Congressman Steve King defends Rush...issues.   Then,  26% of Americans trust government.   The rest of us are cynical...says CNN.  ?

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TV 13 with a report on the Iowa Athletic Association...then openline.

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 Doug Wilson debated Christopher Hitchens on the God question.  Collision is the result.  Delicious.    Then,  another edu-babble atrocity.  A 12 year old girl is suspended for bringing an expended "blank" shotgun shell to school.   Sigh.

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Atheists offer an after rapture pet care service.   A lawmaker wants tax credits for pets.   Brian Clement says most of your vitamins are worthless.   James Frogue says healthcare fraud is worse than we thought.  Plus,  a crabby homeschooler answers the cliches'. 

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Jaime Vendera,  voice coach to a bunch of rockers,  actually CAN bust wine glasses with his voice...they guy on Mythbusters.   Advice for anyone who does voice work.   Then,  outsourcing jobs to Mexico while Iowa's political class imports workers from Mexico... a win-win?   AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGG!

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Openline Friday...Rabbi Rambo?  Rabbi Gary Moskowitz of the Tzedek Task Force on Counter Terrorism says Rabbis, Priests and Pastors should carry guns in the pulpit to protect their flocks...and he can train 'em.  917-916-4681 .   Then Polk County Sherriff Bill McCarthy takes up the cause of illegal aliens in a joint press conference.

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David Rosen and Sex Scandal America...spirited...Then,  Iowa schools will take a funding hit.  To avoid property tax hikes,  what should the public do? 

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Craig Shirley with A Rendezvous with Destiny...a close look at the political rise of Ronald Reagan.   David Perry from Trend Micro tells of internet security issues....for everyone.    Then,  thousands of Iowans are called up to Afghanistan.  Why?

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A local activist, Dr. Alan Koslow with health care reform ideas...lively discussion.

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Suzy Cohen brings light to SAD.   Roy Beck scolds some Evangelicals over their endorsement of an amnesty of illegals.   Rev Carroll Pickett in Iowa lobbying against the death penalty. 

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