Dr. Donald Palmisano with The Coalition to Protect Patients Rights describes what to do now that Obamacare has been ruled Constitutional.   Congressman King with the same question.    Monsignor Bognanno says the the Church won't implement the parts of Obamacare which violates God's law.  Period.    Then,  purdy celtic music....coming to Iowa ...Iona.

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SCOTUS drops the Obamacare decision.  Iowans evaluate. Shona Holmes a medical refugee from Canada says the USA shouldn't go the Candian route.

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Ames Iowa is thinking about adding video security cameras in Campustown.   Should they?   Iowans discuss the tension between freedom and security.  Vigorous.

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Some Iowa guys get busted for "noodling"...  their stash of catfish fillets confiscated....as well as their boat.  Who knew?

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Dan Charleston wants to be Polk County Sheriff.  Issues.   Jim Rickards revisits "Currency Wars"...who is winning?  Then,  Governor Branstad yanks voting rights of felons.  Right Thing To Do?

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(Editor's Note:  for those of you outside of Iowa who only heard a 30 second sound byte from this podcast,  feel free to listen to the entire podcast.  Baiting a politician isn't hate speech...might be clumsy sometimes,  but it isn't hate speech.  And worse,  it didn't even work... Latham didn't fall for it, darn it.) 

Congressman Tom Latham...issues.  Nuns on the Bus  say Congressman Ryan is a "liar, liar, pants on fire" Catholic.  Plus, Urbandale has a zero tolerance philosophy against bottle rockets.  

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Now dinosaur parts are under the jurisdiction of Homeland Security?  Dang Muslim T-Rexes,  anyway.    Tim  Pawlenty on Romney's short list?  Good idea?   Then, a spot on the Earth even more gullible and poltically correct than Iowa.

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Paul Hill tells how to have "The Panic Free Job Search"... Dan Kish says our energy future is bright,  but being clouded by politicians.   Obama-care reps are in Iowa to explain how the new system will work.  Julie Brookhart and Nancy Rios from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.     Then,  guess who is the "bully" now?

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What to do with old technology?  Always Goodwill.   Kennedy-Nixon debates...just as dreary as modern ones...only the names are changed.   Then,  The Road Home...Barbara Lukavsky's story of loss, danger and life. 

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"Kill or Capture"... Daniel Klaidman talks about Obama's war on terror.  Then,  Iowans give a post-convention review.

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