. 

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Friday October 12 2007

Robert Spencer is skeptical that the call of 130 Muslim scholars  around the globe calling for "peace and understanding" is genuine.  Why? "Religion of Peace?"  Why Christianity is and Islam Isn't.    An Iowa county settled a Ragbrai related lawsuit for big bucks. And banned all future Ragbrais from their county.   Now what?   Then, Susy.

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Thursday October 11 2007


Des Moines school suspension rates are too high.  So now what.  Michael Hurley and Carie Lemack  are in Iowa to address international nuclear terrorism.    Dave Busiek from KCCI explains how they got video on the bridge junk  hurlers.

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Wednesday October 10 2007


Iowa's youth vote.   A Wall Street Journal  piece on high school kids getting extra credit for political activism.    Then,  what happened to diversity in the history department  at University of Iowa?   The score is Democrats 27Republicans 0 on the history staff.   HUGE reaction.

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Tuesday October 9 2007


Josh Dorner is the National Spokesman for Global Warming for the Sierra Club.  A report.  "Destination Iowa: getting to a Sustainable Bio-fuels Future"     Then,  lotsa open line time.  Everything from the technical meaning of "knocked-up" to Bush becoming a Universalist..

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Monday October 8 2007


From Upper Nile State Legislative AssemblyMarthi Nuyamal Choat    tells the story of southern Sudan and why there are so many Sudanese Iowans.    Then,  what's a sniper to do when he's busted?   Great conversation.   Columbus Day?   Some uncomfortable history  for Columbus bashers.

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Friday October 5 2007

Marcus Luttrell  was the "Lone Survivor"  of the lost heroes of Seal Team 10.   Oh my gosh...what a story.   Congressman Steve King with S-CHIP redux.  Congressman Tom Tancredo  in Iowa supporting a constitutional amendment to protect marriage.

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Thursday October 4 2007


Lotsa open-line conversation...  Mike Duncan  from the Republican National Committee  defends Bush veto of the S-CHIP  funding.   Senator Grassley  says the veto was unjustified.

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Wednesday October 3 2007


Mark Penn with "Micro Trends" ...  caffeinated, tattooed, archer-moms?   Huh?    Restaurant toddler tyrants?   Then,  Michael Novak is coming to Iowa to speak  at Vermeer.  Career and Calling   800-919-7307 if you want to go.

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Tuesday October 2 2007


Pickin' up the pieces of Rush-gate.   Lotsa openline great conversation.

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Monday October 01 2007


Harkin and gays in the military redux.  Senator Harkin lectures General Pace on the morality of homosexual behavior.   Then,  Craig Smith  looks at the future price of oil, gas, gold and currency.  800-289-2646

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Friday September 28 2007


So,  why can people smell and hear their neighbors anyhow?   Poor building codes?   Then,  Senator Harkin has decided that homosexual and adulterous behavior should be added the Uniform Code of Military of Justice.

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Thursday September 27 2007

Alveda King inspires for life.  Hod Ben Zvi  is a peace activist  from Jerusalem.  Bill Sammon writes about "The Evangelical President" and the president's spread of moral democracy.   Bob Edgar  from Common Cause  wants public financing of elections.   Congressman Steve King  wants to re-evaluate the federal funding levels of  Iowa's Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP).

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Wednesday September 26 2007


Follow-up to the Alveda King-Roosevelt High School  issue.  Openline.   A great foodie,  Russ Parson with "How to Pick a Peach".  Then,  Urbandale is over-run with deer.  Don't feed 'em?

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Tuesday Septebmer 25 2007


"Lives Per Gallon: the True Cost of Our Oil Addiction"  Terry Tamminen gives us the price tag.  Roosevelt High School yanks an invitation to speak from Alveda King,  niece of MLK.   She thinks civil rights for black folks begins before they are born.    Not welcome at Roosevelt High School.   Kim Lehman from Iowa Right to Life with the story.   Alexis McGee from ForclosureS.Com  says there's money ta be made in them thar foreclosures.   Bishop Jackson  says race relations in the US need lotsa work.  Including Roosevelt High School's dissing of Alveda King.

Editor Note:   Mrs. Kathie Danielson, Principal of Roosevelt High school later in the day clarified the cancellation.   She said the controversial nature of the presentation didn't give the administration sufficient time to notify parents.   Mrs. Danielson has committed to including Alveda King in a future assembly as part of Black History Month.

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Monday September 24 2007



So the Western Civ Prof gets the sack  for calling the Bible fairy tales.   The rest of the story.  Then,  what's wrong with traffic checks anyhow?

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Friday September 21 2007

"The Coming China Wars"   Peter Navarro.   A very strong interview.   Gary Gagliardi  with  Sun Tzu's "The Art of War"   lessons for Iraq.  Then, the Hawk-I  insurance plan for low income kids  is broke  and asking the feds for bucks.  

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Thursday September 20 2007


Brad Smith is a kinder and gentler bug assassin. Bugs, bats and snake stories.  YUCK!    Mike Andrews from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute  says kids who attend ivy league schools emerge with even less historical  knowledge than with what they started.   Here's the quiz.  

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Wednesday September 19 2007


Pornography ain't a big deal, says Debbie Nathan.   Bill Dane  says the open borders people are back again with another end around amnesty.   "I got tazed by the campus police and all I got was this stinkin' T-shirt".   "Don't Taze Me, Bro!"  Bob McCarty.   And bail out Iowa flood victims?  What would Grover do? 

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Tuesday September 18 2007


Alan Keyes  is running for President again.  Rob Montz  with a Hillary Care response.  Then,  the Vietnam War Memorial is vandalized.  An Iowan with a report.  Jonathan Narcisse was elected to the Des Moines School Board.   We can almost hear sweat breaking out.

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Monday Septebmer 17 2007


Frank Miniter  with "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Hunting".    Bambi is out to get us.  What to do?  Then,  is eating too much corn on the cob  really gluttony?   Plus, more on the 14th Amendment scam.

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Friday September 14 2007


Dr. Michael McGregor  is a dental artist. A health line for the mouth.    "Omnivore's Dilemma"  Iowa's corn makes us the center of the food universe. Michaell Pollan   Then, Mayor Rudy Giuliani  Republican front-runner with issues.   Then,  Suzy!

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Thursday September 13 2007



 Jim Wallis is in Iowa speaking for Iowans for Sensible Priorities,  on "God's Politics".     Then, require motorcyclists to wear helmets?  Then, Charlie Savage with "Takeover: the Return at the Imperial Presidency".

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Wednesday September  12 2007


Bill Salier  is organizing a petition drive to call for the impeachment of a lawless Iowa judge  who legislated from the bench..   Father Frank Bognanno says gay marriage is an oxy-moron.  Then,  Iowa country singer Jason Brown.  Purdy tunes.

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Tuesday September 11 2007
911 Day sounds to remember.   Then,  David Bellavia.   "House to House".   A much decorated American soldier with a powerful story of intensity and heroism.  You MUST listen.  Please.
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Monday September 10 2007

Senator John McCain and Senator Fred Thompson with issues.   The term "sex offender"  is offensive.  And the real culprits in Iowa's brush with gay marriage are Governor Culver and Senator Mike Gronstal.   Why?    BTW,   the LA Times featured WHO Radio and Mickelson's program.

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Friday September 7 2007


Ed Fallon sits in for Mickelson.  Global warming? Eminent Domain.

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Thursday September 6 2007


Steve Plim sits in for Mickelson.   Lotsa nostalgia.

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Wednesday September 5 2007


Marty and Miller get lost on their way to work and fill in for Mickelson. 

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Tuesday September 4 2007


Sonya Heitshusen  sits in for Mickelson.   Gay marriage in Iowa?   Now what?

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Monday September 3 2007

 Brian Gongol sits in for Mickelson.    Wise Guy talk. 

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Friday August 31 2007


Chuck Hurley and Mike Hartwig from the Iowa Family Policy Council  react a judge's overturning of Iowa's gay marriage ban.  Lotsa discussion.

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Thursday August 30 2007



Ravi Batra says all economic hell is shortly gonna break loose,  then  "The New Golden Age" can begin.   So,  what's an imprecatory prayer anyhow.  A world class example.   Then,  Iowa Representative Jeff Kaufmann  author of the bill which "fixed" Iowa's eminent domain law is worried about new takings wrinkles.

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Wednesday August 29 2007


Ok, it's summer-fall and school is starting and already dismissing early for heat...should be move Iowa to a year around schedule.  Great Iowa conversation.      Gov. Mike Huckabee  with issues. 

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Tuesday August 28 2007


Don Feder  has some fun at the expense of a Dutch bishop.  Allah darn nit anyhow.   Then,  Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson says the Michael Vick come to Jesus apology is a scam.

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Monday August 27 2007


Dick Fredericks and Dr. Gene Fokken from Iowalive,   talk about what to do to repair the damage to Iowa's education system.  Then,  lotsa openline with a couple of modest proposals.

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Friday August 24 2007

Bob Dane  from FAIR describes what the "sanctuary status" means.   Dave Leach, activist and musician,  says social conservatives are wrong about immigration and makes a Biblical case for open borders. 

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Thursday August 23 2007


"Statements of the LDS First Presidency" answers the question definitively. "Is there such a thing as a pro-choice Mormon"?   Gary James Bergera says,  "No"?     Congressman Steve King  with  his own progress report on the Iraq War.  

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Wednesday August 22 2007


It's the semi-often Something Stupid Day...  ridding ourselves of stupidity build-up syndrome.  SDS.

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Tuesday August 21 2007


Applying the "investment model" to Iowa's education system.   Uncomfortable questions for uncomfortable taxpayers.  Then,  when did Iowa join the ranks of "sanctuary states"?   The rest of the story.

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Monday August 20 2007


Jonathan Narcisse wants to on the Des Moines School Board.    PLLLLEEEZZZZEEEE !   For the love of GAWD...elect him this time so the rest of us can get some peace.   Thank you very much.   Then,   to whack or not to whack ,   that is the question.

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Friday August 17 2007


Psychic Suzy does her thing at the Fair.   Mark Barabak from the LA Times talks about Iowa politics.   Then,  Senator Fred Thompson with presidential talk.  See the video here.

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Thursday August 16 2007


Lotsa openline from the Iowa State Fair.  The question is,  "What needs to be done to restore Iowa's education system?"  

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Wednesday August 15 2007

Robert Spencer "The Religion of Peace"  Why Christianity Is and Islam isn't.    Extraordinarily powerful.   Then,  maybe the atheist guy in Ames is right.  Senator Joe Biden with presidential issues.

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Tuesday August 14 2007

Tom Matzzi,  Washington director of  and Sue Dinsdale Iowa's "Iraq Summer Campaign"  are targeting Senator Chuck Grassley and Congressman Latham.   Plus,  Congressman Tom Latham and Republican Minority Leader John Boehner on the issues.  Openline.

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Monday August 13 2007


Lotsa Iowa State Fair talk.   Straw Poll feedback.

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Friday August 10 2007

Professor John Klindt and consumer advocate Tom Coats report  that the slot machines on military bases are causing gambling addictions and economic hardships for our troops.    Congressman Mike Pence introduces legislation to protect talk shows.  Congressman Tom Tancredo with pre-straw poll issues.   And Congressman Duncan Hunter

And here's the video of Thursday's Ron Paul visit.      

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Thursday August 9 2007



Congressman Ron Paul,   Newt Gingrich,  Senator Sam Brownback,  and Governor Mike Huckabee  at the opening day of the Iowa State Fair.

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