Lisa Bloom describes our Suspicion Nation.  Race and Politics in the USA.  Dr. Cal Beisner takes a bite out of the EPA for failing to hold themselves accountable.  And talking about Resisting the Green Dragon. Then, the continuing saga of the persecution of  UofI president, Sally Mason.  Libs are consuming their own.  An entertaining horror show.  

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Gov. Jan Brewer vetoes Arizona's religious freedom law.  So how should the tension between  "non-discrimination" vs "religious freedom"  be resolved?  Iowans make a stab at it.

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Harley Geiger from the Deputy Director of the Freedom Security and Surveillance Project drums up support the US Freedom act to secure privacy  and security rights for Americans.  Michelle Chrystal pushes to repeal Iowa's Common Core Smarter Balanced Assessment Program.   Then University of Iowa President Sally Mason gets bullied by confused activists.


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David Schultz says it's time to fix "Election Law and Democratic Theory".  He says it's broke.  Rev. Demastus talks about an upcoming Men's Conference.  Michio Kaku describes "The Future of the Mind" .   And the knockout game has come to Ames Iowa?

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Congressman Steve King talks issues...and wonders if the Putin AND US should learn from the Ukrainian uprising and another look at the egg wars.   David Holt, Consumer Energy Alliance with a look at our energy future.  Gov Branstad is in Washington, on MSNBC.  And if engineers get paid so much,  why aren't we producing more of them?  What ever happened to supply and demand?

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Wesley Smith talks about the War on Humans.  He says the neo-pagan animal rights movement is toxic to people.   John Stewart plays fast and loose with an ID story.  Ryan Mauro says Iowa is on an FBI list which contains concerns about Muslims of American "villages".   And a couple of Iowa teenagers are in deep shinola over the killing of a American Bald Eagle. 

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The Midwest Israeli Consul General, Roey Gilad,  talks about US-Israeli issues.  Then the sugar-corn syrup wars heat up with a "buy the science guy" technique.  And a vending machine mugger doesn't get workmen's comp just cuz he used a fork-lift on one. Iowa weather becomes news.  And Rep Greg Heartsill wants to toughen Iowa abortion laws.  Pro-aborts aren't amused.

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The Iowa Birth Organization is promoting decriminalizing mid-wifery.  Mandi Hillman and Megan Day-Suhr are doulas.  Vigorous conversation with them and a bunch of Iowans on both sides of the issue.

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Dave Hendricks introduces us to Connecticut Yankee Pedaller in Chariton.  And are truckers hiding something?  It's illegal even to have a place to hide stuff.  Then, attorney Lance LoRusso reviews the Michael Dunn verdict. When Cops Kill.  Before you "stand your ground" consider the consequence.  Then nutty things done in the name of religion.

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Joe Meints talks common sense about drug addiction...St. Gregory Retreat Center.  Thomas Fleming describes the biggest mistake committed by President Thomas Jefferson that nobody ever heard of.  "A Disease in the Public Mind: A New Understanding of Why We Fought the Civil War"  Os Guinness in Iowa to suggest how The Global Public Square can strengthen religious freedom.

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