Dr. Christine Horner evaluates the effectiveness of screening makes nutritional recommendations.  Dr. Lee Hieb says our medical delivery system is broken and must get government completely out of it.  Lotsa energy.

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So who stands to gain from warped rotors?   Uh, Huh...   Then,  as a follow-up,  the true history of the Pledge...don't listen unless you are prepared for an attitude adjustment.  Then the Muslim Brotherhood aspires to Iowa's jizya laws discriminating against people of faith.

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The kid was just too tired to stand up and deliver his "Pledge of Allegiance"...  so sad. (listen for the caller of the month, Phil...unintended humor is always best)  Then,  John Archer campaigns for congress...issues.  Sigh.   Then,  the real reason the NAACP endorsed gay marriage...the inside story.

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Senator Jerry Behn with and end-of session review...issues. A 1st Amendment right to "Flash"?  Cool.  Then, what truckers deal with when an accident results in death.   Powerful.

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The miracle of leaf-blowers...teachers and students losing it in the classroom...the blog says,  Iowa congressman compares immigrants to dogs...the rest of the story.

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Rev Keith Ratliff on the national committee of the NAACP disagrees with their recent pro same gender marriage position.   Then,  why is Iowa supplying foreign aid to the Meskwakis?

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Dr. Marty Becker with "Your Cat: The Owner's Manual"... then,  a couple of legal cases which Iowa justice can't even  be defined, let alone be executed.  

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Gary Dorrien thinks he has the answer to "The Obama Question: a Progressive Perspective".    Then,  Marcie Stone has a project for the good of heart.  Plus, the miracles of Bondo....and a Ron Paul support quiz.

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Brian Peskin talks about health myths and health benefits of EFA's.   Then Van Jones explains how to "Rebuild the Dream".   And a bunch of ISU students don't know they are in debt.

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Iowans give their own "mommy I have to poop" moments.  Hilarious.   Then, "The Amateur"  Edward Klein looks into the mind and office of President Obama.  Plus, what's justice for false accusers?   Three Iowa teachers want to know.

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