Garland Scott takes us back to First Things in gang activity and fixin' what ails us all. Douglas Hurley has a gadget which can help teach newbies to shoot accurately.   Tom Coates updates us on inroads the gambling lobby is planning.  Then, should farming be considered a vice?  And be regulated by the Gaming Commision?  

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Senator Randy Feenstra tells why that big new fertilizer plant is a good idea and worth Iowa's tax credit awards.  Senator Mark Chelgren worries about SF233 and its effect upon 2nd Amendment issues.  Jeanie Eller is a phonics expert. Action Reading.  Jeff Burkett from the Iowa Firearms Coalition says SF233 has even more issues.  And another session deals with Raw Milk legislation.  Plus some basketball sports talk.  Lotsa stuff.

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Today... snow day...  mostly dedicated to Iowans giving each other traffic reports.   

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Eating Disorders?  Iowans?  Michelle Roling talks about an upcoming "I am Enough" conference to help.  Senator Mark Chelgren...interesting legislative issues.  Then, Iowa kids form shooting clubs for skeet competition.  Representatives from Pella Christian School... Todd McQueen, Principal Darryl De Ruiter..Richard Vander Vort... Nathan Vander Vort...Shena Van Wyke...coaches and shooters.  Then NICHE Capitol Day...Vicki Crawford, Jamie Johnson, Brian Bopp, and John Desaulniers are home school activist and will participating at the conference.  Busy morning.

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Can you pass the citizenship test?  Analyzing some of the answers.  John Lott say we are At the Brink...economic black hole.  And dropping dead mice on Guam.   

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School-based plans for defending children from violent attackers.  Indianola Superintendent Michael Teigland with practical insight.  Dr. Peter Breggin really, REALLY doesn't respect widespread use of drugs to deal with mental issues...and he is a psychiatrist.  Mike Chapman thinks wrestling will be re-included in the next Olympics.  The rest of the story.

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David Drew wants to STEM the Tide.  How to encourage Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in Iowa schools.  Kevin Welner want to get rid of the Electoral College system entirely.   Then,  a Colorado Democrat really does think the "pen is mightier than the sword".  At least the ball point ones are.

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Crosstalk...area churches celebrate the  Easter season by encouraging the public display of crosses.  Pastor Phil Winfield.    James Bovard  is the Public Policy Hooligan...reports that if you don't hire convicts you could go to jail.   AJ Spiker talking about an upcoming pro-life celebration including Fox commentator, Mike Huckabee.  Economist Alice Rivilin  with the Fix the Debt campaign.  Jim Hawkins with Professional Educators of Iowa with survey results.  (Dr. Ben Carson scheduled for this morning,  missed his slot...sorry....will try again)

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A review of the legislative week.  Then,  an immodest proposal. Why can't  the same logic of the bully bill legislation be applied to a bunch of other social issues?  Salt of the earth Iowans are afraid to spank their own kids?  Justified?

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Steven Kennedy and Aaron Powell are with the Heart of Iowa Classical Guitar Society.   Purdy stuff. Upcoming concert.  (February 17th, Valentine Serenade, 2pm Capitol Hill Lutheran Church)  Then, can you get busted for drunk driving by just sitting in a parked car?  Apparently, yup.   Charles Bowden interviews a Mexican assassin "El Sicario".     Chilling

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