Ken Blackwell says Obama is using illegal immigration to “transform America”.   Then,  Iowan’s have a bunch of home remedies for stuff.

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Bob Vander Platts wonders why the Governor’s Conference on LGBTQ Youth has so far failed to invite him to provide equal time in one of their seminars.  Inquiring minds and all that.  Then,  Dennis gives us his gotcha cam legal case report.  Congressman Steve King commits truth.  Plus,  Iowa’s  forfeiture laws have been a gold mine for aggressive enforcement.

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Making Des Moines a “walkable” city?  Good Idea?   Iowans think about their transportation lifestyles.   

Direct download: mickelson-2015-03-27.mp3
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Steven Druker, Altered Genes, Twisted Truth: How the Venture to Genetically Engineer Our Food Has Subverted Science, Corrupted Government and Systematically Deceived the Public.  And that’s just the title.  Then, a gun totting newbie leaves his gun in his car in the school parking lot.  Busted.  Felony.

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Os Guinness is coming to Iowa…speaking a couple of places… A Free People’s Suicide.   Insightful.    Then, some Iowans wonder about a deal Lake Panoramians are trying to get.

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Another look at the Convention of the States movement…in Iowa…Mark Meckler and Iowa Rep Chris Hagenow.    Then, Rev Max Villatoro gets deported to Honduras…now what? David Boshart with Central Plains Mennonite Conference explains.

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Dr. Lee Hieb talks up the upcoming Iowa Libertarian Party Convention.   Then,  is the Iowa Omnibus gun bill bottled up?   Kurt Liske,  VP Iowa Firearms Coalition explains.  Then,  who will  gobble up Iowa’s ash?

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Confessions of a DC Madam Nick Bryant talks about the Politics of Sex, Lies and Blackmail.    Frosty Woolridge says America is on the brink of absorbing millions of illegals within the next generation.  Stop That!   And who wants to be a two fob family?  

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Pastor Terry Amman  and Ernie Rudolph present Seven Presidential Protection Principles for Better America.  David Boshart, from the Central Plains Mennonite Conference wants to stop the deportation of Max Villatoro.   And mandatory voting?

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The proposed law says the lack of ability of the taxpayers  to pay for a pay hike of teacher cannot be considered when arbiters decide the contract.   ThenEric Klein wants to kill the death tax.  

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I grew up country day,  March 17.  Carole BodensteinerShirley Hershey Showalter,  Blush.  Little HeathenMildred Armstrong Kalish.  Then,  is there a fix for no-fault divorce?  Chuck Hurley and Darren Clark lobby for Rep. Ted Gassman’s bill.  Then, does the new hire  sink the Scott Walker campaign in Iowa?

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Senator Roby Smith wants the state of Iowa to stop stealing from its seniors.  SF 277 would phase out taxes on retirement income, pensions, annuities and retirement accounts.   Blocked from debate?  For the children.

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Steve Forbes wants to influence this presidential cycle with policies and principals.  Issues.    Then,  “Heap Big Smoke, No Fire”.  Iowans wonder about Senator Joni Ernst and “the letter”.   Court Marshall?  Senator Lindsey Graham introduces himself to Iowans.  Issues.

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Bethany Blankley calls US to awareness and arms about the claims of radical Islam.  Bob Vander Platts throws his weight behind medical cannabis…one of the signs of the Apocalypse.  

Direct download: mickelson-2015-03-12.mp3
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Dave Bozell handicaps the first part of the race for the presidency… says Bush may be unelectable.  DSM water suing about dirty water. Roger McEowen and Kristine Tidgren from ISU Center for Ag Law and Taxation talk about the laws covering the lawsuit.   Mark Meckler makes the case for a Convention of the States.

Direct download: mickelson-2015-03-11.mp3
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Governor Mike Huckabee talks about the power of agronomics in Iowa.  Mike Berry defending a Navy Chaplain who is being attack by the Gay Mafia.  Congressman Rod Blum, the new guy has some fight. 

Direct download: mickelson-2015-03-10.mp3
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Senator Ted Cruz.  Issues.  The Gibson family wants to legally shoot.  Issues.

Direct download: mickelson-2015-03-09.mp3
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How Dr. Ben Carson can get his groove back?

First as a Christian libertarian, I consider somebody else’s sexual behavior  or self-identity to be none of my business.   Period.  I have zero desire to use the law to bludgeon the sexually befuddled into conformity.

2    My bumper sticker has always read,  “Stay out of my face, stay out of my wallet,  and stay away   from the kids.  Still does.     If the gay lobby violates any of that,  I’ll be passionately snarky.

3. If the Gay lobby tries uses law to compel my affirmation or extend to itself a subsidy, then the fight is on.

Dr. Ben Carson made a rookie mistake.  He allowed himself to be cross examined by a gay lobby zealot,  a  CNN reporter,  Chris Cuomo.  There is nothing intrinsically wrong with allowing a hostile interviewer  to ask questions.  In fact sometimes it is great, especially if it allows enough time to comment to explain your views.   However, this is not the time to wing it if you don’t know the guy’s agenda or his tactics.  You’ll likely get hammered.

Carson’s first statement was great.  He refused to accept the premise of the question when he said same sex behavior is a choice, and that sexual identity is not to be equated with race.

Then,  Dr. Carson stepped in it when he implied that prison sodomy can make a straight criminal emerge from prison converted to gay.  Carson said the “situational” behavior of criminals in prison redefines them as gay.  Carson equated debased prison behavior as defining the sexuality of the prisoner.  That‘s a big mistake since that’s the same argument the gay lobby uses.   They use the Kinsey Myth to say that people are defined by their inclinations—preferences to commit a behavior,  which reveal an orientation.   That “orientation”,  the lobby has leveraged into a legally protected sexual class equipped with civil rights, including minority status and aspirations of “marriage equality”.

Is this unartful mess a fatal gaffe? No.  At least it doesn’t have to be.

Dr. Ben Carson is high on the list of presidential aspirants because of one thing.  A couple of years ago at the annual prayer breakfast,  while in the presence of President Obama,  Dr. Ben Carson challenged the basis and practically of Obamacare.  The act of speaking truth to power launched his political career.  Everywhere people who are tired of government over-reach saying to themselves,  “This is the guy we’ve been waiting for.” 

So, when Dr. Carson attacked the basic notions of the gay lobby, many Americans thought,  “Finally, here’s a guy who is up to the task of challenging the runaway gay lobby machine…even though his language was imprecise and incomplete.

After Carson tangled with Cuomo,   I had a chance to speak with several of his Iowa supporters.  Seeing the usual thuggery of the Gaystopo,  I observed that the only way Carson’s gaffe could seriously hurt him was that if he were to back off and go squishy.  I advised that if Dr. Carson really folded on this, his candidacy could be seriously damaged.

I advised,  “Don’t fold.  Dr. Carson is on solid ground.  He needs some help with gay-speak , but stay the course. The culture is fed up with the intolerance of the gay agenda.  Give us some hope and the party’s base will come to your support, in droves.”

Just a couple hours later, Dr. Carson folded.  Not purdy.  He thought that if he could find a reasonable, middle ground,  the gay lobby would back off and reconsider him to be harmless.   

Dr. Carson doesn’t know that the gay lobby has moved on from any middle ground compromises.   They are SCOTUS bound, one opinion away from same gender marriage being declared a Constitutional right.  Do you think they will back off now and accept civil union?  Nope.

The Gay Lobby takes no prisoners and is incapable of compromise, unlike most political causes.   They win—we lose.

Therefore,  for the purposes of running for office,  any office Dr. Ben Carson should offer:

1 This issue is personal, not political.  It is nobody’s business what private parties do with their privates.

2. He wants nothing to do with gay issues.  And he wants nothing of them either. 

3.  It’s still, Get out of my face, my wallet, and stay away from the kids. And stop misusing the courts to acquire what majority votes won’t give you.

Dr. Ben Carson tumbled over the gay trip wire set to make him stumble.  He can recover from this only if he does to the gay agenda what he did to the Obamacare agenda.

He must blow the whistle on the fraud and speak truth with compassion and dignity.  He doesn’t need to be abusive,  or aggressive to resist the social and legal claims of the gay agenda.

But he does need to know the history, language, tactics and commitment of the lobby.  And he won’t be able to avoid the issue as he promised himself he would.  

He will face variations of these questions forever,  even if he decides a presidential run is not in his future.   As of right now, the gay lobby has marginalized him as the Michelle Bachman or Sarah Palin of this election cycle.  It will be the last thing people will remember of his political legacy if he doesn’t man up.

Making nice will leave him behind. 



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Senator Rand Paul…issues.  Rep. Zack Nunn,  Iowa issues.  Then,  has Dr. Ben Carlson’s flip on the gay issue burned his Iowa base?  Phil Fishman says global warming-climate change theory is junk science.

Direct download: mickelson-2105-03-06.mp3
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Colin Flaherty says Don’t Make the Black Kids Mad.  Racial Profiling.  Dr. Merrill Mathews says no matter what SCOTUS decides about Obamacare, confusion will reign.  And why shouldn’t rich people pay more for fines than poor people do? Like they do in Finland.

Direct download: mickelson-2015-03-05.mp3
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The National Draft Ben Carson for President has been successful. Dr. Ben Carson has jumped into the race.  Vernon Robinson explains.  Then, the science of suppressors.  A historical slice of Patrick Henry.   Dr. Paul Kengor looks at The Communist: Frank Marshall Davis,  The Untold Story of Barack Obama’s Mentor…agrees with Mayor Giuliani.   Krista Kaine, Stands between the Worlds.

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Iowans think about adoption alternatives.  Netenyahu addresses congress on the Iranian threat.  Iowans were there…Tamara Scott reports.   And Iowan Matt Devries get an audience with Fed Chair Janet Yellin. 


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Barry Snell from Iowa Firearms Coalition and gun guru Peter Brownell updates us on Obama’s  bullet-grabbing executive order and Iowa 2nd Amendment legislation.   Then, Iowa DNR is dropping the farm fish stocking program.  Why?  Kevin Baskin explains.  

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