Nuther Des Moines School Board Candidate, Kristine Crisman.  Issues.   Obama's speech,   McCain's VP Pick,   Iowa Central Community College President Paxton handed a $400,000 parachute with a gold-plated rip-cord.  Not enough time.

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Edgar Browning says we're "Stealing from Each Other"...  about 25%,  if you're keeping track.   Then,  responding to the heavy-metal grief following the deaths of some Iowa teenagers.   The power of music.  

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 Mary Ellen Geist...Measure of the Heart: A Father's Alzheimer's,  A Daughter's Return.   One of the sweetest stories, ever.    Edward Failor  examines the Obama's connection to a 60's radical,  William Ayers... with a snotty political commercial.   Steve Flood  is running for the Des Moines School Board.  Lotsa talk.

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Lotsa stuff...Democratic National Convention feedback.   Then,  sex abuse?   Whazzat anyhow? Sex offender? 

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Is there a link between lyme disease and autism?   Tami Duncan and Brian Rozner  make the case. Mark Stricherz tells "Why the Democrats are Blue".   Jeri Corsi on "Obama Nation"  ...then,  Suzy.

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"The Vulture Culture"...  Eric Gerst says the US insurance industry is in for a financial fall.   Congressman Steve King talks about energy.  T-Boone Pickens  does the same.  Senator Sam Brownback talks about presidential politics.

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Christopher Reed wants Senator Tom Harkin's job.  Then,   "What is your Explosive Child Trying to Tell you?"   Then,  Rob Hubler  wants Congressman Steve King's job.

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"The Case Against Barack Obama"  David Freddoso.   Michael Klare  tries to make sense of the Russian invasion of Georgia.  "Rising Powers"...  then,    Doug Wilson  is a classical education activist.   An inspiration.  

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Mike Pike is running for Des Moines School Board.  Issues.   Joe S. McIlhaney on Hooked:  New Science on How Casual Sex is Affecting Our Children   says,  we are wired for monogamy... sorry.    Then a grade school teacher opens class.

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 Senator Paul Mckinley  back from Turkey...culture and education.    Iowa novelist Patrick Culhane  with his latest, "Red Sky in Morning".   Lotsa Fair jabber.

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