David Macaulay with the "Way We Work"...the body illustrated.  Chuck Hurley  with an update on the Tim Gill effect on Iowa politics...and judicial ratings.   Mariannette Miller-Meeks  running for congress in 2nd district.  Then,   Eric Hanson from KCCI back from an Iowa mission trip to Haiti.  What a story!   Robert Chandler  says with are in the start-up phase of a new cold war.  Shadow World.   Michael Waddell  worries about the 2nd Amendment.

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Jeffrey Meyer, circuit ridin' theologian,  coming to Iowa to speak.   Eric Kohlsdorf  wants to represent the 61st District.  Father Frank Bognanno  goes off on a billboard.

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Is hanging Sarah Palin's effigy a hate crime?  Then,  Stu Iverson,  Party Chair of the Republican Party of Iowa talks issues.  Then,  Iowa's real estate bubble busted.  So will we reassess property values too?   Chair of Iowa's Property Assessment Appeals Board,  Dick Stradley...with the rest of the story.

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Kent Sorenson wants to be the representative from Iowa's 74th district.   Then Harold Holzer  makes comparisons between "Lincoln: President Elect"  and now.   Then,  Harkin sound from the archives.

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"Something for the Pain" Paul Austin...then,   David Horowitz  assess how far left this election is taking us.    More feedback on the Harkin-Chris Reed debate.   Vigorous.

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David Bossie producer of  "Hype:The Obama Effect".     Then, Michael Maloney  with a "Guide to Investing in Gold and Silver" 

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"The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Civil War" ...HW Crocker kills some clichés'.    Then lotsa conversation 'bout everthang.

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Dawn Stefanowicz  tells about the impact of homosexual parenting...as a survivor. Out From Under   Then,  Jack Cashill says Obama didn't write his own book,  Dreams of My Father. Bill Ayres did.   Kim Schmett  wants to be a congressman.

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Lots talk...Biden's loose lips...Acorn gives nuts a bad name...nuther cherry from Congressman Barney....etc.

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Sergio Bambaren tells the story of a dreamer, "The Dolphin"...he swims with dolphins.  Richard Pearson  from the Illinois Rifle Association  reports on the Obama's 2nd Amendment history.   David Funk  with Sportsman for McCain.

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