Chuck Hurley and Mike Hartwig from the Iowa Family Policy Council  react a judge's overturning of Iowa's gay marriage ban.  Lotsa discussion.

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Ravi Batra says all economic hell is shortly gonna break loose,  then  "The New Golden Age" can begin.   So,  what's an imprecatory prayer anyhow.  A world class example.   Then,  Iowa Representative Jeff Kaufmann  author of the bill which "fixed" Iowa's eminent domain law is worried about new takings wrinkles.

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Ok, it's summer-fall and school is starting and already dismissing early for heat...should be move Iowa to a year around schedule.  Great Iowa conversation.      Gov. Mike Huckabee  with issues. 

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Don Feder  has some fun at the expense of a Dutch bishop.  Allah darn nit anyhow.   Then,  Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson says the Michael Vick come to Jesus apology is a scam.

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Dick Fredericks and Dr. Gene Fokken from Iowalive,   talk about what to do to repair the damage to Iowa's education system.  Then,  lotsa openline with a couple of modest proposals.

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Bob Dane  from FAIR describes what the "sanctuary status" means.   Dave Leach, activist and musician,  says social conservatives are wrong about immigration and makes a Biblical case for open borders. 

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"Statements of the LDS First Presidency" answers the question definitively. "Is there such a thing as a pro-choice Mormon"?   Gary James Bergera says,  "No"?     Congressman Steve King  with  his own progress report on the Iraq War.  

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It's the semi-often Something Stupid Day...  ridding ourselves of stupidity build-up syndrome.  SDS.

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Applying the "investment model" to Iowa's education system.   Uncomfortable questions for uncomfortable taxpayers.  Then,  when did Iowa join the ranks of "sanctuary states"?   The rest of the story.

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Jonathan Narcisse wants to on the Des Moines School Board.    PLLLLEEEZZZZEEEE !   For the love of GAWD...elect him this time so the rest of us can get some peace.   Thank you very much.   Then,   to whack or not to whack ,   that is the question.

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