A Treat for Mickelson in the Morning  listeners.    His Christmas Special.    (For those with broad band connections....sorry dial-uppers....)

Xmas One

Xmas Two

Xmas Three

Xmas Four

Merry Christmas folks.   Thanks for a great year. 

PS   Do Not Open Until Christmas   

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Christmas odds and ends...The Queen of Iowa  and the story of the song....Santa must be a girl.. then real examples of Iowa guardian angels.   Iowans tell great stories don't they?

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"Solzhenitsyn Reader"   Edward Ericson  records the best and brightest Soviet Refusnik...then,  Laurence Gonzalez  explains when in crisis,  Who Lives, Who Dies, and Why...  Deep Survival.   Would Jesus Shop at Walmart?  Chris Kofinis from  Wake Up Walmart.

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Jerome Corsi talks about the "Showdown with Nuclear Iran"... oil, immigration and the real economy.  Whew!    Then,  Iowan's respond to Governor Vilsack's ire against the Swift bust.

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Jeff Traviss is my tech talk guru.  A pre-Christmas dose of techie wisdom about high definition TVs.  Then,  trying to make sense of a couple city council moves.  At the very moment they outlaw smoking in parking garages,  they give permission to 16 year olds  to go to smoke-filled bars....  

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The Blank Park Zoo wants to expand...into Fort Des Moines.  Zoo director Terry Rich with the story.   Then,  a bunch of openline.

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"Word Sweep"  Iowans play the game with its inventor, Clay Siegert.   Then,  more reaction to the Swift illegal immigrant bust.  Con Steve King with more feedback.

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Jason Mrochek from We Hire Aliens  talks about the Iowa Swift bust.   Then California congressman Duncan Hunter is in Iowa beginning his presidential run.   (He wants to go pheasant hunting this weekend  December 16th with some returning Iowa Iraq war vets...703-909-0148)

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Hundreds of Swift employees get busted for breaking and entering the country illegally.  What does it mean?  Iowans respond.  Big time.

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Top 5 reasons not to give a pet for Christmas.  Diane Pomerance is a pet companion expert.   Then,  did you know that the President's Oval Office desk was once part of a ghost ship named  "Resolute"  ?

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