Iowans react to the upcoming Mayday "A Day Without Immigrants".. but, not in the way organizers were hoping for though,  and to the new Hispanic version of the National Anthem,  Nuestro Himno.

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How about a great public school success!   Woodlawn Elementary School kindergarten teacher Patti Fiderlick has her class reading at the 2nd Grade level!  How?  With a highly creative phonics course. Congressman Steve King wonders why the Register  did a response to a King editorial  which they didn't choose to print in the paper.   Then,  culture warrior Gary DeMarr  talks about the theology of immigration.

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"Why Birds Sing"    David Rothenberg.  Really.   Kevin McLaughlin with  Iowans for Discounted Taxes  want to bribe seniors to stay in Iowa.    "Leading from the Front"   Courtney Lynch a Marine with a mission to teach leadership.   Then,  Iowa immigration redux.
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Another pit bull mauls a child i n Iowa.   Nuff?   Spirited debate.    Tama County Assistant Prosecutor Richard VanderMey gives the inside story on the cost of law enforcement and illegal aliens.

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I busted my compassion gland.   How come?   Then,  the internet chain letter re:  the Brown Recluse Spider.   The pictures are awful.   The stories Iowans tell are worse... totally justifiying my  arachnobia.     Then,   Iowa City educrats get rolled  by a Wisconsin atheist  Annie-Laurie Gaylor.     The plug gets pulled on a volunteer  fundraiser basketball game,  designed to raise money to repair tornado damage on St Patrick's Church after atheists threaten to sue.   Chuck Hurley says his organization,   The Iowa Family Policy Center,  will defend any Iowa institution in the future against any future bogus threats.  1-877-866-IFPC
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Democrats say Iowa lacks diversity,  so we should lose our first in the nation position for presidential politics.  What about universal tagging of farm animals?   Dr. Stanley Greenspan talks about "Engaging Autism" .    Then,  Tim Hamilton says it ain't Arabs and Ethanol driving up gas prices.   Guess who? 

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John Cox for President 2008.   Throwing out the first presidential pitch.  Then,  what to do when a high school editorial cartoon assignment doesn't pass the ideological teacher test.

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Eyal Press  and "Absolute Convictions"  the story of early abortion wars in Buffalo.  Then,  the President can't control his own front yard.   Peter LaBarbara  with Americans for Truth  talks about the sexual politicizing of an Easter Egg roll.   Lotsa open conversation about stuff.


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 Graduation rates  in Des Moines schools are dropping,  but Jonathan Narcisse says it's worse than you think.   Then,  what do we want to say to the Rev Fred "Billy-Bob" Phelps?  He gets a bit piece of Iowa's mind.

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The Hollywood film industry has ADHD.    All the big money makers affirm traditional values, yet they produce garbage.  Why?  Dr. Ted Baehr with MovieGuide.     Then  Dr. Chad Rohlfsen  says Iowans would have done better without the mumps innoculation.   How did we get the income tax anyhow?

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