Brian Peskin with another update on health and EFA's.    Iowa peace activists, David Goodner and Alton Davis,  are "bugged" by FBI surveillance.  They think you should be worried too.   Con Mike Pence is coming to Iowa...  issues.

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Lusting after new technology?  Who were the "officials" who met Obama in Iowa?  Lotsa open conversation.

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Alan Walker has landed a bunch of money for Upper Iowa University.   Congrats.  Most Dangerous jobs?   We can't get past #10...truck drivers.    Bruce Feiler talks about "America's Prophet"...Moses.     Then the judicial retention movement is on the move.   "Justice Not Poltics" ?   YAGOTTABEKIDDIN'....  no group could be more political.  Just read the list of coalition supporters!    Who are they tryin' to kid?    Even George Soros is funding the so-called "merit-based"  selection process.    The rest of the story.  Nathan Tucker

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 Dr. Tommy Mitchell from Answers in Genesis tells about the Jurassic Prank: a Dino Tale... (Speaking Monday night 7 pm at Grace Church)... then,  The Grand Design doesn't need a designer...Leonard MlodinowStephen Hawking's co-author.  

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Tom Erickson from the NRCC touts Republican issues.  An online education?   Wave of the future?   FEMA says illegals should get bailed out too.   Congressman King with a Colbert review.

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 Tony Wenck with a Saturday motorcycle event fundraiser for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program...Winterset..6-10 pm...  fun ride,  good cause.   Then,  Jonathan Narcisse,  running for Governor,  with plans to fix stuff.   Very good.  Then,  Michael Maloney talks dollars and rubles...awesome. Homeschoolers say their kids are not denied social opportunities nor lack social skills. 

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"The English is Coming" says Leslie one language is sweeping the world.  Then, Whitehouse witchcraft?  Then,  another session warning of flu shots and pregnant women.  Eileen Dannemann, Director of the National Coalition of Organized Women....Larry Hanus, activist...Dr. Mayer Eisenstein...pediatrician.   Flu shot skeptics.

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 Severe school fear syndrome?   Bunch of kids have it.   Senator Jane Cunningham from Missouri helped her state refuse Obamacare.  Should Iowa Democrats give back the tainted,  stolen money?     Then Obama's illegal alien aunt says we are obligated to make her a citizen.

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Tom Pauken,  "Bringing America Home"...pragmatic steps to restore American jobs.    Then Iowans really ARE bugged about the judiciary. 

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Siobhan O'Conner says No More Dirty Looks...nasty stuff in make-up?   Then what do you really say at a traffic stop that doesn't get you even more busted?   Congressman Steve King...issues.   Suzy.

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