NYC Mayor Bloomberg wants moms to breast feed...tells hospitals to play keep-away with  baby formula.  Michael Reagan has a new email domain for conservatives.   Then Iowans are pondering on-line sales tax collection laws.

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First,  the sociology of wax paper.  Then, another talk about our national debt...great info on the problem. Gretchen Hamel.   Then,  the Gay Taliban doubles down on Chick-Fil-A.  

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The dudes from Dunkerton with an update on the culture war.  The Junkyard Prophets  Congressman Tom Latham pushes wind energy.  The Concrete Professionals push the hard stuff.  And  Iowa mountain lions are eating Iowa horses.  

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Iowans wonder about the cost effects of the drought on groceries so we ponder ways to save money on anticipated food price hikes.   Iowan's are great at this.

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Chris Chmeilenski says the Obama administration is great at playing the system to provide amnesty to illegals.   They are one step ahead of decency.  We might not be able to catch up. Con Steve King is gonna sue.   Then,  new citizens are required to take an oath agreeing to national service.   When did that happen?   Plus, Grant Petersen says,  "Just Ride"... says  lots of what we think about biking is just plain wrong.  

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The Family Leader is having a big conference in August... Bob Vander Platts tells what's happening.   Joel Rosenberg is coming, and talks about "Implosion".   William Norman Grigg says our "Comforter-In-Chief" is a child-killer.  Not what you think.   Then,  Ice-T lectures the left on the 2nd Amendment.  Who knew?

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Dr. Ivan Sascha Sheehan tells what to do about Iran.   Then, the NCAA pulls part of the plug on Penn State.  Iowans assess the penalties.  Justice?

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Iowans respond to the Aurora, Colorado theater murders.  Intense. 

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"Rich Habits"...Tom Corley says he knows what they are and is willing to share.   Ben Lange is running for Congress.  Then, Mike Vasquez and Dr. Brad Archer from Harbor View Medical talk about pain management.   Then another example of the US refugee program being abused by agri-business to provide cheap labor.  Boom!

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"The Party of 'NO'"!   Then a word that should be on the air...oops.   Then Dick Morris continues to scare people about a treaty and erasing the 2nd Amendment.  The real history.   Then 100 reasons Romney is like Obama. Then real shovel-ready jobs...and how to avoid heat-related health issues.

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