Dr. Donald Palmisano wants to protect patient's rights.   The Bishop of the Des Moines Diocese wants universal health care for everyone, including illegals.  Then another bike death.

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Another case of "Byting Miss Reka"...   Then,  Iowalive, says Lutherans should get a vote on gay issues in the church,  not just a cherry-picked group of activists. 

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Jonathan Leaf  serves up "The Politically Incorrect Guide to The Sixties"... almost everything we remember is spin.... Then,  Congressman Steve King says he will stay in congress and not run for Governor of Iowa.   An atheist sing- a-long...plus another Walther Mitty moment.


Then,  was this really holy wind?

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Gary Pomerantz relives a famous court trial over "The Devil's Tickets"...the most famous bridge game in history.   Then,  a marine levels his aim at a liberal congressman at a townhall meeting.  Awesome.    Senator McCain muffs a question at his townhall meeting.   Vigorous.  Then some really great questions.

Terry Branstad isn't even in the race and he's already taking fire.

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 Jim Frogue says "Stop Paying the Crooks"...how Medicare waste and fraud is wrecking it for everyone. 

James R. Frogue, Author of Stop Paying the Crooks

Senator Jerry Behn announces for governor.  Issues. 

Senator Behn is also a critic of Iowa's new Core CurriculumExample?

State Sen. Jerry Behn (R-Boone) announces bid for Governor on Mickelson

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Judge Jim Gray from LEAP says we are wasting lives and money fighting the war on drugs.   Jerome Corsi tells "Why Israel Can't Wait: the Coming War Between Israel and Iran."  Then,  aren't some Christians fighting the wrong war?

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Last day of the Fair openline... healthcare nonsense...gold...more gambling in Polk County...  bunch of issues...food!

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Medical Marijuana?  Two advocates.  Bob vander Platts running for governor of Iowa.   Issues

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Congressman Tom Latham with issues.  State Senator Paul McKinley with issues.  And a DART driver suspended for refusing to drive an atheist bus.

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Dave Funk wants Congressman Leonard Boswell's job.  Along with Doug Mitchell,  founder of Operation Red State with political techie expertise.   Issues.   Congressman Steve King on the potential loss for Iowa of a congressional district resulting from the 2010 Census.  Health care issues...

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