What goes into getting a permit to carry a gun?.  Michael Ware walks guest host Ross Peterson through the process.

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Friday openline... Whazzup with Iowa eggs?   The stimulus package visits Iowa...some Iowan's aren't too stimulated.   Then,  Congressman Steve King reactions to Obama's defacto amnesty plan.

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David Walker and  Robert Bixby say it's way past time to repair the debt mess in Washington.   Then,  the Des Moines police department tries to amend the record of the Fair-related violence by downplaying the race issue.  Did it work?

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Publisher, author and economic guru Steve Forbes...issues... then,  following up on the racial violence in Des Moines.   "Officials want to learn what caused fair-ground area assaults"...  ya gotta be kindin'.

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David Limbaugh lists Obama's  "Crimes Against Liberty"...issues.   Then, what is our responsibility toward the mentally challenged?   Then, racial attacks Iowa State Fair goers... the rest of the story... powerful.

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Eric Cooper is the Libertarian Party candidate for Governor....issues.  Then,  what do know about the 911 Mosque Imman guy?  Dr. Laura is gonna quit....why?    Why now?

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Congressman Steve King...issues.   Nathan Tucker and Craig Robinson call for an Iowa Constitutional Convention...judicial issues.  Then,  Justin Krebs suggests 538 Ways to Work, Live and Play like a Liberal.   A fight breaks out over who owns the Golden Rule.  Still under arbitration.

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Ed Failor
 from Iowans for Tax relief...issues.   Jonathan Narcisse running for governor as an independent...issues.   Then,  a Republican victim of propaganda.    Whoops.



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Congressman Tom Latham...issues.  Sen Rick Santorum...issues.  Fred Karger...issues.

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Lotsa openline time...  Palinisms....and culture war...fierce.

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