David Funk talks about airline security and politics.   Christopher Rants rates the Iowa budget woes.   Steve Luebke from Toyota explains the recent recall issues.   Then open-line conversation about the census. 

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Post SOTU address feedback and answering listener emails.   Vigorous.

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Cliff Kincaid from Accuracy in Media gives us the rest of the story on the Uganda gays and aids hustle.  Then,  Dan Kish thinks wind energy is so much hype.   Lotsa talk

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Nate Wilson has written a trilogy of children's books...the 100 Cupboards series...also finished a documentary for the National Geographic Channel on  "Reproducing the Shroud"...of Turin.   then,   Bob Vander Platts is running for governor.   Then, An ethanol mandate for Iowa?

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Rob DeStefano with Muscle Medicine...an owner's manual... good stuff.   Iowa bashed again by more weather...  Congressman Steve King...issues...

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Iowa has a John Wayne birthplace museum in Winterset....Brian Downs is the director.    Matt Strawn chair Iowa Republican Party Chair  invites folks to the weekend Caucuses... plus a fake Catholic group punks the faith community with a gay marriage fatwa.

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Dissecting propaganda for fun and profit...the Ken Ham dissects "Creation" the movie about the life of Darwin.  Gregg Easterbrook serves up a "Sonic Boom"...  then,  connecting the dots...the homeless...native 'mericans...and  Haitians.  Full day.

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Lotsa Ice Day conversation...then, Harley's Five Factor Diet"...plus a shaman opens the new Iowa legislative session... sigh

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Another visit with the MUGS boys.    I was asked to speak with Men Under Grace.   This time,  the role of the Christian and Politics,     "The Christian Prince".   Fantastic book

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Jim Halihan and team ( Dr Greg Peterson and Tracey Kepley) ,   want our kids to get fit too.    Then,  Iowans wonder about what to do about Haiti.

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