Wednesday April 30 2008


"Safe School Ambassadors"  guru Rick Phillips inspires us to think about student power unleashed to deal with school bullies.  Rep Chris Rants  evaluates the recent legislative session plus lots spirited conversation.

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Tuesday April 29 2008

More high mileage talk...President Bush with a press conference.   And Iowa law officers note the importation of Chicago refugees to Iowa are complicating law enforcement.   The rest of the story.

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Monday April 28 2008



A new Polk County court house?  Eric Turner and Guy Cook  are for it.  George Davey is against it.  Discussion.

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Friday April 25 2008


Food prices, gas prices,  rice prices...traffic stops and what to do about scoff-laws.   Lotsa openline.

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Thursday April 24 2008


Irene Spencer is the survivor of a culture of polygamy.  What a story.  Shattered Dreams.   Lotsa openline.  High mileage race results.   Then the Day of Silence nonsense again.

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Thursday April 17 2008



Senator Paul Mckinley with a core curriculum update. A story and a video from the Waterloo Currier.   Then,  a great look at the cost of illegals on our saftey net and educaiton system. 

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Wednesday April 16 2008




Tony Nashiff  is bringing a "Preventing Abuse Conference"  to Iowa dealing with ways to end human trafficking in Iowa and US.   Found lotsa oil in South Dakota?   And the Pope builds a rest stop for illegals on their way to the US. 

(Editor's note)...   I messed up the files associations with today's and yesterday's podcast...   They had to be re-built...    that means the comment postings were nuked....sorry.    No censorship is intended....the comment section always open for any comment as long as the language is temperate and absent libel...sorry for the inconvenience.

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Tuesday April 15 2008



Brad Smith  chases pests for a livin'.... I may never stay at a motel again....ever.     Expelled is in the theatres.  Professor Gonzalez  is out at ISU.   ISU wins the 2008 Campus Outrage Award for classroom bias.  Bitter 'bout Obama?

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Monday April 14 2008


Bill Dix  doesn't think we oughta expand the LOST tax state-wide....forever.   Then,  immigration attorney James Benzoni explains the gospel of open-borders.

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Friday April 11 2008



Tony Wilson producer of "The Final Season",  an Iowa-made baseball inspirational movie.  Coming out on DVD this month.  "Kitchen Literacy"  Ann Vileisis,  hates margarine as much as I do.  The CIETEC comedy hour continues...then SUZY!

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