Addiction issues.. Joe Mientz is director of admissions at an Iowa-based treatment center. (888-778-5833)   Impressive.   Brad Erlich with some Iowa economic news.  Lotsa open-line conversation,  including a fellow who builds western leather gear and talks about gun fighters...Will Ghormley.

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Wanna know how treaties can amend the US Bill of Rights in the US Constitution?   James Hirsen can tell you...cuz he predicted it.   Congressman Steve King reacts to the Arizona judge on immigration law,  and blows the lid off the USDA Pigford scam and the Shirley Sherrod connection.  Don Racheter documents Iowa's Privileged Class: State Government Employees.   Nathan Tucker blows the whistle on the politicization of Iowa's  judicial selection.    Vigorous stuff.

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Uh Oh...  Iowa flunks the Opie Golden Rule test.  Iowa gets a big bill from illegals...  Bob Dane from FAIR gives us the bad news.   Sen. Paul McKinley says Iowa has dropped the baton in the Race to the Top.   Mitch Henry calls for the end of dog racing in Iowa.

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Governor Terry Branstad and Auditor David Vaudt  with campaign issues.   Carrie Severino defends Senator Grassley's Kagan "No" vote.  Then,  how do treaties trump the US Constitution?   They don't,  unless dishonest politicians let them.

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Mona Kilborn, an Iowa lady from Marshalltown re-tells the horrific story of her experience...losing a family member to an illegal alien drunk driver.  Years later,  still no justice.   Iowans with vigorous views.

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Friday cafeteria of issues...everthang worth talking about....we talk about...and more.  Including peeping Toms at the airport.

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Brenna Findley wants to be AG.   Issues.    Gov Gary Johnson from New Mexico coming to Iowa...  Ragbrai...Issues.   Ambassor Michael Oren of Israel to the United States...issues.   A new program can kill phone text messages if the car is moving...issues.

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Richard Bernstein  addresses  "Duped America" ...a great legal brief against liberal clichés'.   Gov Vilsack may change mind about a fired USDA employee.  Senator Grassley votes "No" on Kagan.  Why?  And should Iowa farmers give up land so truckers can go potty? 

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Former Congressman Jim Nussle from Growth Energy is trying to expedite ethanol.   Obama wants to extend unemployment benefits.   Iowans respond

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Now Obamacare is a tax,  so it's constitutional...huh?  Lotsa openline. And Obama can't be a socialist, cuz he is an American.   Guess who said that? Spirited conversation.

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