"D" Day in the USA...Obama...Debt quotes from the past.    Senator Rand Paul reacts the the Obama speech.    Mark Mix coming to speak for Professional Educators in Iowa.  Congressman Thad McCotter,  presidential candidate...issues.    Nuther presidential candidate,  Fred Karger...wants to debate Michelle Bachman's husband..    George Terwilliger is an attorney who says the government is criminalizing everything....then,  the power of propaganda...and how to neutralize it.

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Gary Johnson wants to be president...issues.    Judy Hintz can fix what ails the education system...let's let her.

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Col Albert Ringgenberg is taking on Senator Mike Gronstal for his Iowa Senate seat.  Issues.  Then,  Bruce Mehlman is supporting the AT&T and T-Mobile merger.   Then,  taking apart the tactics of the gay lobby being used to target Bob Vander Plaats from The Family Leader.

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Jan Goode from Des Moines' Grace Church is partnering with some folks in Joplin, MO   to help them collect clothes and school supplies for the kids displaced by the devastation of a town flattening tornado.  Then,  rescuing dogs and kids.  How should we think about it?


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Suzette Jensen & Marty Mauk Co-Chairs of the Committee for a Representative School Board wants a better geographic representation in the district.   Congressman Steve King with more on debt ceiling debate...then Kim Lehman from Save Our States wants to protect the Electoral College.

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Revenuers are busting farmers at the border?  Rest of the story.   Gov George Pataki in Iowa advocating "No American Debt"...  then some Iowa prisoners complaining about the room service.

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Senator Harkin goes off on "deadbeat debt Republicans" and "fringe cultist" Bachman supporters.   Judy Hintz brings in a panel of education insiders who describe what's broke and talk about how to fix it.   Senator Mike Lee with "The Freedom Agenda".

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Dang the heat anyhow...ways to beat it.   Jeff Burkett...Iowa Firearms Coalition with a 2nd Amendment Weekend Rally.  Then, whose "shared sacrifice" ...Iowan's respond.

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More on the Boswell home invasion story.  Then, more from candidate Tim Pawlenty on issues and answers.  Police spokesman Sgt. Christopher Scott explains the law.

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Cannabinomics:  The Marijuana Policy Tipping Point  Dr. Chris Fichtner says current pot policy is expensive, stupid and unhealthy.    Then,  Bernake says gold isn't money...correcting his historical illiteracy.  What does the Constitution say money is?    Then,  Congressman Boswells resists a home invasion...with a shotgun.

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