Friday June 29 2007


"Buffalo in the House"  RD Rosen tells the story of a rescued calf which took over the house.  Ken Hoagland wants a Fair Tax.    Gov Mike Huckabee  with presidential issues and more tax talk.  Then,  back to Iowa buffalo.

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Thursday June 28 2007  

"A Special Mission: Hitler's Secret Plot to Seize the Vatican and Kidnap Pope Pius XII"   Dan Kurzman   Congressman Ron Paul  on the issues.  Coming to Iowa for a Saturday rally to Celebrate Life and Liberty. 4:30pm at the Hy-Vee Hall, Room C, Iowa Events Center, 730 Third Street.   Did Lance Armstrong cut some chemical corners to win the Tour De France?  David Walsh takes us "From Lance to Landis".   Evan Coyne Maloney is director of a new documentary, "Indoctrinate U"    How much "diversity" really exists at universities? 

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Wednesday June 27 2007

Anthony Romero heads the ACLU, "In Defense of Our America" ...brief brisk conversation.   Then,  Des Moines City Council votes to outlaw smoking at city parks cuz it's what else should be outlawed?    Then,  another 14th Amendment snafu.   This time its from the No Spin Zone.

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Tuesday June 26 2007


Former US Surgeon General wants us to all shape up.   Richard Carmona  is with the Partnership.   "America's Report Card"  John McNally with a peek at the academic testing industry.   David Barton  is my favorite historian.  An upcoming briefing for pastors.  800-992-5596 for the Thursday and Friday briefing.

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Monday June 25 2007


The Des Moines Airport is 75 years old.  Roy Criss want to help us celebrate.    The Pope tells us how to drive.  Bonnie fibs about the Saturday's Iowa Motor Truck Association competition...which I nearly won, except the skill part.    Then,  WSJ says "Mainstreaming"  the learning disabled is destroying education. 

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Friday June 22 2007

Emmett Tyrrell talks about the "Clinton Crack-Up".     Congressman Steve King  tries to squelch the travel plans of Nancy Pelosi.  Then, if you send you kid to school with a peanut butter sandwich are you a bully? 

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Thursday June 21 2007

Judy Hintz,  the Kid Fixer, plus a panel of friends who talk about educational repair work.  Brandy, Jenny, Tate and Dale.  Plus, Congressman Duncan Hunter  on a trade mission to Iowa.  Then,  more feedback on the Congressman Ron Paul  forum exclusion.

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Wednesday June 20 2007

"In the Words of Our Enemies"  Jed Babbin with some spirited conversation.  Russ Davis and Pete Houska are pork producers offering a $1000 reward for the slobs who dropped dead pigs into the Raccoon River.   Kevin Gutzman with "The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Constitution".    A terrific guide to make you scam-proof by the political class.  Highest Recommendation!   Then Congressman Ron Paul  isn't welcome at the Iowans for Tax Relief and Iowa Christian Alliance  candidates forum.    Oversight?  Nope.  Kent Snyder from Ron Paul's campaign  and Ed Failor from ITR exchange words.  Lotsa them.

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Tuesday June 19 2007

 "Fox Bats over Dimona :  the Soviets' Nuclear Gamble in the Six-Day War" Gideon Remez.  Presidential candidate Mayor Rudy Giuliani.  Issues.  Then,  from the "Land of Lincoln"  Andrew Ferguson with Adventures in Abe's America.   Joe Bageant takes us "Deer Hunting with Jesus"   says only a populist can end the class war.   Joel Rosenberg  takes us to the "Epicenter"  a documentary  "...why the current rumblings in the middle east will change your future".

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Monday June 18 2007


So,  if your high school has a bunch of smarts kids graduating,  does it make sense to make them all valedictorians?  Then, how should one be selected?   Plus,  a victim of a sexual pervert tells the story of the "The Hopeville Fire Department".  Tony Lembo.

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