Roger McEowen has the bad news.  Trial lawyers 1,  Iowa farmers 0.   I lost the bet.    Vic Switzer drives us to drink and smoke...steel guitar festival..May 5th Knights of Columbus Hall,  Marshalltown.  Then,  University of Iowa has a new app... vaccine refusers...  Huh?

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Senator Bertrand Brimley, with SF 232, with the Cinnamon Control make cinnamon a controlled substance because of the "Cinnamon Challenge"...   Then the Boy Scouts of America are getting bullied by the gay lobby. Peter Sprigg from the Family Research Council and John Stemberger from On My Honor...

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David Keane and Kane Robinson from the NRA explain recent 2nd Amendment issues.  And its Derelict Building Season in Iowa.   And I don't have a thing to wear.

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More nonsense from the gun grabbers refuted...a pickup profaned...Frosty Woolrich agrees that the melting pot is busted.  Chuck Morse tells who busted it.

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A kitchen utensil chain pulls pressure cookers from the shelves... Iowans let off steam.   Then,  US News gives Iowa High School Ratings.  No Child Left Behind disagrees.   Iowa Live sorts it out.   Then,  another pit bull kills another kid.  Disgust.

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Dr. Kevin Leman with the "Way of the Wise"... he thinks you can put wisdom in a book...he's right.  Then,  the political class says a prisoner can't pay off his victim early.  The political class wants problem gamblers to be able to contribute to government again.  And should ATV's be allowed on Iowa's county roads?  Iowan's have opinions about it all.

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Congressman Steve King...issues and answers.  Chris Lamb with great insight into the career and meaning of Jackie Robinson..."Blackout"... inside the "42" movie.  Then, Mike Adams "Letters to a Young Progressive"... how to avoid wasting your life protesting things you don't understand.   Delicious.

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Iowans are riveted by the drama in Boston...and where is the media with apologies to Congressman Steve King?   Laryngitis?

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Dan Becker is coming to Iowa from Personhood USA...wants to rebuild the ethic of life in Iowa.   Award winning documentary "Stuck" is coming to Fleur Cinema Monday April 22 at 7pm...dealing with international adoption issues. Craig Juntunen is the producer.    And things that go BOOM at Buena Vista.  

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Walid Shoebat  makes "The Case for Isalamophobia"...and deals with the terror connections of the "person of interest".   Robert Spencer "The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam and the Crusades"...necessary historical perspective.  Then,  what the heck is a stick shift?

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