Des Moines is cracking down on used car lots...why?  Ralph Reed  is coming to Iowa for an ICA fundraising banquet.   Then,  Dore Gold with "The Rise of Nuclear Iran"...and is texting even more unsafe than drunk driving?

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So should the politicians who received stolen money from the pervs who ripped off Aviva give back the money?   Do traffic stops make us safer?   And do medical privacy practices put the public at risk?   Vigorous.

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An openline...spritied conversation ....the theology of vandalism.

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Dr Sherri Tenpenny warns against the current use of the flu vaccine for pregnant women and young children.  Then, Dr. Boyd Haley,  Senator David Hartsuch, Sonya Swan, Ilene Dannemann and Dana Halverson...join in with an Iowa perspective on the flu vaccine.  Spirited

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Dr Sethu Reddy on a health-line, "The Cleveland Clinic Guide to Diabetes"...Debra Ollivier on "What French Women Know"...Journalist Steve Bell remembers Vietnam and the media.   Plus, another needless death caused by a fleeing scumbag. 

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Pamela Redmond Satran demonstrates "How Not to Act Old"...  funny.   Craig Chilton says you can make buck delivering vehicles...800-247-6553.   Then,  the guy who hits and kills a biker still has his license.   Why?   Spirited.  And, when it comes to traffic,  are less rules safer than more?

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Deborah Tannen "You Were Always Mom's Favorite! Sisters."   Then,   Grassley and Obama at odds over mandatory health insurance...  HR Gross remembered.


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Joe Seehusen wants to warn Iowans against bringing in stop sign and speed cams.    Then,  Iowans can't even run a school lunch program.  Sigh.

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Judy Hintz from Educational Resources with tremendous success stories.  Jonathan Narcisse thinks he can clean up the education mess in Iowa.   Con Steve King  with good news from the front.

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Matt Culp, from Friends of Rice Field says they want to keep their green space permanently.  Iowa Live evaluates the decline of Iowa's education cartel.   Then,   IPERS is going GM on us...will the taxpayers pony up?  

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 Michael Reagan in town to stump for Republicans.  Spirited.  Then, "The Maker's Diet" Jordan Rubin eats dirt...spread the word...  :)

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Will Bennett from the One Campaign say the best way to bring about peace in Iraq is to help them build their infrastructure...non-governmental volunteerism.   Then,  the battle for the Constitution continues...  then a response to a Bonnie Campbell guilt trip.   Then,  Cato Institute reports federal bureaucrats earn twice that of the private sector.

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Dr. Leonard Horwitz is a flu vaccine skeptic.  Patrick Gould with Prudent Decision Making in an Imprudent World.   Scott Wheeler with a look at Obama's Czars.  Walid Shoebat ...coming to Iowa... Why They Want to Kill You.

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Peter Lance says it was a Triple Cross on 911... then what would Ben Franklin say to a 650 pound obese video-playing kid?   Suzy.

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 What Happy Working Mothers Know...Barrett Avigdor...The 7 Habits of Happy Kids,  Sean CoveyRon Kesslor  In the Presidents's Secret Service.   Julien Smith, Trust Agent.   Matt Strawn,  Iowa Republican Chair, Obama joint session reaction.

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Dr. Stanley Greenspan works on "Overcoming ADHD"...  a hubbub over a strip searching incident in a western Iowa High School...then,  Cathy Travis celebrates Constitution Day by writing the Constitution Translated for Kids.

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 Joel Rosenberg takes us Inside the Revolution in his new video and upcoming townhall meeting.  Then,  a powerful argument against the claims of multiculturalism.  Plus, Bob Vander Plaats formerly announces his candidacy for Governor of Iowa.  Then,  Obama talks to the kids.

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Martin Gross unleashes on the entire government class,  National Suicide...whew!   Tony Nassif is running an upcoming conference on human trafficking and child abduction.    One of Iowa's most high profile WW2 vets has passed.  Honoring Glen McDole...Last Man Out.   Michelle Malkin disses the Culture of Corruption in Washington.   How much debt?

Debt Clock

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 Randy Skoglund says we should be careful about "cloud computing".. (you'll have to listen to find out)  Then,  Iowans are boiling over the issue of child abductions and "stranger danger" warnings.  Gunnar Swanson is an Iraq War veteran on a 1,000 mile walk to aid the War Kids Relief effort.  Powerful.

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Chick sexing for fun and profit... lotsa openline...issues...stuff.   And the egg industry defends itself against animal rights activists.

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Iowa Carry  President Sean McClanahan wants Iowa to move to a "shall issue" policy.   Dr. Jim Sears  is one of  "The Doctors"...celebrating a new season....medical issues...including the H1N1 flu vaccine.   Iowa Director of the Department of Health Patricia Quinlisk explains the flu quarantine memo that's scaring people on the internet.   Then,  the Senator John Culver-Senator Ted Kennedy connection... and  the rest of the story.

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