David Jerome introduces us to Roastbeef's Promise...former joke writer for Jay Leno..visits Iowa.    Then,  Stan Johnson  is the Prophecy Club guy...thinks there's oil under the Dead Sea...wants to go get it.  Comin' to town.     Bob Vander Plaats worries about Iowa Democrats plan to end federal deductibility.   Temple Grandin...an autistic animal behaviorist...says Animals Make Us Human

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A pathologist, Dr. Paul Boor,  writes about some scary germs... The Blood Notes of Peter Mallow... a novel about a mad scientist who unleashes nasty stuff.   A listener sends me a copy of Amazing Grace,  by Il Divo.  WOW!    Then,    Bridgette Gabriel  brings her "Untold Story"  to Iowa in her fight against radical Islam.  Ed Failor  with Iowans for Tax Relief  waging a campaign against changes in the Iowa tax code  to  drop federal deductibility.     Wanna see a great cartoon?  


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Should the Iowa tax code drop federal deductibility?  Senator Paul McKinley says its a bad idea.  Bunch of open-line.  Then,  Governor Culver wants us to dim our bulbs Saturday night during Earth Hour.     Then,  ya gotta see this.

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Bruce Vincent  is a logger, visiting Iowa to warn us about  run-amuck greenies.     Tom Morrison can make your vehicle ready for flex-fuel.   Then,  Shawn Johnson  is stalked and terrorized by a pervert.  People are angry.

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Steve Milloy  takes us into the "Green Hell"...how junk science is holding back science and the economy.  Dr. Mike Evans   "Jimmy Carter: the Liberal Left and World Chaos"... it's all Jimmy's fault.   Rep Ralph Watts  is on the Iowa Climate Change Advisory Council... and he is a climate change skeptic...along with climatologist Chip Knappenberger. 

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Jim Sandager  with Wealth Enhancement Group talks about your money.    Then,  the father of public education promised a paradise if public schools could be funded properly.  What happened?

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John Berlau  with the Competitive Enterprise Institute  says a 90% tax on AIG bonuses is a bad idea.   Jonathan Narcisse says there are way more ELL students in the Des Moines school district than he thought.   Then an Iowa legislator with a bill to "put a cork in it"  for wine drinkers at restaurants. 

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Friday sillies... First,  an Iowa union activist gets caught reaching into purses at the statehouse,  this time without the benefit of a politician.  Snotty.     Obama compares his bowling to that of  the Special Olympics...  BOOM...   Jerry Kammer keeps score on the 2006 Swift raids in Iowa.   What were the impacts? 

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More AIG bashing....this time from Harley Schlanger, editor of the Executive Intelligence Review.    Roy Beck says even with growing unemployment congressional Democrats wish to import thousands of unskilled workers.    Then,  a record number of un-wed mothers... Kay Hymowitz,.. Marriage and Caste in America" ..describes the damage.   Rick Scott, chairman of Conservatives for Patients' Rights say the Brits admit some of their hospitals resemble the Third World.   Plus,  is there a 9mm ammunition shortage?  The rest of the story.    ( there was a file error in this podcast...had to be rebuilt...took out the comment section...sorry)

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We talk toad with Lang Elliot..."The Frogs and Toads of North America"...  Tamara Wilder with "Grading Education: Getting Accountability Right"..  Craig Roberts  with the American Legion reacts to an Obama plan to push veteran's health costs onto insurance companies.  BOOM!....then,  the silliness continues.

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