Some last minute pre-Christmas cougar talk,  then let the holidays begin. Music and stories.

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A Iowan send some pictures of cat the snow...wonders how big the animal is...   is it bobcat or  mountain lion?

Paw 1      Paw 2    Paw 3   Video (video is Quicktime, but will open with Media player, but without sound)

Then,   Obamacare Passes!!!     The Loyal Opposition reponds with a song.  ( Ray Stevens)

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 Jeff Kueter from George C. Marshall Institute piles on climate-gate.   Then, a homeless follow-up and Senator Harkin invents some new rights.

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Coping with Copenhagen...Dr. Cal Beisner and the Cornwall Alliance reviews climate-gate.  Sally Pipes is a little discouraged over the health care bill.   Kimberly Alyn tells us Whatzzup with that?   Then, Ken Hoagland says the only fair tax is the FairTax. 

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Brigadier General Stephen Lanza with a progress report from Baghdad.   A priest tells his parishioners that it's ok to steal from large stores if they are poor.   Harley Schlanger speaks for Lyndon LaRouchePAC...against the Federal Reserve.  Then,  Iowans respond to the weekend vote on healthcare reform.

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"Why AC-DC Matters"...  really...Anthony Bozza.   Then,  Christmas food-ism.   A 4 year old wants to go to jail,  cuz that's where daddy is.  Congressman Steve King back from Afghanistan with some disturbing answers. 

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Lotsa stuff... snottiness from a congressman...Senator Grassley takes a hit on earmarks.   Iowans wonder about who pays. Senator Grassley wants us to know that the orchestra earmark wasn't even his.  Then,   Gitmo detainees are ending up across the river.  Iowan's aren't thrilled... 

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The sprouts from Joshua Academy recite for the listeners...Rev Keith Ratliff is the inspiration...cute kids too.  Plus a mountain lion gets shot in Iowa...ruckus ensues.  (another abbreviated podast...technical problems...workin' on it.)

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Kyle Kraus from Kum and Go just got an award for going green...called the LEED Certification...Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.   Then a bunch of delicious stuff...including blasphemy...  not mine.

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David Costello and Joe Stevens advocate for the 1st annual Iowa homeless persons' memorial...local homeless issues.  The parade of Iowa rip-offs gets longer (maybe we need a sabbatical) ...then,  Dr. C.L. Gray  wants to fix what ails healthcare.

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