Tony Blankley  advocates true "American Grit" ...what it will take to survive and win in the 21st American Century.    Then, the upcoming Red Flannel Run.. .Kathy Strottman from Riverfront YMCA and Mary Greig fitness practitioner....  lotsa stuff....  Harry Reid said what?   Golly..  the Lutherans til we die?   Listen.   Then,   have you ever heard of Bishop Castle?  Great story of American individualism.

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Barbara Comstack from the Workforce Fairness Institute   takes on the "card check" issue.   Then,   an Iowa artist does some performance art  on inauguration day.   Snotty.    Then,  the word police analyze the term "suicide victim".   Iowans have a powerful story to tell.   Then,  what a cutie!

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 A fella with a horror story.  A failed marriage with kids and the court won't enforce it's own rulings.  Then,  Dr. Scott Taylor  with health, food, and diet advice.   Then,  Battling Big Box  with Henry nimble niche companies can outmaneuver giant competitors

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What's the G.I. Diet Clinic?  (Glycemic Index) Rick Gallop with info.   Then,  guess which group is demanding a 6.5% pay hike during an economic downturn?   Guess again.  A big rock gets over-turned.  BTW,  how well does that school district rank?

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Bob Vander Plaats  (web site) gets his gubernatorial race under way with the endorsement of former State Auditor Dick Johnson and GOP Assistant House Leader Jodi Tymeson.    Then Stacey Cargill and Mitch Henry follow the gambling money in Iowa politics.   

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Elizabeth Crawford from RADAR (Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting) says the VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) has caused more problems  than it has fixed.  Then, is it ok to beat up adulterers?   Really.  You'll have to listen.  And an appropriate song by Rehab.   Then,  for no particular reason.  (large video download)

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Leo Kim is into "Healing the Rift: bridging the Gap Between Science & Spirituality"   Jay Budziszewski  says, "Ask Me Anything" we do.    Casey Luskin from Discovery Institute writes about  "Traipsing into Evolution" science standards in Texas should allow for evolution to be open for critique.   Congressman Steve King wins one for Ramos and Campeon.   Vigorous.  Then the most inspirational video I've seen in a long time.

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The Iowa connection to the "Blood in the Cage" ... Sports Illustrated writer Jon Wertheim talks about Pat Miletich and the rise of Mixed Martial Arts.    Then,   Ramos and Compean finally are given their freedom...the Congressman King connection.      And what brought down that plane into the Hudson River?

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So,  should we have mandatory national service for our kids?   Time to make hand held cell phones illegal in Iowa?

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Iowans worry about the effects of cold on livestock.    Then, Christopher Horner  describes the "Red Hot Lies"  of the global warming scam.   Reaction to the last Bush speech.   Then,  Suzy.

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