Thursday January 31 2008


Lotsa openline.   Republican debate feedback.  Economic stimulus debate. Elaina Newport  from Capitol Steps  gets snotty in Iowa...coming to ISU soon.   Cool.

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Wednesday January 30 2008


Iowans field phone and internet fraud scams.  Is there such a thing as affordable insurance?   Merrill Mathews says yes to MSAs.   Havin' a cold wave and propane cost spikes....yikes!

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Tuesday January 29 2008



Kari Houston from Alliance for American Manufacturing is keeping track of jobs lost to China in the past few years...just in the Super Tuesday states.    Then,  a bunch of modest proposals...why are Iowa libraries under-funded?   Separation of Sports and state?

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Monday January 28 2008


Peter Schiff  tells how to profit from the coming economic collapse... "Crash Proof".    Plus,  The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Middle East".   Martin Sieff with some great history.  Can Iowa even run a school lunch program?

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Friday January 25 2008



"Gotcha Capitalism: How Hidden Fees Rip You Off Every Day and what You Can Do About It"...Bob Sullivan teaches some great stuff.  Jonathan Narcisse with a school board update.   Roger Munn explains Hawk-i  (Healthy and Well Kids in Iowa)  800-257-8563.   Who qualifies and why.   Lotsa openline chatter.

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Thursday January 24 2008


Mark Booth blabs out the whole "Secret History of the World"...secret societies and all that.    Then,   an Iowa Valley girl drops the F-Bomb on Jesus.    Whoops.

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Wednesday January 23 2008


Congressman Steve King save us a bunch of money on SCHIP.    The rest of the story.    Then,  lotsa openline conversation.   Everything from Ron Paul taking on Bernanke,   to who gets the Roe in Roe v Wade  presidential endorsement? 

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Tuesday January 22 2008



Jerry  Fleagle  tells the Gov to stick the bottle bill where the sun don't shine.   Dr. Robert Morey blows the whistle on the Nation of Islam and the Obama-Farakhan connection.   Vigorous. 

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Monday January 21 2008



How much does it take to raise a family in Iowa?  Beth Pearson from the Iowa Policy Project  takes a look.     Then Obama says America suffers from a severe moral. deficit.   Iowans agree,  and come up with their own list.

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Friday January 18 2008


Jonathan Wells say life has a design that's tough to miss.  "The Design of Life"... ya almost have to work at missing it.  Lotsa openline.

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