My liberal debate coach buddy Christian wants to argue about stuff.  So we do :)  Then,  Iowans damaged by illegal drivers tell their horror stories.   Then,  an Iraqi letter to Iowans.   Plus,  politicians with RMS  revised memory syndrome.

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Ed Fallon and Berkley Bedell  are former politicians who want the reform elections by removing big money through public financing.  Governor Mike Huckabee wants to be President.   Great talk all morning.   Purdy picture,  too.

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An emergency meeting of the CSA (Cup Scummers of America)  Then Iowa Democrats pony-up for the gay lobby.  Again.

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 Ross Peterson sits in for Jan Mickelson.   Presidential politics with Wisconsin governor Tommy Thompson, and dealing with difficult people.

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Ken Hoagland from Fair  He wants to nuke the Federal Income Tax and replace it with a national sales tax.  Carole Martin and Dick Fredericks don't want Linn and Johnson Counties to approve a SILO tax.     Bruce Stone  peace-nik from the Progressive Coalition of Central Iowa wants to promote a anti-war rally.   Then,  an Iowa woman in the Iowa National Guard gets killed.  Outrageous?

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Iowans respond to the State of the Union address.  Jan introduces the Mickelson Doctrine as a solution to the Iraq stalemate.

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California  Congressman Duncan Hunter writes a legislative pardon  for two convicted American border Guards.  Why?    Then, another presidential candidate, Dr. Mark Klein  talks issues.   Mickelson's brush with the law,  then listeners ID a political sound-bite....wanna try?

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Dr. Boyd Haley  talks about the "Toxicity of Mercury"  and its links to the autism epidemic.  He speaks tonight (Monday January 22)   Meg Oberreuter  and Barb Romkema  added a parent's perspective about testing  for toxicity.

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Bill Salier sits in for Jan Mickelson.   Always good.

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 "The Politically Incorrect Guide to The South"  Clint Johnson.  Why the Iraqis botched the  recent hangin's  and why they should use American know how the next time.     Presidential candidate John Cox  weighs in on Bush's surge.  Then,  why when the public's support for the war is waning,  is Iowa's National Guard recruitment is up?  Dynamic feedback from Iowans.

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