Wednesday February 20 2008

First,  Representative Lance Horbach with a smoking ban update.  Scary and Hilarious.    Senator Paul McKinley  with a progress report on SF 3097...he concludes this isn't about raising the standards of Iowa's education system,  but a power grab by educrats to kill off local control.    Worse,   the core of the core curriculum  is rotten (constructivist).  


And for something really different...  last week I had a chance to visit the Jacobson Academy at George Washington Carver Elementary school in Des Moines.   It is a co-operative effort amongst the school,  the Boys and Girls Club of Central Iowa  and Judy Hintz from Educational Resources.   It is a pilot program designed as an afternoon after school remedial program for academically distress kids.    I was invited to a roundtable discussion of the evaluation of phase one....about 4 months into the program.   Plus a sample of the actual classroom demonstration.   Very cool.    (Please excuse the poor camera work...  I'm a radio guy, ok?  with an el cheapo flip cam)

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